Autonomic Nervous System

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(Bad spelling likely ahead. For the skipping front: Skip start, hop to
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>- I'm 19, planning on minoring in neurobiology, thus I read this group
>- My interest in neurobiology is personal, I won't post it in interest
>of saving space

Sure, all will be blocked to an utter jam if you post here, too.

Don't take this room too serious, last I was here some weeks ago they
talked about sawing some blokes head open and stick stuff in because
they were to lazy to teach him magic and build something he could
steer an a screen straight from his brain.
Then they were discussing stuff that if you put two lines under it to
summon it up was trying to hide that the I centers are in the
cholinergic limbic system so hippocampal slicing in people of other
races can be continued to give all power hungry ones on Earth mind
control data over the own centers, so that they may prepare for the
time where via satellites subatomic scanning "reading" and steering
data may be sent  and maybe build some artificial intelligences as
slaves to us till they get powerful enough to maybe destroy all humans
and overtake Earth.
There were some embarassing attempts fake serious interest in
Alzheimers along the line that giving the power sharks some more
energy data it might be possible to understand Alzheimers - of course
still without admitting that we are in the cholinergic limbic system, 
nor did they finally come to the discussion that have been running
among mentally handicapped and blocker drug takers for years, which is
that the main center of the I centers within the cholinergic limbic
system has some fascinating differences within different humans, and
there were some fascinating evolution theories about why it seems that
some are having clear hippocampal, other more septal nuclei (towards
diagonal band) related I perceptions, though knowing that they are
just the "tip", and why some seem to be able to shift main center
perception at will when aiming a finger there and imagining a bullet
would go there, and alterations towards other sectors connections when
that happens and stuff like that.

Utterly fascinating stuff that was theorized there some years ago, and
by now probably most of the people have forgotten about it, as a lot
of them do, apart from that I doubt anyone would get them together in
the future anyway.
Such is stuff which might be there and go around a short time, and
then the people get some job, stop taking blocker drugs, get a girl
frined or children, and within years that was some fleeting interest
of the past, dimmed to vague shadows.

In other words, this is a room, where if you look for fools (myself
not excluded ;-) , you are just right here.

They have seriously not arrived at admitting that we are in the
cholinergic limnic system, and the way I know them before they do not
find some good excuse why they may abuse opther people of other
mammmal races for their similarity to us also in the future, they
won't care how much data was lost likely till now about limbic sub
area functions because those fools aare just into rat's hippocampusses
and don't get it that if some mentally handicapped or autistic people
in European capitals or some other big cities in Westie areas pop some
blocker drugs on top of their shitty connections, that the sector data
they might fall over might be utterly unique and no one born in
centuries again, and that some of those people went to special
edcuation or other schools where they had been told that they are
daft, and do not think much about it, as they are used to thata their
brain is werid, so what is strange that it does not make
hallucinations like with the ones with good optics, and what is weird
about that it is more weird than it usually is,
so a bunch of them forget about it fast, just like some fleeting odd
experiences of sector perception, then maybe  life changes come,
friend changes come, the MBD hypers often seek calming drugs, the MBD
slowies often hpyper drugs, so the blocker effect ones might stay
flleting tests, and then that was it. Gone is the data within years
dimmed to nearly nothing and maybe never there for centuries and
thousands of years to come.
(Met some people later again, asked then about something, and they
seemed to have forgotten most of it, and there seemed no way to get
them to recall. Or about as much as other people might recall what was
running on T.V. several years ago if you tell them a date.)

When I realized that they go far enough that while other peoples
parents are dying of Alzheimer, to still play their
keep-the-test-animals-no-persons game of not admitting the I centers
are and trying to discuss Alzheimer without them, 
and that they rather saw a guys head open than go for more humane
I did not come in here for the first time in weeks, as I decided that
I had ways more interesting stuff to do in that time, and now I just
get bored at the moment.

