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(Spelling possibly bad, am pretty tired & too lazy to
"spell-check-read" my own babbling again; for those who do not want to
read it all either: Go to the end, there is the short version; 
as occasionally I have pitty on my readers.  ;-)

What does the first word mean, what do they both mean together?

>        by Stephen E. Palmer

>This article has been accepted for publication in Behavioral and Brain
>Sciences (BBS),
(...Don't forget the body, at least not if it is to do with

> an international,
I have kept finding the word nations suspicious in international, as a
lot of the nations never really were, but a hoard of Europeans who had
destroyed a lot of their culture within the Inquisition and mental
balancing knowledge, extended their wars and conquering madness across
the planet and drew claimed territorial lines on maps, not heeding
which tribes / peoples  were there, till this day seeing to severe
problems in some areas.

How about nation-independent?

> interdisciplinary journal providing
>Open Peer Commentary on important and controversial current research in
>the biobehavioral and cognitive sciences.

Very interdisciplinary indeed, talking about Westie science.

>Commentators must be BBS Associates or nominated by a BBS Associate. 
Yep, the bitsy with the international and interdiscplinary and the
science bitsy seemed to aim at that.

The most powerful colour perception way I know is going akasha surfing
with another brain.
As science is sense censored and many members even proud if it,
science branches are among the last branches of Earth to understand
colour differences within brains as you can within akasha surfing
(linking brain energies and transcending together, often to learn more
about energy correlations as needed for areas of magic, 
different peoples might have different names for it or use different
ways that are not same, but are so related, that people able to do one
usually are fast to learn to do it, as it is just a different tuning,
example are here the old expression "second face", in the USA
"seeing", in regions of Asia and other places enlightenment, and so
Western science on this planet has the reputataion to that their
ancestors burned the carriers of the own knowledge, forbade it for
about 500 years at death punishment, and now are locking part of the
magic users not far enough advanced to defend themselves into clinics
to drug destroy them.

There often being also people hallucinating towards who the old magic
or other healing ways efficient for thousands of years around the
globe  are refused to be given, and who instead might also be crippled
with drugs.

It fits that within colour perception together with "international"
the probably biggest sources, at least from what one hears here in
Germany about branches of Earth, are straight basically excluded.

It seems to be the Western science way to reduce research of human
brain to excluding entering them directly oneself, instead imprison
persons of other mammal races similar enough to human mammals 
and cut around in them or corpses and go a lot by such data.

>To be considered as a commentator for this article, to suggest other
>appropriate commentators, or for information about how to become a BBS
>Associate, please send EMAIL to:

>    bbs at

Sweety, if I wish to comment something stuck in front my nose on my
computer screen, I am not asking you, as you might notice, I am for
Social Individualism  and not Westie nation science censorship as to
who is appropriate.

Apart from being fairly sure that our interests in colours and
concerning appropriate commentators, are bunches of ranges apart.

In other words people like you might be out for stuff to do with the
few ranges the Vatican allows his sheep so that they can go on to say
you need some god for magic stuff like making some blind "see" or even
see, and I am finding the ones they burned the people here for wayyyys
more fascinating concerning colours and, of course, other aspects,

>      or write to:
>    Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Excuse me, but why should I waste a stamp for someone having
"behavioral and brain sciences" in the title?

Science never got the subprograms of the emotion generators anyway,
and the discerning between behavioral and brain sounds odd,
as the emotion generating main sites I know about are within the brain
and body.

But I guess as a man with balls that thought might be too far off, and
one can restrict it to the brain, but there take the enitre brain,
regardless how much the sector has to do with the generating of
certain emotions / certain behaving stuff.

>If you are not a BBS Associate, please send your CV and the name of a
>BBS Associate (there are currently over 10,000 worldwide) who is
>familiar with your work. 

What is this, some attempt to get people to release their private or
their branches secret data and their work concerning it to your group?

I'd say concerning colour(-transformed) and other ranges it is
thousands of years old tradition in many places, that if someone
wishes to mindshare with you and you with him, that then such takes

>All past BBS authors, referees and
>commentators are eligible to become BBS Associates.

All past Gummiebaerchen-Orden Anwaerter authors, referees and
commentators are eligible to become Doedelschlumpf Associates.

