retrograde/anterograde labeling??

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> [...] An early nut-shell statement of my work was:
> "People hate because they fear. And they fear because they do not understand.
> And they do not understand because hating is less work than is understanding."
> The "Resolve" to do the Physically-Real Work inherent in "deconstructing" and
> "constructing" anatomical "connectivity" is the main thing.

I see I've paraphrased Lincoln again... he said (paraphrase), "If you're
resolutely determined to make yourself a lawyer, the job is half done already."

That "half" is the Stuff that happens in prefrontal cx, as it's discussed in AoK,

But if folks check it out, Priority belongs not with Lincoln, but with Jesus...
which Lincoln Acknowledged when he said, ""I have told them that a house divided
against itself cannot stand, and Christ and reason say the same, and they will
find it so."

Jesus got-there 2000 years ago. Lincoln Acknowledged Priority. So do I.

I, jaw-hangingly, call Jesus "The First Neuroscientist". I can Demonstrate the
correlated Reality. K. P. Collins

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