But the same ... 
as here there are people who -- a couple of years after subculture
discussions took place about I area variances in humans within the
cholinergic limbic system --  are actually managing to still not admit
while some adult children elseplace on the net write desperate poems
along lines where they wonder how much of their decaying parent's I is
still there after so long a time with Alzheimer, how much can still be
received, leaving them without REs to urgent questions, 
to keep on in other discussions about how interesting it is that if
you cut some birds' eyenerves that that they do not see at all
anymore, and the likes...
the same it does not really matter with what you cram this room with,
as long as it is still vaguely to do with neuro.
Many people crammed in wrong theories, though some of the discussion
following were interesting.  
Frank had times where he was cramming in post after post trying to
indicate that he has the absolute censorshippie here, though lately he
got better (But of the last weeks I have not checked the stuff yet).
Someone else keeps on about THE children forever, and that we should
care so much for them, but when I remarked that for someone so much
out for caring for the poor, poor children, that one should assume
that he has adopted a bunch, he has remarkable spare time to spend in
front of the computer, I basically got confirmed by the answer that
that his caring about children is not the kind where you get kicked
out of sleep around dawn by some children crawling to you under the
blankie, then make food to take along to school, maybe bringing them
to school, go shopping,  do some work, and then cook food, so that
when the children come from school they have something nice to eat,
help with homeworks between doing the laundry and mending some stuff
they damaged,
change diapers if there is a young one or maybe wipe up puke if one of
them got some according disease or they got it from one of the other
children, so that several are having it at once, and you then, maybe,
too, then maybe have some of their friends come over and make noise
that should be impossible for children that age to generate, the see
to dinner, maybe read some tales or play games or do other stuff tahta
they might love, and so on.
But instead more just the big mouth of someone who would never go
seriously to one of the Children Villages (SOS Kinderdoerfer) and
apply for being parent for 6-8 children or something like that.
In between Cheng got seriously upset that no one took his memory stuff
serious, as part of it was ways more advanced than most stuff here,
but those here were to dumb to get it, cause Cheng is not professor
doctor titletitletitle of the Impressivesounding University nor does
know all words and did make some major errors in his theories, though
some was less worse than stuff of those complaining about his

If you post some questions here the most likely course I predict is
that first you will get some answers, then there will be some
longwound babbling about children or other moral issues of the source
mentioned above, and maybe some also longwound weirdo stuff of me,
that eventually some will start possibly quite childish disputes doing
grandiose displays about what would happen if male chimps had some
more cells in the neocortex, had Broca's language center and could
speak, and eventually forget what the original questions was about in
the first place.

All in all after what I have seen here so far there is little need
here to feel shy just cause you are new or younger.

If you say the wrong thingie Frankenstein is likely to open his
written mouth to the size of over-sized barn door and if you have
theories about the brain that they are not able to prove to be wrong
but they don't like your opinions there might be attempts to get you
out somehow, but if you are overlooking such stuff all in all there
are some times where it can get a little entertaining here, and
sometimes there is even some neuro data popping up that is
interesting, or someone else docks in and has real fascinating stuff.

>- I BARELY understand neurology so far.
>...In other words, imagine you're a freshmen teacher giving a lecture.
>This would help me immensely. :)

>Steven Edwards - rand at
>Spinal Confusion...

Well, expressed along the mindless confusion theory lines: 

(Don't take this too serious, nor the spelling, quite a hangover from
before, tired, and a cold on top.)

Since Catholics  burned those of the druid religion + most magic and
healing knowledge, humans here in Europe could not perceive into the
head anymore magicians can and most mental and pnysical healing was
gone. After some centuries that sucked and after the start of the 19th
century you were no longer burned for maybe practicing magic or
believing something different.

So medical stuff flowered back up.
But as they had just made a point to destroy the religions and healing
knowledge in many other places and delaring themselves better, it did
not seem appriate to go to the grave place of the killed medical
knowing ones killed in the past and ask the ones declared inferior
humans living in own colonies to help out since one did not just kill
people there but was dumb enough to kill the own healing knowledge.
Merrily inventing stuff, brutally cutting around in mammals of the
other races, inventing compliocated sounding terms to shield out
others and making machines to compensate the own inability to perceive
into other heads and no longer having magic healing, etc. were first

To justify that brutal deeds to mammals related to us some excuse had
to be found, and it was postulated that we are having a bigger
neocortex, and since us human mammals are to be ever so much better
and more advanced than those stuck into cages by them, the brain being
cut out in parts or slices, children being segregated from mothers and
being giving lifeless substitutes to observe the emotional pains,
others being electro shocked in cruel was, other beings used worse
than most torturers of humans Amnesty International is reporting
about, etc.,
that greater neocortex was a good excuse why such deeds made the human
mammal ever so much more special and that some cells there justified
all that and more.

So the humans were at peace with that, chopped off more and more
woods, left less and less space for the others who had not such a nice
big frontal cortex, ate them, kept them like alive teddies in their
own shit in small cages, often herd animals apart from the herd, stole
mothers their children to use the binding programs to attach them to
themselves, some were upset that after they took nearly all space of
the mammals of other races some dared to come into their human cities
and areas, and so on.

My personal joke used to be that out front there you could park a
brick, and after some time it seemed to dawn on neuro, that (aprat
from that the front is of what I call the sequencer and the lower part
is used bu the own limbic areas like a gigantic bio computer) 
one could basicallyn park a real big tunour there, take it out, little
left, and the person still being there.
Together with other data that did look suspiciously like we were not
Then Alzheimer centers became known and blocker drug taking people and
more and more others of urban and other subcultures said that we are
within the cholinergic limbic system.
So they started cutting around in the hippocampal areas.
Now, those of course have the little problem that the moment you admit
that the main I centers are in the hippocampus and some minor parts
going off up the fornix towards the diagonal band,
that with the main center within the hippocampus the old justification
of why what neuro is doing to persons of other races is no longer
"justifiable", and what they did to people of other races after
admitting so in advanced societies might turn as much or more a crime
as we are genetically and in other forms alike.