>To help us put together a balanced list of commentators, please give
>some indication of the aspects of the topic on which you would bring
>your areas of expertise to bear if you were selected as a commentator.

Apart from not being interested, 
as an MBD LSD teacher I am used to comment such stuff 
with advanced students or semi- colleagues of other branches 
in magic language; but I am sure, that being into colour, you have
contemplated solutions to the questions of how people not that good in
"seeing" yet, like myself, might transfer "seeing" data via long
distances, and feel free to share according cypermagic contemplations,

as someone into "seeing" had sometimes been playing a bit with
magically making patterns in an old, half-out-of-order T.V.,
and some others here are having vague interests in brain - machine
interfacing, too,  though magically and in technology we area a bit
backwardish here.

(Not that I am trying to make fun of you and your group here, nor your
international whatever;
nor that I am trying to imply that by what you write you seem to lag
behind magic branches within Asia, America, Africa, Australia and even
Europe several thousand years concerning being up to date with colour
data; ... not the merest inkling of such a thought would ever overcome
me even just in my wildest dreams.  ;-)

>   ABSTRACT: The relations among consciousness, brain, behavior,
>    and scientific explanation are explored within the domain of
>    color perception.

Yes, sounds Capitalizingly abstract indeed.

Consciousness sounds like some vague, undefined, arealess something,
behavior is also to do with body areas that sound like being left out
of the contemplation, as science is sense censored and usually proud
of it, they are not even able to get a fraction of the magic colour
ranges of experts, unless they use machines that might give them
immense detail data, but as they are too sense censored to perceive
magically, they are basically thousands of years backwards
understanding a lot of the contexts,
so that it is extremely unlikely that they could even just explain to
you olllld stages like enlightenment;
and what colour perception is supposed to have to do with all you
mention is a riddle to me.

I am in a rather absurd mood, so here comes a


One upon a time there was an MBD semi autistic smurf wanting to become
a student of grey magic, starting with magic perception.
But because he was an MBD smurf, his brain did not smurf tuning as
necessary, so he couldn't get the energy control right,
and also he did not have enough parallel tracks.

So he smurfed himself other brains of non MBD smurfs for tuning and
parallel track backup, got them to took a special sense enhancing
drug, and to cooperate and concentrate and follow instructions, 
and then basically catapulted the poor other smurf brainies, who often
did not even understand what was done to them,
within some hours or sessions to magic brain energy perception level

Some smurfs would also have called that
1.outer tuning araound,
2.halo tuning, starting to transcend
3.occipital linkthough, second face in the old meaning.
4-6 the same again, only while occiptally vibing a lot together, so
that ways more energy data can be transferred
and stuff better altered for that in the other brain.
7. Getting the other brain to tune in Jesus yellow-shiny smurf ranges
or something close enough for both brains and remaining there.
8.a) While holding occipital link docking off to the inside and area
segregating enough and holding it.
8.b) Extending out along the ranges coming in from the other brain
straight towards the other brain
9. Holding that and docking optics again, using the Jesus smurf ranges
or close enough ranges to scan within the other brain for sectors,
targetting them with the eyes and inside tuning to the same area till
they vibe parallel enough. 

Now not all smurfs could get area percption on that drug that was also
a smurf synapse blocker drug, as their brain areas were more
connected, so that a few plugs in the cables did not have the area
segregating effects on them.

Some were rather disquited to have their systems telling them that the
MBD smurf was obviously doing something within their head that seemed
rather aimed, but not understanding what was going on in there.

So the MBD smurf out of fairness often saw to just tuning to the sort
of sensor helmet that on Earth one finds mentioned under
bionet.neuroscience, and tried to keep emotional ranges and I area
tuning out.

Since the MBD smurf did not have that many tracks, to keep from tuning
to ranges sucked additionally, as that took extra track power.

And concerning some emotional ranges and the other's I areas he knew
about them enough, so that when some 
science smurf babbled about that within colour perception stuff was
ever so important, that did not have much or nothing to do with it, he
told the other science smurf that he was babbling stuff he did not

That the science smurf did not like very much,
because part of the science smurf
were neurology smurfs.

