Time Magazine: WOMAN of the Millennium

Jack Andrews amiga at primenet.com
Thu Oct 1 14:04:31 EST 1998

Right....and all the accomplished women throughout history were "men" also.


Alan L.M. Buxey wrote:

> On Thu, 01 Oct 1998 02:29:46 -0700 ,Jack Andrews posted the following:
> : crap. No "intelligent" woman goes for asshole males that sit around and circle
> : jerk about how "superior" they are. You idiots are living in a dream world of
> ........as you found out ;-)
> : all a new asshole" (an American phrase for "giving you hell") She is a
> : musician, (with several cds out) an artist, welder, teacher, sculptor, she can
> : drive our 3/4 ton pickup as good as any male, wield a shotgun, out hike many a
> : male, garden, was a gourmet chef, a mathematical genius, speak 4 languages
> lets face it Jack, you got the wool pulled over your eyes...and in fact
> married a man!  ;-)
> alan

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