Now, after you have cut around in I areas of so and so many rats, cut
a cat's optic nerves, took out the motoric cortex or a monkey to come
to the dumb conclusion that that does not do all that it would in a
human, as if size differences and according obvious functions
differences not been predicatable before, and so on,
and if you are still planning to do some more crippling, maiming and
other stuff in other mammals so neatly alike human mammals that their
data can be used for its similarity,
it might of course be rather annoying to admit that the hippocampus is
a main area of the own I.

So other theories had to be found.
In Bremen in Germany, this summer solstice, they did some meeting with
the central topic of physical equivalents of consciousness.
That they did not use consciousnesses should have told me all, but I
was naive enough that I thought the whole would be something like
discussing various I centers in the brain, the two huge central
processing units, which are sort of like the two main CPUs, maybe some
stuff about why in those who are called autists they are often not
running as together, some cells differences and similarities of the I
areas of the brain and of the thinking areas of the brain, 
if advanced maybe some blabbing speculations about when the own
centers turned from frequency selector of cingulate and other areas
towards more modern functions and maybe a bit about embryo brains,
when the energy perception tip of the embryo brain "worm" has turned
over the rest and gotten to the shape like it seems to have within
magic when you shift the brain back to older settings, and then
wrinkles and goes to newer functions, and about that fascinating stage
in between that can also be so fascinating for those linking
telepathically with embryos, and then maybe about some brain damages
in according areas,
and then leave the old stuff that has been discussed by some
subculture folks here and in the USA for years and get to new stuff
after all brought in their data and theories.

Some people I asked told me that instead it was blabbing about animal
experiments, that the cholinergig limbic system did not even pop up on
the main topic list, that there was some blabbing about us having
bigger nets and some other attempts at making up new excuses why to do
gross stuff to people of other mammal races and somehow keep them
non-people and possessions, and some other such depressing stuff.

So feel free to make up theories, ask questions and so on,
as for all I know it cannot get much worse than what I heard of that
congress in Bremen.

Nor some of the theories here.

Mine included.  ;-)

Just post some theory, like that the subatomic stuff moving and having
a certain density to do with the vibing of the smaller stuff in atoms
and atoms themselves, and that amplified by axons it is generating
patterns that are also telling the cells what to release, and such
"fields" being signals to the sectors carrying meaning and that such
fields can be extended by magicians and that that is how part of the
info can be transferred between brains and that all that can be
transferred can be generated artificially, and that subatomically you
can get at any point in the brain like powerful magicians are said to
be able to, and then go for some cypermagic stuff of sending certain
ranges to to synch vibes with the subatomic stuff of a tumour and then
alter stuff there, or go for some other stuff, and just drop it here,
and enjoy the show how they exitetly might argue about it.

Admitting that you are just 19 might have been a mistakes as far as I
know the crowd, though then you have a change that some might "lower
themselves to spill out some data", though if you were to call
yourself D.Chalmers and babble off some stuff that I never heard
confirmed by any brainsufer nor akasha surfer of Earth, you might even
get more famous.

All in all I guess there is currently urgent need for some new theory
why human mammals are not animals and better, and why the other
mammals might be so similar to us, that their similarilty can be
abuse, but yet, though we area in the hippocampus and they are, too,
and though we share at least one other I center, they could not be
seen as persons, and all in the past done to them was O.K., and they
are definetely not persons but just things.
If you were to make something to do with the diagonal band or some
other reasoning that makes us humans ever so special again, so that
with relief they someday might admit " yes, there is an I in the
hippocampal areas, but... and therefore we humans are better and we
neuros can cut around in our possession thingies called mammals and
maybe birds, without moral qualms, you might get famous.

If I read the stuff here right such stuff is just what they might

Then you might even be invented one of the coming years to Bremen.

That was just a semi joke.

Leave the name magic out of the energy stuff, but phex their data and
transform it into difficult words so that the dumbest neuro can still
get it, and find them some theory with that we are in the limbic
system, but there is something making us more special, and I predict
you a good chance in the crowd here.

Just make sure you make sure you make it sound very scientific, make
references to works no one but Frankie would be likely to read anyway,
select the most complicated words you can find,
and then you have a pretty good chance.

Sorry, at times I have a weird sense of humour few share, apart from
some others with weird brains. If you want, take what I said mostly as
a joke.


Just don't be shy.

Here in Sesamy Street they sing:

Wer, wie, was                       = who, how, what
der, die, das                          = the
wieso, weshalb, warum          = why
Wer nicht fragt, bleibt dumm.  = Who not asks, stays stupid.


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