Those were imprisoning others related to the smurfs historically,
having also I centers within the smurf-limbic system,
but because they did not have exactly the same bones and not exactly
the same brain, and a smaller neosmurfcortex,
they were declared not persons but possessions, whose hipposmurfcampal
and other I areas cut be sliced around in, as they were so nicely
closes to the own, that the data there was of relevance for the
neurology smurfs.

When they met they delighted in cutting the eyenevers of the others,
talking brain areas out, and other science smurfs did delight in
taking children of the others away from their parents and
experimenting with them, sticking others into cages and running
soandsomany electro shocks through them per minute,
letting the blood run out of others and sticking other stuff in till
they were dead,
and other stuff that really fascinated them.

Some of the smurfs whose smurf tribes had been studying magic and
brain energy sharing to the point of linking with others to quite an
extent, even others who were not so closely related,
did not understand why a smurf would do so to somebody else,
why he would delcare him and his gross violence to be of more value,
why the ancestors of those violent smurfs had come to their areas and
killed and raped and plundered and crippled and then declared them
their colonies and some of the other smurfs their slave smurfs,
and did not get that master race thinking of the violent smurfs smurfs
of the group called Westie smurfs.

Some of the tribe smurfs sometimes killed related races for food, and
then might apologize first and pray for the other, which was still not
nice for the other one, but at least he had lived free, and was killed
fast, and the tribe smurf killing them expressed his regrets for
needing the food.

The Westie smurfs found that very primitive,
as they had ways of keeping relataed races prisoners, taking the
children away from the parents long before they would have segregated
by nature, some forcing drugs into them so they put on more fats,
keeping them in narrow prisons, and then killing them to eat them,
never spending a thought on who the other one had been or what he had
gone through.
Which they considered ways more advanced.

They found the others primitive and themselves civilized.

With civilized they meant that in some of their palces the Westie
smurfs had chopped off all the trees and destroyed nature, though
there were still quite some places with just a few tree sorts planted
to grow in rows. but nearly none of the nature left their sytems were
programmed for.
They had built cities and ignored the sun, got up with an alarm clock
after too little sleep, drank some drug to make up for that, many then
worked under artificial light and some standing the whole time,
went home at a certain time, like robots followinig a clock,
had crammed  the air and their own (sub)atomic structures with so many
artificial ranges, that the cancer rates in maany cities were as
flaring as the sky at night where the milkyway could no longer be seen
under the hum of energy blocking a lot of the tuning access to others
in the galaxy for magic smurfs,
in their past had burned mnost of their carriers about magic knowledge
and tried to make up for their sense censored living with machines,]
were placing young smurfs in front of T.V.s and other devices that
send out so dangerous ranges, thata the young smurfs never learned to
tune to the brain energies of other smurfs but instead to constantkly
and the few magic smurfes left could not go to enlightenment fully
anymore, because the cancer danger would have gotten too high if they
had allowed their structures to finetune "braodband" like in
traditional enlightenment.

All of this was considered real progress,
about as impressive as the suicide rates of those where the clocks ran
the robot smurf lifes.

Many of the tribe smurfs had the arrogant Westie smurfs or some of
their murdering ancestors in bad memory or still were suffering from
changes thata their tribe had never assented to forced upon them.

Their magic smurfs started to communicate more and more, as the Westie
smurfs had invented stuff that made that possible without spirit
tranvelling the word which only few very advanced magic smurfs could
do, so that magic range data and different ways of using it were
starting to stream together of hundreds and thousands of years of

But the Westie smurfs had the religion that they were of the First
World around their sun, and that what was taking place on the Third
World around the sun was primitive, so they excluded themselves of
what was going on, and others excluded them.

