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Sat Nov 28 15:59:13 EST 1998

Thought I'd RE'd that one but since it did not pop up where it should
have and the computer and system are not doing at times what they are
supposed to, either, I thought it can't be more than double, and as a
proverb here says: Doppelt haelt besser. 

flefever at Frank LeFever) wrote:

>...  I think she's too far gone/too invested in
>a role which gets her more attention than a straightforward telling of
>what little she actually knows would. 
Frank, my dear, I take it you are still miffed over the memory stuff.
If you think you get me that way to tell YOU part of what you are
after you are mistaken.
BTW, I seriously killed of loads of data, just cause of your remarks,
to annoy you, because for all I know I was the only one who had them.
Though now you still take it as a joke and a lot of what I say, and
maybe always will (and some I say is a joke or invented and not real,
only with a lot you'd not know the difference, grin), for all I know
that was one of the vastest memory area system differences data
collection of Earth, heehee. 
And with the dim fragments left, and even if I keep going on not
calling the detail data up till the shreds are shredded more, I will
still always understand more than you ever will about a lot,
headblind; which I find pretty funny, like having someone seeking
children's surprise eggs at Easter time, and sitting on top off them,
and when he tromps into a flower bed, squishing some of the the eggs
that the plastic toys in them make sounds indicating that most of
what's left is a special schoko-plastic blend that can not be

You can be for drugging people all you want, headblind,
and likely you will remain to headblind (and arrogant) to even
understand the intricate balances you are messing up and maybe even
mutilating forever there.
Others do drug some of those they call autists and destroy a lot in
their systems, long ago I read some about that, you are not the only
one who cannot accept people the way they are.

Being born late might have a few disadvantages, but where ... like you
are concerned it has the neat advantage that all I need to do is to
take enough LSD till the sectors are not cooperating well anymore, but
not enough to where I lose too much control and it gets more difficult
to keep hallucinating out, and then work between some minutes and two
hours on internal focus stuff, and then I can perceive nice brainy
stuff you never will understand, and if you plague your brain reading
neuro stuff till you know most of all the headblinds on the world.

You do not need to believe it, but within 2 hours I could perceive
more back then, then you are likely to understand about what I
perceived there within years anbd maybe decades, and neatly enough
there are not even words, so that none of the others could tell you
either, even if they were not too handicapped had the language

And you can be for drugging others, and messing around in others
psyche, and maybe sometimes even get it right, and yet you will never
even understand a few hundred of the thousands of programs of the
first and third emotion generator, nor what happens if one onlines
with stuff there and changes something.

Your psychology branch for me is less advanced than even Scientology
in a lot. Headblinds, 3/4 of the ones I met in a university here being
what Mr. average would call nuts; some article claimed that
psychologists have a pretty high suicide rate compared to doctors
working in different branches of healing, magically daft as a retarded
hedgehog, so that basically you could relay transit data straight
though their halo blatantly communicating with another human and
they'd still not get what a healer who might have to do with what your
branch calls schizophrenia should get within seconds, as how else can
he understand the energy differences and reprogrammings for a lot, 
fail rate within what is named schizophrenia being accordingly,
labelled anorectics being carried out the other side into the coffin,

Your branch is ever so cool.

Has it ever occurred to you to compare the rate of people killing
themselves after they were to healers of your branch with those of
other healers around the world, including semi-colleagues working with
sense enhancers?

Before the concussion I could segregate the emotion generators and
myself off them enough, then still keep enough links and parallel
tracks (which since the concussion I can't anymore, keep losing track
and don't get the eg.s running as segrated as should be for that way
of healing), so that with these tracks I could still follow what
people were telling my about their psyche problems, then watch how
they emotional inputs within my sytems were "echoing" in different
places (though I seem to have part of the normal human programs
missing or altered, and can't get all) and sort of centrally command
the two main emotion areas to retune to the other one as far as
possible, then watch what flared up in them in which sector and stuff
going one between them (part via another emotion area rather
irrelevant in comaprison to the two "big ones"), get stuff to do with
interlinked programs, sort of like reaction chains, etc.  
And when I got enough I gently got the other to shut up, pondered what
I had perceived, checked out stuff in the eg.s to find out how to
alter the settings I had seen and change opinions of the other one
himself, work on transforming it to words and emotions so he gets it,
and then work around till I had altered the setting in his eg.s enough
and his opinions enough.
That way on LSD I could brainwash people to other settings and
opinions neatly, also as the front is not cooperating so well and the
main eg.s are running stuff with such power, so that if I alter there
enough, it IS altered.

