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Sun Nov 29 20:38:42 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

> Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
> > kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > : <snip> ... but the page missed the whole
> > : point of "memory" formation... the necessity of all "memory" mechanisms to
> > : maintain the topology of external energy gradients while bridging between
> > : sensory & motor dynamics...
> >
> > I know I'm going to regret this, but here goes:
> >
> > Just what do you mean by that?
> It's =Simple=... =all= of our "sensory receptors" function as energy-"meters",
> and the energy they "meter" is that of the external, 3-D energy-gradients in
> which each of us exists... "Light" is electromagnetic energy, disbursed within
> this 3-D energy-gradient way, "Sound" is mechanicsl energy, disbursed within
> this 3-D energy-gradient way, "Touch", "Taste", "Olfaction", "two"... and you
> know what, discrete "Senses" can be Learned, at will... be-cause the =one=
> "Sense", the "Sense" of TD E/I-minimization, is =Directly= coupled to wdb2t
> ("what's described by 2nd Thermo"[)].

Such Learning of "Senses" happens =all the time=, =routinely=, in =everyone's

There's no "mystery" to such... =anything= with which =anyone= is
relatively-Familiar functions as a "Sense"... this's Why folks so-"Believe" in
that which, through Experience, has become merely-Familiar to them that they deem
it "alright" to Ravage others who are merely-Familiar with dissimilar stuff.  K.
P. Collins

> > By the way, when are you going to tell us just what makes you an
> > "expert" in Mathematics, Physics, and Neuroscience?
> I try not to claim "expertise"... I just discuss the stuff I've worked to
> Reify...
> ...it's just that I did the Work that not only "allows" me to say what I say,
> but Obliges me to say what I say... it's called "Learning" :-). K. P. Collins

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