Meanwhile a few smurfs looked at part of the energy data of the
peoples of the smurfs and started to ponder what would happen if the
magaic data of the smurf planet was ever united with the magic data
streaming together and were awed at the medical and private
possiblilties and scared when they read Amnesty Intersmurfional, am
organisation telling about the shootings of unarmed teenagers in the
United States of Conqured North America, the torturing of smurfes in
prisons of one sort where you just got turtured usually outside the
brain, while the ones who got locked up and had seringes shot into
them to target out certain smurf brain areas alterating the receptor
molecules in their victims who were called "patients not knowing what
is good for them", they were silent about,
while in the underground the stories smurfed about political
smurfings, and that the neurology smurfs were after the smurf-limbic I
area energy data, so that with the magic and technical knowledge
combined spooky means of control could be invented in the age where
the magic smurfs got satellites and other artificial ranges shot
through their sometimes super-sensitive structures relentlessly 24h
every day, year after year, never a break being given to them;
and some of them predicted that once the ruler smurfs found out how to
subataomically target through walls from space and log with
hipposmurfcampal and other areas by generating the same or other
according ranges, the "2084" smurf age would start.

The Westie smurfs, wo had been raised to be sense censored, to belief
that it was right that they HAD to pay to people ruling them a lot of
what they earned, that smurfs HAD to be ruled and could not possible
live in sort of a Social Individualism planetwide with a special
education system aiming at thinking into others and perceiving the
advantage of many different axonsmurfprogrammings of the very little
smurfs and many different cultural parallel tracks,
and who had been taught that anarchism is the horror to be feared
most, as then no longer just the police smurf could shoot the unarmed
teenager and the ruler smurf steal 20-40%of the income, and forcing
and I.D. identity upon the smurf and stick him into a cage if he did
not comply and possible cripple or shoot or drug him if he physically
tried to defend the point of simply wanting to be left alone and be
free and quitly live his own life without giving what he earned to
people he did not feel like giving it but to those he liked and not
wanting and alien I.D.identity but just having his own identity and
smurfing his own way...
So anarchy was THE horror idea for many Westie smurfs, as the
education had taught them Charles the Great smurfkill-orderer had been
great and that Alexander the Greeat smurfkill-orderer had been great,
and that the proper term for killing someone, raping his wife and then
killking her, too, selling their children as slaves and stealing his
property and living their comfortably  or other stuff like that  was
to be called "colonialism" if it concerned smurfs of other colour and
"criminal offense" if it concerned smurfs of own colour.
And that there were nations and capitals and wars and the like.

However inner education, seeking to improve inner wisdom and balances,
being proud of the person, striving to be honourable and proud of the
own honour, being aware that who wants to judge should understand
measure, and that hot and cold, white and black are of huge scales and
to ponder how much of the scales one understood and therefore how well
one could judge,   that people not fighting for their own freedom
might have developments go far enough that with "legalization' smurfs
grovel to the owners of their body that they might be granted a few
more rights over them, instead of the first question being if the body
atteached to the own brain is the own possession or of another,
as it is already consented with that the own bodyh is possession of
the oines who ganged up to outnumer the others to rule them and often
not even letting them flee anymore without forcing them to accept an
alien I.D. identity to show whose possession they are.

In a time like this, the MBD smurf wondered, if there is any point
whatsoever, in seriously discussing anything with Westie smurfs, and
came to the conclusion, that not. And not just because seriousness had
never been his strengths after having had a lifetime of other smurfs
grumping at him because he did not have many of the emotional or other
echo replies that they had expected to be effective after sending them
stronger and stronger and then going agressive as if they had said
anything out, obviously having been stupid enough to assume that just
cause some eyes were looking at them, 
that the eyes were actually docked with were the MBD smurf was itself
in the cholismurfic limbic system,
as if it had never occurred to them to consider what immense
processing power optic data might be for MBD semi-autistic
cholismurfic limbic I-smurfs,
nor understood why the autists smurfs were often wanting all in the
same location always, so that the sequencer CPU could find it.
The concept not being there for them that not all cholismurfic limbic
I smurfs might be smurfing the mammillary and n.accumbens pathways
like they might, nor that areas of the thalamus, striata and upper
frontal smurfex are not necessarily in best connections with
cholismurfic limbic areas, so that the whole with some areas more
might amount to resmebling two split CPUs in the brain.

Nor did it seem to occur to some others, that both CPUs could think,
had own memory storing capacities, own separate learning abilities and
so on.

