the neural net and artificial intelligence

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> > >  The brain certainly does need training. I suppose you might
> > >  want to claim that your brain discovered geometry, DNA,
> > >  or computerized gene sequencing? Or even how to drive a car?
> > >
> > >  All observers need driving lessons before they are allowed
> > >  to drive their brains anywhere. (Particularly some "drifty"
> > >  scientists and mathematicians that I know).
> > 
> > You invoke an homunculus. The homunculus is the little man who sits
>in the
> > middle of your head, watching a TV screen, and punching buttons.
>Some, more
> > sophisticated, envision a mind (soul, self), that selects from the 
> > proffered by the brain, manipulates  that data, comes to a
>conclusion, and
> > forwards the decision to the brain for execution.
>  No I don't. I've never believed in little people inside of people.
>  Your "I am a soul/mind" rather than "I have a soul/mind" is probably
>  what most people believe.

And who is that "I", that "has" soul/mind,
mr. suckazoid?
Any idea?

What is that entity that posesses the soul and mind?

> I think some people use the homunculus
>  in an official sense of separation of church and state.

And you suck and suck and suck.
And ALL you do is suck,
seemingly utterly unable to do anything else.
> > Others, even more sophisticated, invoke a "society" to train the
>brain. I
> > ask you, "Who trains the rat's brain?"
>   The universe and momma rat (sometimes human rather than rodent)
>   of course train the rat brain.

Is universe an entity,
engaged in conscious act of training,
the rats and the rest of it?

Then YOU have proven the existance of god, sucker.

> But, rats are not known to make 
>   shopping lists

Man this shit is below the grade the real monkey ass produces.

What idiotic shopping lists are you bragging about,

> or drive when they go shopping,

And YOU drove this whole planet to extinction,
you little sub-moronic parasite, with all your
driving and exploiting.

And you claim you are smarter than a monkey ass?

On what basis?

> so I put them a 
>   few grades down the intelligence scale from humans.

Yes, programmed to oblivion,
with all these ugly dominating and opressing concepts
of "higher" and "lower".

You see, mr. suckazoid,
YOU are the lowest grade there is.
It can not get any lower.
Not possible.

>   Mind over the machine is sorta my view of IQ. 

Yes, OVER is the keyword here.
Manipulation, opression and exploitation.
Is all you know.

Your idiotic CPU is programmed with 10 basic concepts,
9 of which is violence, opression and domination based.
And the 10th one is idiotic, guilt creating,
"family value".

Fear and guilt.
That is how you tick, suckazoid.

---------------------- end of input ---------------------

> > We limit our investigation of the (rat, cat, man) brain to the
> > world. Mind is not part of the material world. There can be no
>homunculus to
> > train the mind. The synapses of the neural net are altered by the
> > energy that flows through it, that is all. The signal energy
>originates in
> > the sensory neurons that transduce energy arriving from the exterior
> > universe.
>   Well I guess I almost see things like you, probably except for
>   the natural numbers. I still maintain that the only reason anything
>   still exists is because natural numbers are ultra invisible. 
>   If numbers where visible I believe some human would have 
>   stolen them long ago. 
>   ---
>   Jim

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