That YOU and your branch and psychiatry will never ever be able to do,
and that is why you fubar people, drug them, need ages to heal or ener
manage and why your branch has such a high rate of people commintting
suice AFTER they have been to the healer.

Your branch and you are categorizing people into boxes,

and where other healers might see a human in need or see themselves
like a grandfather having a grandson or daughter coming in with
problems, or and even other human in need,
YOU have YOUR capitalized Soandsocategorized patient.

Also you overlook that I am not some Westie scientist to tell the
world what I know and get shot or told that I am nuts and have people
like you wanting to drug me to shut up so that just their glorious
opinions are alone there uncontradicted,
but that I am an LSD teacher (and that usually not for average LSD but
old Red Dragons, that were kept pretty airtight long enough to get
most emotional and hallucination and frontal liming effects ways down
but with still a lot of sense enhancing powers).

As an LSD teacher it is my prime task is to see that people can handle
the stuff and the next task to teach them stuff to do with LSD.

That if I am in the mood I can teach my students brainy stuff  
and if I take enough to transit autist then some stuff the likes like
you are after is nothing to do with me being obliged to give "the
little I know" to YOU nor to anyone cutting around in the brains of
people of other mammal or bird races, people delighting in cutting
other's eyenerves, crippling their brains, 
nor to people dreaming of building themselves thinking artificial
nor to people after simulating emotion generator subporgrams on them
and the connections, and running simulated tests on the poor
artificial beings some of whom in return some day might kill us all,

And your attention grovelling indications might be nice and fitting
for yourself.

LSD makes megalomania, and I have the megalomania that before the
concussion I might have been the brainsufer with the highest sector
number acess of Earth and currently if using old Draons who were kept
the right way to go chemically to where they are good for that, am
among the second fastest magic perception brain onliners of Earth.
If I want attention, there are enough people out for magic perception
the fast way, that I can have not just attention, but an entire brain
in front of me centered on me giving me complete access so I can alter
the according stuff.

I guess for someone with your thinking and behaviour there is not even
space that not all are after serious attention from others in the
forms you might be, and that to the opposite ... 
for those who can not exclude that while they talk to someone outside
the sequencer CPU might see to motoric repetive patterns or -
something it sometimes seems to like -  see to standing on one leg
with the other one in one hand and the other hand doing repetivitive
stuff with the ear and the entire head turned sideways, never looking
at the person spoken to (though with people like my parnter that does
not matter, he often seems as unaware of it as I, as he is used to me
being weird, and with people more remote I tend to watch it more),
or other rather autistic stuff,
... too much public attention can suck immensely.

Try the one with one leg & the rest while talking to different people,
and then check the effects, might alter you attitudes about people
being out for loads of public attention forever.

Maybe you are just the way you are accusing me to be, and that is why
you believe that others have to be so.

If among some subculture folks here I open my mouth about autist brain
data or tune my occipital banks to another brain of someone wanting
energy stuff, I can get enough attention if that is what I am out for,
and in such subculture groups I usually have little trouble to have it
accepted that I am not exactly totally human, and in between,
especially when the systemsget tired, can have the sequencer do odd
motorics stuff, I can use my terms within speaking, get ways more
interesting brain data back than here, and with some straight from
brain to brain, can have fascinating discussions, ... only not at this
hour, mainly I tend to go here there way other people might turn on
T.V. if they are bored, hoping for semi-interesting stuff. And take
most here about as serious.

You just take it too serious, and that might be because you do not get
what is so hilarious if you have someone who seems to need a machine
to watch a sleeper fluctuate through brain energies as if thousands of
years of magic research went tracelessly past him, yet is convinced
that he is very up to date.
Imagine you had a talking monkey hopping around a few bananas totally
exited aand calling himself professor for bananas, giving all the
shreds of a banana complicated terms.
Behind him there is a huge pile, but he does not get to look behind
him, because he is too fixed on his stuff.