Most other smurfs did not seem to be able to understand why the MBD
smurf after two years did not know the colour of the 4 story mushroom
he was living in, because they seemed to assume that going in and out
of something that size for two years one should know the colour of it.
So the MBD smurf, knowing that the sequencer CPU rarely seemed to care
for colours in optical processing, actually bothered to dock to the
eyes for a while and stare at the house.
He soon forgot the colours again apart from a vague idea, 
as he found it fascinating the thingie had balconies and to look at
what they looked like, though he soon forgot the exact looks again.
All in all he decided that the colour had not been so fascinating that
it had actually been worth to scan something the size of a fourstory

When a friend smurf once asked what light reflections those were to be
seen in some windows of another big house-shroom, he joked: "You know
me. You do not seriously expect me to know what is on the first street
intersection next to my door, do you?"

And the friend smurf laughed, too, as was one of the few who could
sometimes tell which of the two CPUs had eye-control within the MBD
semi-autistic smurf as he knew that normally the other never itself
looked at his eyes. Though maybe through them towards the optic nerves
within akasha surfing.  Also he seemed to have come to the conclusion
that there were advantages that some autist smurfs never looked
another at the eyes usually, as the only time he had noticed that the
other was looking at him with the I-areas, he had gotten rather

They turned on the smurf radio, where a singer sang with a smurfy

"How bizzare!"




>... about the undetectability of color transformations.

Instructions for acid smurfs who are not yet into certain colour
Pop trip when it is dark.
After twenty minutes stare at halo around candle flame in dark room.

Try to see just the halo and to blend the flame out as much.
Try to get the thingie into rainbow similar colours or others.

For my brain the colours seem to be following sort of galactic sun
colours "principles" first and then (after blue near the flame and
whitish yellow ---> red) a real odd red  with some stuff,
that I suspected to be infrared when I saw it.

Try to inside remeber at what points the colour transitions (with me
for example stuff between yellow and red) take place.

As your pupils keep "gating" bigger and bigger, watch the halo until
you have it double size,
and observe the colour position changes.

Within my brain that means where before it was red is then is yellow
and the red further outside.

(Till later one gets to where that becomes boring and it might be more
interesting to track the energies going to the wall and being
reflected differently and then take in the energy in the entire room,
and for me old acid smurf to the go akasha surfing through it with
someone hopefully able to blaste the entire room up, so I can work on
on transcending the walls, heehee...  ;-)

For some THC smurfs this can be done in smaller style.

Sober smurfs MAYBE, too, just ways more tricky and might not be that
easy, as the onset of the sense enhanding effects of the according
drugs arae then not coming in.

However for the akasha surfing smurf there is the option to gram and
akasha surfing THC or LSD smurf and used along the stuff in the other
brain to the extent; I recommend to run the transit channels between
eyes so that the flame is to the side and then extend energies to take
the halo in.

2 experiment loving akasha smurfs also into memory aspects 
can stare at the halo around the flame (about half the distance you
arae from each other sideways between you at about nose height,
preferably dark background) 
in an else preferably very dark room for a loooong time, many, many
minutes, trying to get the halo in and the flame out.

The 2 smurfs might consider: THC  & THC   
sober & or loads THC + acid in the background from the days before,

though I guess other combis might work, too.

When you got the halo nicely big and the flame nearly blended out,
straight look at each other and project the flame after image onto the
tip of the nose of the other one, holding it there, then go slightly
into other akasha ranges and gingerly move it towards the middle, till
you have "pattern locking" there.

Try to hold the flame - image in the middle and focus on the halo -

Shift through different akasha ranges and watch that.

Think about that one a looong while if you feel like it, or if you
area into memory and ,maybe are also a brain surfer about the internal
stuff to do with how the two brains together move the candle imagie or
later maybe also other images.

...So much about some of the 
>undetectability of color transformations

>     Finally, the
>    prospects for achieving a biologically based explanation of
>    color experience below the level of isomorphism are considered
>    in light of the limitations of behavioral methods.
> Within-subject designs using biological interventions hold the
>    greatest promise for scientific progress on consciousness, but
>    objective knowledge of another person's experience appears
>    impossible. 

Why, do you really believe that the way some magicians are blastering
around in each others brains can never be imitated with machines?

For all I know with machines you can get ranges magicians can't, and
in ways better detail.

