Talking to yourself again? (Was: On Prejudice)

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Mon Nov 30 21:57:10 EST 1998

dag.stenberg at wrote:

> kkollins at wrote:
> > What I'm doing is Standing in the Face of the "Beast" because there're folks
> > who Suffer-Greatly under the Dictates of the "Beast"... and I want to Give
> > them the understanding that they can use to remove the Savagery that the
> > "Beast" imposes in their Lives.
> ...
> > That's all I'm doing... and I do such be-cause I've Love for the folks who
> > Suffer Greatly. It matters-not if everyone else "moves away from", does it?
> Sorry, I have missed this connection, and feel ill informed. How do you
> in your =Message= relate to Jesus, and to the Prophets?

I did some solid work in Neuroscience... was overjoyed... but when I looked, I saw
that, 2000 years ago, Jesus obviously Knew all the stuff that I thought I'd

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