brain diseases and neurotrophism

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Sun Nov 29 21:46:32 EST 1998

moo wrote:

>         Parkinson's disease and, recently, depression, especially bipolar
> depression,  have been shown to have very specific sites of neuronal
> degeneration.  It has also been speculated that both PD and depression
> might be due to a virual infection, probably the rabies-like Borna virus.
> The Borna virus is apparently evolutionarily ancient due to its conserved
> genetic sequence.   Yet, it seems to be that it might cause very specific
> yet different diseases.    The etiology of  PD and perhaps depression, has
> been shown to include a genetic component of the victim.   This leads to
> the following conjecture:   The victim's genetic composition affects the
> site of the disease, but the Borna virus is the causative agent.    As a
> corollary,  this suggests that one might be able to correlate the victim's
> genetics with a neurotrophic element that determines the site of the
> disease.
>         Are there any comments or elaborations?

Yeah, viral infection might result in "depression"-like symptoms, but
"depression" is not the result of a viral infection because what's been
referred to as "depression" is a fully-functional information-processing
mechanism that's "engineered" right into "normal" nervous systems.

And =everything= that happens in the nervous system has "genetic" correlates.
The plan for the nervous system's =generalized= information-processing
capacities is genetically-determined. The general processing of information is
driven by experience, "on top of" the genetic stuff. What one cannot get out
of the "genetic" stuff is stuff like the development of new "Senses" (as I've
discussed in another thread today). For such, one must work with only the
effects of experience upon the genetic "plan" for the
generalized-information-processor that is our nervous systems... without the
directedness that derives in the energy ariving from the external environment
in which a nervous system's host organism exists, the "genes" are
completely-incapable of processing information in any way that can be deemed
to constitute a functional foundation for "normal" behavior.

Forsake the neural Topology, and its mapping to the energy gradients inherent
in the external environment, as "molecular neruoscience" has done, and all
possibility of the stuff that's left processing-information in any functional
way, is Forsaken, "two".

Does anyone catch a glimpse of why it is that in AoK's Precious space, things
"molecular" are given only a single page?

"molecular neuroscience" is a Fraud that, for the sake of "funding", has
Forsaken those who Suffer-Greatly.

I wouldn't've gotten into all of this, if it weren't the case that folks here
in bionet.neuroscience have been endeavoring to subject the Work that's been
done, and which =does= Embrace the needs of those who Suffer-Greatly, to the
Same-Stuff =Fraud=.

Let us =have at it=. K. P. Collins

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