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> >What about enlightenment? That is the final jump out of the loop.
> Nope. There is nowhere to jump out of.
> > I think
> >it is an important concept, and one that should not be sniffed at as
> >religious nonsense. Godel proved that no system can describe reality
> >completely accurately, so transcending the system is the only way to see the
> >truth.
> The very idea of "transcending" is stupid.
> It is invented by the priest,
> who knows full well, that it is impossible to "transcend" life.
> That is how he makes you guilty.
> You are trying to "tanscend" the untranscendable,
> attempting to jump higher, than your own dick,
> your entire life.

ER, I don't know how much about eastern mysticism you know, but most of
the philosophies they epound are nothing to do with the guilt / opression
thing we have going on in the west. I freely admit that eastern religion,
just like western religion, has a basis in socal controll, but it is in
the -get on with it- vein, not in the -you will pay for this- area. 
	Many main stream eastern religions are just as bad as western
ones, like large vehicle budism. But the smaller philosophies are not at
all like that, small vehicle budism is a religion without a god. 

> And you KNOW it in the depths of your being.
> So all you have left with is guilt,
> as you can not "concure" you simpliest motivations,
> such as sex and food.

Fukk guilt. that is not what they are about. A line from the Tow te ching
goes -
'He who spends all his time in virtue is not virtious, because he spends
all his time in virtue.'

It is all about knowing there is right and wrong, and balancing those in
your self. 

> And you see, it is not possible.
> That is not the idea on the first place.
> You are just standing on your ears,
> being surprised why this world looks so strange.

Rationally it is not possible. I know this is the worst kind of argument.
You have to play by the logical rules of science, where I can say 'Ahhh
but this is above logic' It is the tipical religious response. I am sorry
for saying it. BUT, Reality IS above logic. Logig is as much of a religion
as anything. It is internally consistant, and all the proof for its truth
comes from within it. Like the 'proof' of christianity coming from the
bible. We see the bible is just a part of christianity, and ultimate proof
at all. It is like this with all systems, Godel prooved it. 

> Life came from sex.
> It is joy at the very roots.
> Your entire being is engulfed in tremendous amounts
> of energy, reminding you of your intrinsic extacy.

So you have never herd of Tantric love? The practice of becoming
enlightened via the act of making love. You are really hung up on the
'religion says I am bad.' thing.
> You keep "transcending" the life itself,
> never quite satisfied with the results.
> Else why would you even bother about this idea
> of "transcending"?
> Why do you need to jump higher, than your own dick?
> Don't you know, that no matter how high you jump,
> it will ALWAYS be with you?
:-) That is true, but I think if you read some number theroy, and godels
incompleteness therum you would have a better understanding of what I am
getting at. Reality exists, but as soon as you try to interpret it /
understand it, you miss the point. 

> >Dan. 
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