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Mon Nov 30 11:48:46 EST 1998

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>>>The Lord.
>Uuuh, rankfighting program titles...
>For those who need them.
>Acid Pope 4II  ;-)
>>The evoluted ones, because fear is acquired upon the fraudulent mental
>>coordinates inculcated by those in power;
>Oh, I am so afriad that someone might grab the last nice sweet and eat
>it beofre me. Must be some vicious thingie planned by those in power.
>>it's not an innate characteristic of our reason.
>Error,  but I guess you simply do not know where the center of your
>reason is nor have ever just been just your areas, and that is why you
>believe so.

I've been out for the last two weeks, and therefore didn't read precedent

Anyway, it is clear that you are mixing the soft -and logical- derivative
fear with the deep subconscious panic motivated by the untrue concept of
death. As said, I don't need to believe on trascendental subjects.

So you can keep it.

T. Mouton

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