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flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:

>In <360EF4D6.5C9B at postoffice.idirect.com> K C Cheng
>>Actually, if you truly want to know,  my 20-p  article on Mystery of
>the mind was in 1986-7 accepted by Canada's  Sci & Technology Dimensions.

>>Unfortunately, it went bankrupt before publishing my article.
>          Perhaps their financial judgment was equivalent to their     
>     editorial judgment.
>...  any fool can be published in a book.
Have you ever  been?

>>I hope this is the last time I have to talk to you.   I am very busy.
>          F. LeFever

You know, if you suffer from HAVE TOs, there are people where  you
might be able to go for treatment of the problem.

Do you  want to make Eric Johnson competition in annoying Cheng?

His theories are coming closer to memory stuff  than yours.

Though, if I recall right, there was some bit about data  branching
off places outside in the brain that I found more interesting  than
what I read from Cheng.

K C Cheng <kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com> wrote:
>> >> : Why should
>> >> : I care whether you believe me? I don't owe you knowledge!
F. Frank LeFever wrote:>> >> =
>> >> Another standard indication of the presence of crackpots -- they
>> >> alone have the knowledge and the rest of us should listen.

With some that is of course correct.

If all  the rest depends.

I like some of their data for the  stuff I am doing, 
and I like people who went far beyond where others tend to go inside,
and learn about what they learned from that.
Some of  the data I heard to me seemed unique.

That advantage of whom you call crackpots is that some do stuff  that
most won't and then come to see stuff that most won't.

One of the decisive things for me if I like to communicate with them
is if they are listening to criticism or trying to shield  it from
reaching them.

Together with people starting physical violence that is one of the
real crackpot factors for me.

There are people who when I criticis them will listen to all or to
part and  people who will do a lot so that they do not have to listen
to it, and when I watch that, that tell me a lot.
(Also fo me one of the MBD pickouts.

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