Ever read that Seth crap  that had some good stuff in it, like the
bitsy along the line that if someoone saw all the akasha of your
brain, he might get even more than you yourself about what is going on
within systems in your head and body?

Fascinating thought, especially as I had the impression that there
that Seth is supposed to have scanned and learned about such for
thousands of years or longer (don't know, did not read the whole, as I
knew by some of the brain stuff that it was invented by some headblind

>    The implications of these arguments for
>    functionalism are discussed.

Most of the arguments I read here for me are so .. that I better do
not comment the functionalism that you might derive from it.

(It seems I have one of my especially charming days again  ;-)
>    In this article I discuss the relations among mind, brain,
>    behavior, and science in the particular domain of color
>    perception. 

I am already eagerly awaiting your grand theories or those of your
grand BBS whatever about which areas of the brain you area counting
into the brain.

>    My reasons for approaching these difficult issues
>    from the perspective of color experience are two-fold. 

I am tempted to ask you what capacities you have within what Carlos
Castaneda calls "seeing" or something like that, but limiting it to
the ones that are connected with colour for you, but I suspect that
would be more futile than resistance against the (Enterprise) Borg.

>   ... Second, color is
>    perhaps the most tractable, best understood aspect of mental
>    life from a scientific standpoint. 

>From a limbic standpoint it might seem pretty elseplace.

Also there are so many thousands of ranges within magic with odd
colours, and I am basicalldy just apprentice level of grey magic, so
my brain has just perceived few, I also sober can't transcend towards
enlightenment, and so on,
so it will be still many years and decades to come, till I understand
more about lots of colour ranges.

One of the last ones I shortly got in, was the "telekinetic purple",
but not even so that I could hold it, and basically the attempt ended
with a frobtal cortex headache and hurting fingers not used to
generate the energies I had wanted them to.
Seemed pretty unhealthy, all in all, and I did not repeat that one so
far.  Guessed next time I would, it might be hurting fingers and
frontal cortex maybe again.

So much for ranges.

There are loads where I have only seem the according colours generated
by other brains, and I am very sure that some of the ranges I liked
best, I'd not get and if I studied years for them, like some a 50 year
old meditation teacher showed me.
Neat stuff.

He got the entire room "bathed" into daark blue ranges of the type
seeming near to where as a magician you might get if you steer
into magic ranges, main sequences I observed:
black-white all-colour-out. 
Black-translucent & black-shiny.
Black shiny.
Black shiny & DARK BLUE SHINY.

Of the latter aim for the ranges that seem to cause an endorphin

Might not be the same, though.

He called that stage "inner light".

Eyes closed, he popped with his head to where my brain transits it on
the magic ranges as the black fog of someone nearly totally
off-lining, but not to where the head "disappears", then he did some
odd energy shifts that I did not really manage to follow, but felt
like he did not get right what he was trying to steer at,
then after some internal fuzzing he seemed to get near it and then he
had it
and the room "bathed" with that stuff, and me feeling liking getting
endorphine flashes from the stuff.


Currently my favourite colours,
even if I can't generate the energy shifts to get there.

(BTW, to all into akasha surfing:
To use a brain of someone into meditating for serious is like getting
a powerful supertuner.

Brilliant energy range steering.

Getting someone good in meditation arts to pop LSD might be against
his whatever, but there are few I'd prefer more to be brain energy
linked with on LSD.)

>{    Second, color is
>    perhaps the most tractable, best understood aspect of mental
>    life from a scientific standpoint.      }

Being sense censored like Vatican sheep and some proudly announcing
that they have limited themselves down to five senses, and some
finding it valuable to ignore even those, I find it remarkable that if
you say that colour is the best understood aspect of mental life,
as that sounds like understanding (sub)sector functions so little of
the mental areas, that even the few colours that Westies seem to know
are still the best known.

If colour interested me, I might grab some data of physics and neuro,
as Westies tend to spill their data all over the place, and then go to
the places where magic energy stuff here is said to have been studied
for thousands of years, and where rumours say that there one might
find the most advanced data of Earth, and then try to smurf my way
around possibly people expecting that I have to do some magic
aprentice stuff of inner moral work and out physical stuff for years
till I get at the real data, and nag them for serious,  or get my
currently preferred sort of acid there and lurk till it seems they are
about to do some magic stuff to do with range shifts that my brain
might be able to transit into weird colours and then pop the amount to
have good enough concentration left, and at least several dozen meter
of vague scanning power and short range thousands of ranges within
minutes,  and then plague them by trying to tune along;
and as at least in some places some of those folks are supposed to be
after inner balance stuff, black magic revenge hopefully is too low
for their inner moral whatever, grin.

