On Prejudice

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Sun Nov 29 20:25:26 EST 1998

In other words, the New England "victory" is Illusory, and the Buffalo "loss" is
Illusory... and everyone who Accepts such Participates in a Lie that Attacks Physical
Reality, itself.

The Same-Stuff happens, in more-Consequential ways, all over the place, Ravaging

Everyone "just" "shrugs"... "hey, that's 'life'"...

No, it isn't.

That's Deception, Embraced... the thing that Ravages us all.

See how the "Beast" goes on its Dictatorial way?

Am I "making a mountain out of a mole-hill" by using this athletic contest as an

No, because what I'm actually discussing is the Tragedy inherent in the way folks
habitually Accept the Dictates of Falsehood... then everyone Moans-and-Groans when the
Consequences of having Forsaken Truth follow, as they =always= do... as happened
before our media-bourne eyes in "Yugoslavia"... and everywhere else where Falsehood

It's the not-only-casual-Acceptance, but the Full-Embracing of such against which I
Cry-Out... just as the Buffalo Victory "doesn't Exist" because Falsehood Dictated the
"outcome" of that Athletic contest, =Nothing= Exists where Falshood Rules. Falsehood
Steals our very-Beings from us.

Perhaps I'll send a letter to the NFL Commissioner demanding that the final minutes of
the game be replayed... under the penalty of Fraud... not because I'd expect anything
to be done because Truth's been trampled-on, but to "just" study the whole set of
dynamics that has had folks so-Loving Deception.


K. P. Collins

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

> I've been "watching" the Buffalo-New England football game while posting things
> this afternoon.
> Superficially, the Patriots "won" the game, but, in fact, Buffalo =Won= the game
> because of a botched call on the part of a "Ref"... in a crucial play near the end
> of the game, a receiver failed to get his feet to the ground before going out of
> bounds... the "Ref" signalled a "completion"... and this Falseness allowed the
> Patriots to score within the allotted time.
> The "Ref's" False-call denied all the facts-on-the-ground with respect to the
> Athletes' performances...
> Falseness =always= has this quality... it renders what folks do non-Existent.
> Except for the Players and the Franchises involved, Athletic contests aren't
> Consequential... but in other matters Falseness Ravages Lives... in the very-same
> way as did that "Ref's" False call. ken collins
> kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:
> > It doesn't matter if "moving away from" is, in fact, Perfectly-Embracing
> > Truth... all Prejudice is inherently-Falsehood Be-Cause  it's inherently Blind
> > to Truth... anything done Prejudicially is done by the "Beast" that Lives in
> > our Flesh, in our Stead.
> >
> > Why do the Work inherent in doing the reiterative-"moving toward"-Stuff that is
> > the flat-out-Easy Remedy to Prejudice?
> >
> > That's Easy, "two"... not to do so is not to =Be=... it's having only the
> > Illusion of Being-Alive... even if behavior is Perfectly-Aligned with Truth, if
> > it's Blindly-Automated, it still is not =Being=.
> >
> > As The Bard said, "To be, or not to be. That is the question." ...and the
> > dynamics of Prejudice's Blind-Automation are "just" that
> > Awesomely-Consequential.
> >
> > =Wake-Up, Folks! It's time to =Live=. K. P. Collins

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