Out of boredom throw a few more bananas in front of the monkey
of the ones you had, and some from the huuuuge pile.
He is not appreciating the way you do it at all, tells you that you
have to treat and call bananas different andbest should piss off, and
accuses you, that you have more and insists that you should hand over
the rest to him, and does loads of other monkey stuff,
to the point that when he accuses you you just want attention, that
you start to wonder if it would be worth it to take some really weird,
rare bananas he can't get at and make a monkey trap, but then decide
that all in all it is just a monkey fixed on bananas, and that the way
the moneky is fixed there is not good either for the bananas, nor the

...I am not your brain knowledge furtherer.

I am LSD teacher and student of grey akasha magic.

And aspire a career as ACID Pope 4II

among other thingies dreaming a likely unrealistic dream about seeing
to that before I croak the Vatican gets a ticket towards the Bog of
Eternal Stench (see film Labyrinth),
magic is taught here officially and no one harasses me within my
chosen profession(s), and that if anyone here wants to learn about how
Jesus likely made blind folks seeing or "seeing", how to extend out of
body, how to look out of the eyes of another  or other magic stuff,
that there are places to go to learn so. And that the big plug, that
the ex Christian Democratic gang trying to rule unconsenting others,
is lifted, and that the Vatican does not get single cent via state
taxes from here.

And before that on the list is the dream about Social Individualism
and a nearly world wide altered education system.

Some neuroshrinks vulturing for target areas within persons of related
mammal races and feeding them data for such purposes 
seemeth not to be on the main list.

And you can rant against that and against that my English is bad all
you want.

Should have seen my spelling straight after the concussion. Syllables
and letter and words missing, warped, or in changed positions, and
many sentences starting with one meaning and ending with another. Took
me months of practicing to get the worst stuff fixed again, and there
is still a lot especially when I am tired, and you making mean
comments about that is not going to alter it.

Actually there is a level where I even found it interesting to have
experienced it, as once I did the Grundstudium (first two years) for
special education, and these spelling problems after the concussion
and other errors helped me a lot to understand children with spelling
problems due to physical differences in the brain.

That you mistake my original courtesy to this room 
that I tried to use the few neuro terms that I know 
in a negative form, seem to have overlooked that after snide remarks I
shifted quite officially to my namings for areas (that I had already
liked better anyway when I read what you folks call them so
and that you are reading all sorts of psycho-fantasies into what I
say, is more speaking against yourself.

> (re "straightforward": her ability to write English varies sharply from time to time, and perhqps
>not just in synch with LSD episodes: 
To write on the computer on "full" LSD costs me life power, and I
rarely do that.
Usually if I do it is dumbly fanatic, but concerning sector data about
the sharpest you can get from me, if I am in the mood.
Keeping long track is difficult, and concussion caused spelling and
other errors might not be as high as when I am tired, but higher than
With the words there are often loads of games, and if it is German
possibly even ways more, as in English I am very limited and cannot
play like I often do in German.
There was one German post in here, that was written while I was "going
up on LSD".
That one was a quite serious Re to someone, and it had a very typical
LSD "low amount" style, and was the closest to my personal style of
all that I recall here.

Since my language ability seems ever so important to you, you could
read that German article, and then you would have sort of center
structures to my preferred German style.
And then just think about different ways to transit that to English,
and while you puzzle about that, you might get some of the
difficulties involved.
Try the first half sober and the second one stoned, and then you might
even get more nuances of difficulties of writing in another language.
And next just try to make your next Re aimed at me in my language, so
that I can perceive what words and style you are selecting there,
and are given an option to comment stuff like yours back.

In case you are making mistakes or picking the wrong words I could say
that you just fuzz it up when trying to impress and that your
smatterings of terms and your spelling and style alterations are just
on egocentric hopes of others reading whatever into them or are
signals for other negative psychological indications.

>I think she fuzzes it up when
>trying to impress us with smatterings of neuroanatomical terms,
>throwing out a few handsful in hopes that we will read into it more

Frank, my darling, if I want YOU to understand anything, 

or someone into shaman stuff to understand something, or some 5 year
old child to understand something or a professor of physics, you can
be sure, that the same way I got A-levels here, I am able to select
modes and transit data I want to be transited quite nicely,
if I actually want to invest the time for that.