... Actually I wonder if one were really ever seeing some yogi afloat,
were to dock into his energies on a sense enhancer and and merrily
retune stuff, if he'd have a hard landing. and what his Re would be

Yogi plucking.

(Sorry, have trouble staying serious about this;
as your talking about many disciplines and obviously did not even get
past the first level of magic perception yet.
Which to me sounds like someone fanatically into counting and not
having come past the number 1 yet, which I guess is O.K. if with a
zero and a 1 you are into computer stuff, but then I'd somehow point
out the other way around that I am just specialized to a very narrow
range, but there maybe doing extremely well.)

Ever considered to reduce "colour" to include that you do not mean all
the colours a human can perceivel but are just referring to those
ranges the Vatican did not forbid?
Then more people might straight know that you are not interested in
all colours, but just very narrow ranges and aspects.

>    It demonstrates better than
>    any other topic how a mental phenomenon can be more fully
>    understood by integrating knowledge from many different
>    disciplines (Kay & McDaniel, 1978; Thompson, 1995; Palmer, in
>    press). 

I have never thought much about it.
But all in all I do not agree, as I believe human brains are too
Take people from Africa and here for example, not just the colour
perception ranges, but ranges in general.
Inside roughly about as different as outside.
I have had some of the biggest tuning problems so far with some
(though not all), as even if I got more used to the for me odd range
differences, there are bunches of ranges, that simply do not seem to
be translated in my sytems.
I did not pay attention so much to the colour stuff yet, so there I
cannot really tell, but I am very sure that colour is so different in
brains, that it is not so suited for what you mention.

I'd say extending out of body is a fairly spread skill among people
seriously interested in mental abilities.
People do it here, in America, from what I heard in Asia and
Australia, (Africa I do not l know enough about).

It is an art thousands of years old, has been studied for thousands of
years, newies can watch it ways easier than colour stuff of other
brains, so all in all I'd say it is ways more suited.

And also maybe a bit more fascinating than if a brain is transferring
something into this or that colour and how it does that exactly to the
last dot of the   i .   ;-)

>In this article I turn once more to color for new
>    insights into how conscious experience can be studied and
>    understood scientifically.

How about you simply define conscious, as there is something I do not
understand in the way you use it.

English is foreign for me, and if I try to translate conscious, it
translates into bewusst, which for me is to do with "I", but that's
for me not much to do with colours, so that can't be, so that would
mean it are not the I centers, nor certain others, and that makes me
wonder if you area talking about what I call the "old sensor helmet",
meaning some neocortex areas and the cingulate gyrus, 
but then there should be some area differentiation, and also the bit
with consikouc experience does not really fit well, if I am not very
mistaken, so all in all what you say is just puzzling me.

Maybe if you were define what you mean by conscious, that would help,
and maybe add the areas, so that all are understanding what you mean
and can compare in their brain or in books what you mean.

Do not forget that you have people not just from Berlin and speaking
German, like me, but also from many other places, so that if you use
vague terms, others might even translate them more absurd into their
languages, and get it scrambled even more.

While if you were to say just for example:

hippocampus = conscious experience,
thalamus & striata - prestage of conscious
front half of cingulate gyrus = not conscious

...then people woould know better which areas you are referring to,
and in a theoretical example like this one could agree or disagree
with what you are saying.

>... with respect to understanding color experience and
>    other forms of consciousness.

Like this sentence for example simply does not translate into my
language in any form making sense.

Before I had some cuncussion on trips I could be just myself, but I do
not recall colours there at all, for that I could have to dock from my
space in the cholinergic limbic system into the front half of the
cingulate gyrus.

But that one, if I translate "conscious" as "bewusst", is not bewusst.

So the sentence is making no sense.

