retrograde/anterograde labeling??

Ben Godde benjamin.godde at
Fri Nov 27 08:40:14 EST 1998

> All this said, I'll be able to do more with your Q if you answer my queries,
> above. Cheers, ken collins

ok, I will try again:

Is the occurence of new labelling patterns (labelling based on
retrograde or anterograde axonal transport) after plastic cortical
reorganization a proof of the emergence or sprouting of axons.

This questions referes to the work of S Florence and J Kaas (Science,
this month), showing abnormal labelling patterns in arm amputated
monkeys, revealing new (functional OR anatomical OR both ??)
intracortical connections over several millimeters.

The question is not:
Is there plasticity (activity dependent or learning induced) in the
cortex. That is a fact.

and the question is not:
Is sprouting possible in the neocortex and is it involved in plastic
processes. I think so.

But the question is:
Is the author's method able to give last evidence, THE FINAL PROOF, that
sprouting in the neocortex occurs over several millimeters
that the found new connections are NOT due to functional alterations. 

Hope, my intention becomes clearer , now.


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