I'd like gain more knowledge of different parts of the brain!

Kalman Rubinson kr4 at is2.nyu.edu
Thu Oct 1 15:10:09 EST 1998

Here we go again!

Go to the library, get a Neuroscience book and read it!  

Excellent recent volumes are by Kandel et al., Purves et al., and Bear. 


R. Storm (rstorm at best.ms.philips.com) wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to develop computer models of biological Neural Networks.
> But, because I don't know much about neuroscience (the more about computer
> science) I have some
> questions about the different parts of a brain (especially mammalian).
> I would like to know more information on networks and neurons in different
> parts of the brain like:
> Cerebrum,
> Septum,
> Amygdala,
> Thalamus,
> Hypothalmus,
> Reticular Formation,
> Brain Stem,
> Cerebellum,
> Tectum,
> Basal Ganglia (Striatum),
> (These are, by the way, parts of Non-Mammalian brains. I don’t know what
> differences there are with mammals)
> What I like to know is how do the neurons work individually in each of these
> parts, and how do they
> interact with each other (how are the networks put together).
> Thanks,
>      Raymond


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