The only other region in the brain I know (thoug there might be
others, do not know all), also seemed to not be able to see colours,
or at least it had not if I was docked there centrally.

But you cannot be meaning the I areas with consciousness, as then
you'd use plural and say consciousnesses.

So basically your sentence translated into my language keeps making no
sense, even if I try a few other translation versions.

>To help you decide whether you would be an appropriate commentator for
>this article, 

As mentioned, if you make the mistake to stick an article so that it
pops up when I download stuff from bionet.neuroscience, then you might
have me babbling off about it, if I am nored at that point - or not
answer at all if I have other stuff to do or do not feel like

I do not need your help to decide if I comment that a sentence like
the previous one and some other stuff you said make no sense for me.

But it is kind of you to offer me helping decide.

There are loads of other people on this planet who are also also
wishing others to helpt to decide,
and in bionet.neuroscience, Frank LeFever until recently has been
implying he is the perfect brain know to decide who is appropriate to
comment what and to censor out any opinion not congruent with his
fantastic theories( i.e. about THE memory or other stuff).

So there are already people about in abundance, who'd like to help
some to decide, and some would like to help the entire realm, country,
planet or universe decide along the lines of whata they fiind
appropriate, and there are also places where the liberty of speech is
so low, that you get killed if someone's comments are not thought
appropriate by those wishing to "help others decide", but they don't

>Please do not prepare a commentary on
>this draft. 

Too late, you should have said so in the start; as I do not like
reading stuff double I tend to hit the Re button straight after I read
stuff I wish to comment, and then Re as I read through the stuff.

>Just let us know, after having inspected it, what relevant
>expertise you feel you would bring to bear on what aspect of the

Let me put it that way: What expertise do YOU have?

In the article I found no single trace of it, 
concerning the given topics.

So why does it concern you when others are concerned?

But don't worry, I commented on your BBS censoring and sense censored
stuff whatever-national stuff earlier on, 
and it sounds even less interesting to me than Scientology or a smurf

>(3) BBS has a new policy of accepting submissions electronically.

Thou shalt submit to me ... 

so me and my group may sponge thy private work data ...

and for reward thou mightst become eligible to become
Big B.S. Associates

>    Nominations of books for BBS Multiple book review are also invited.

Rewiev might be the wrong word for this book, more something I found
interesting to read:

G.Buzzi: Indianische Heilgeheimnisse
Die Lehren von Grossvater, dem heiligen Mann

Pages 43, 46-50, 58-59!!!, (68-69), 72!!! 75-79,
83 upper third of page, 87 first paragraph, 88,
96 sec.paragraph, 201 second paragraph-202 2/3

19 second paragraph, 71 second paragraph,
116,  118 bottom, 220  2/3

>            sci.psychology.research is a moderated newsgroup.  

Fits, that psychology into research would censor.

Last time I checked they were lagging back even behind Scientology aa
major level, though the methods I considered nearly equal in danger.

Has anyone ever checked out if psychology or scientology produced the
higher suicide rate?

Guessing (could be totally wrong, just keep hearing cases of death or
from ex-victims reports of life long damages caused) I'd say that
psychiatry might hold one or the higest record of this planet of
so-called healers having people kill themselves afterwards.  

And that then, MAYBE with some other branches in between,  comes
psychology and then scientology, but that is just a guess.

Does anyone happen to have actual data,
as I do not like guessing in that form and would prefer real data?

Maybe also the average amount of hours or days needed till the person
felt O.K. enough again   
of different branches of Earth in comparison?

Translating conscious as bewusst, 
the summoned up comment about... 

                                          ...totally simplified is:

Areas of my neocortex and cingulate gyrus
      are not
areas of the limbic system.

(Censoring BBS's magic COLOUR understanding seems like that of a
Vatican sheep,  in the brain your area knowledge concerning
CONSCIOUSNESSes seems near zero, and BBS conveyed me the impression
that they to not really even understand any word in an own headline.

Well, at least got some impression about BBS.)
(A little extremely simplified fantasy riddle for you:
You have a frequency selector (that advanced so much that it can think
quite a bit), also able to select colours, displayed in an area
forwards above it's own position. Now it tunes out of there. How much
colour is left?)

The Acidic Smurf


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