Might not be a genius, but if I want something for serious I had
people knowing my laziness for years amazed at what I could get if I
seriously wanted to.

If you are reading something into antything, that is your own
psychological problem, and I'd appreciate if you'd keep it to

If there are secondary meanings addressed to subculture circles who
might pass by, and you happen to spot them, then that is not meant for
you and what you do with that is your problem.

You are just so egocentrically oriented, that you are assuming that
all must be addressed at you, and are seeming to express that I am not
bright enough to find the right words so that YOU understand something
and that I am a psycho and need to impress you.

The implied idea seems to be that instead I should make you the center
of my world, grab some job and work till I have the money to spend
hundreds and thousands of marks on neuro books, read through the eye
nerve cutting and brain area mutilating of persons of other races, get
a good dictionary so I can get the words in detail about the
procedures, then spend many years writing volume after volume of books
till Cheng format, oriented towards your style, 
and have it checked by a native English speaker who is into neurology,
so that you can get without any doubt what I mean, and to the last
cell cluster I perceived have described anything that might interest
you, that you do not have yet.

And then, as far as aI know you, best spend some years sober and
reprogramming my brain,
after I earned enough money to be without a job in that time,
and then drop a megaload of acid and train segregation again, till I
altered enough within and can do it again, so you can stick some
artificial thingie onto my head and blaster artificial ranges into my
structures, so that you can see it on some monitor and know with more
precision than I where some of the the areas are, and also can
perceive psychological reaction chains in slowed display, and record
part of my very personal brain data forever,
and maybe on the net and to colleagues of your branch go: "MY 
MBD categorybla ..." 

And next, as far as I know you, you might like your brain magically
transformed, of course realistically without you having to take
anything nor doing what for someone like you would probably resemble
submitting yourself and the rest of the brain to the other, 
to get stuff to the point that you can magically online any
neuro-shrink or other person you like and, while the others get new
maining targets in other mammals, meanwhile with some of your folks
then you can stare and perceive into each others brains and stick
machines to your heads while you do so, like some Borg-simulations.

Ever seen Star Trek?

"You shall be assimilated."


BTW, that was a joke; maybe you read so much into my stuff, because
you never get when I straight or partially make fun of neuro or you or
myself or someone or something else.

Doubt you got what I all consider funny or mean serious about "you
shall be assimilated", nor do I feel like explaining someone like you
every nuance of all I say, and this was just some example for where
you might read stuff into something, and maybe different stuff than I
or might be unable to understand at all what I mean, because your
knowledge about brain-assimilating stuff within mutual akasha surfing,
and time spent wondering about cybermagic potential,  Borg concepts in
altered forms and wondering about brain and society effects,
is likely below mine concerning neuro terms.

Some of the stuff I wrote I do not even know if it is true, and some
of my odd-tasted jokes at times are including that neuros would not
know the difference anyway,
and I noticed that whenever someone makes the big gob and I ask for
proof against what I say, that so far nothing came.
Though I know that with some they could have brought up some stuff if
they had been far enough to know.
There are just very few brain surfers on Earth where I might actually
have to watch to not mix theory and what I know 100%,
but currently for all I know there are none reading along and the only
one where I did not exclude he'd actual have the potential to check
out part of what I say within his brain got grumped at by others in
this room and left, so it does not seem to matter.

If you threw a monkey a banana, would the precision with which it
lands bother you?

And if the monkey threw the peel at you, would you be tempted to aim
the next banana while thinking about missiles 
and the monkey within you?

Precision, dear Frank, with me depends on how precise I actually want
to be. Which can have a lot to do with WHOM I am communicating with
(or "against", an aspect that seems to escape you to an extent, though
you've been doing it more than nearly anyone in here at times).
You might be amazed just how precise I can be explaining something to
semi-colleagues into magic perception, where I wish them to be as
precise within transferring magical perception knowledge to me so that
I can understand it.

And vocabulary might depend on the person, so, for example, if I am in
a place where someone does not understand me nor I him, if I decide
that I am the faster language learner of the two of us, then I might
strain to start to learn words of his language, 
and not expect the same the other way around,
but if I decide that he is as bright as I or has even ways more
capacities than I have, then I expect that he uses his intelligence to
learn my words, too, and when he wants me to learn more about his, to
teach me in an intelligent manner.

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