Opions Please! Why Does This Happen??

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 27 01:41:38 EST 1998

5.30 a.m., too tired to bother with spelling at the moment, and once
had some concussion that makes it pretty bad then, so prepare for bad

>Like most people, I do not see complete darkness.
If there is none it would be hard to perceive it.
A human body is sending of energies, too, so even if you giot your
room seriously without ANY light being able to enter nor artificial
ranges, and so on, that does not say that there is nothing to be seen.

>rather, I see the usual mish-mash
>of strange colors (sort of like static snow).
Yes, know them, though likely not your colours exactly, as within
magic perception I noticed that different brains perceive colours
quite differently, especially on the magic ranges.
I myself tend to be mostly devoid of colours if I shioft to other
ranges I like, biut I know some people who have ways more colours, or
where I perceive mqany hues of blue, they are not just perceiving
blue, but also green and purple.

> Suddenly, if my concentration
>on the colors is deep enough and my relaxation is at its greatest,
>my eyes begin to "convulse"; flutter in a sense, very rapidly. 
Odd. What would be your first guesses why that is so?
Or, maybe if you stare there the whole time, that does something?

> They dart
><br>uncontrollably within there sockets and I have little control over
>them unless I force my eyes open.&nbsp; As they shake wildly, I begin to
>see brilliant flashes of light - like jolts of electricity, and I actually feel as
>if there is an electrical current flowing through me.

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