Acquire EEG & EMG in the MRI Environment

Robert Parman crash at
Sat Nov 28 10:27:45 EST 1998

For those proposing or attempting to perform fMRI studies, SAI can now
supply bioamp systems capable of developing exceptional EEG and EMG data
in the MRI environment.

Our non-emissive and fully battery-powered bioamps can operate inside
(preferred) or outside the MRI room; they can be supplied in 8-256+
channel configurations and for current owners of SAI BIOAMPS a bonus--
your existing bioamp can be factory-upgraded for fMRI use !!!

The only significant facility requirements are: the MRI system must be
equipped with active magnetic shields; this eliminates problems
encountered when sending data outside the MRI room to computers for
analysis, recording and storage.
Note that older non-shielded MRI systems can be upgraded to include
active magnetic shields to accommodate fMRI studies; this however can be
an extensive modification and should be thoroughly researched before
deciding to use the facility for EEG recording.

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