the neural net and artificial intelligence

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>> > > >  The brain certainly does need training. I suppose you might
>> > > >  want to claim that your brain discovered geometry, DNA,
>> > > >  or computerized gene sequencing? Or even how to drive a car?

>> > > >  All observers need driving lessons before they are allowed
>> > > >  to drive their brains anywhere. (Particularly some "drifty"
>> > > >  scientists and mathematicians that I know).

>> > > You invoke an homunculus. The homunculus is the little man who sits
>> >in the
>> > > middle of your head, watching a TV screen, and punching buttons.
>> >Some, more
>> > > sophisticated, envision a mind (soul, self), that selects from the
>> >data
>> > > proffered by the brain, manipulates  that data, comes to a
>> >conclusion, and
>> > > forwards the decision to the brain for execution.

>> >  No I don't. I've never believed in little people inside of people.
>> >  Your "I am a soul/mind" rather than "I have a soul/mind" is probably
>> >  what most people believe.

>> And who is that "I", that "has" soul/mind,
>> mr. suckazoid?
>> Any idea?

>   No. The only answer that I ever came up with why
>   any human would ever ask so many nonsense
>   question

Sure, manipulating that guilt again, huh?
Are you unconscious as a donkey ass by any humble chance?

Now, which questions do make sense
and what is the criteria to classify them as such?

> is that the universe simultaneously
>   sucks and blows, rather than just sucking like
>   you seem to think it does.
>   ---
>   Jim

That is why it has been stated that you are confused
as a monkey ass.

The universe does not suck. YOU do.

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