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Ph.D. Scholarships in Cognitive Electrophysiology

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 1 00:26:42 EST 1998

Blake Johnson <b.johnson at auckland.ac.nz> wrote:

>Two Ph.D. scholarships are available  in the Department of Psychology
>at The University of Auckland for students interested in working on a 
>research project on the brain mechanisms of mental rotation.  
This is the first  time I  hear that term,  but maybe here in Germany
we call it different.
What do you meant with  mental rotation,
and with mental to which areas or processes in the brain do you refer?

> research grant to Dr. Blake Johnson and Prof. Michael
What  is the  aim  of the research?

>The project will examine 128-channel event-related 
>potentials while subjects perform tasks involving mental rotation, 
>and we plan to use magnetic resonance images to locate the 
>sources of ERP activation.  
Can someone tell  me  what that  means in  non-neuro words?

>Scholarship 1. Candidates should have some background and interests in
>cognitive psychology, 
I must admit that cognitive and psychology together sound rather
About as weird as "eye and toe science" might sound to you in
Why do you combine them?

>electrophysiological techniques, experimental design, and programming. 

I though the whole thing  was supposed to be psychology?

This sounds more like Mentifex in this group Al-dreaming,
than being interested in healing the psyche of others.

>Candidates need not have all of these skills
>but should be interested in acquiring them.

I do not understand the context to psychology or mental healing.

>Scholarship 2. Candidates should have some background and interests in
>biomedical imaging, 

>biophysical aspects of electroencephalography,

Replacing electro with akasha:  ;-)  yep

Though not to do with psychology but to vampire into other fiends'
brains us both on sense-enhancers to use their magical powers
concerning  tuning and tracking power along, mainly using their
occipital cortex. That's one seems not to do with the psyche in

But if I reformat myself a brain for that it is not that I don't come
across some other data, too, though with a lot of stuff I prefer to
not tell the some of the people. 
With folks like you of the Westie branches it would disquit me and
with some of the ones whose brain I sometimes use along to an extent
it believe it would disquite them if  they seriously understood what
they are allowing me to do in their systems.
Blessed are the unknowing ;-)=

But from the brainvampiring point of perspective I can see your
fascination with energy  and biopysical realations.

Though I must say that having a brain I can use for outer magical
stuff usually interests me more, unless it is stuff  that I did not
program into  them, and I can't do it, than I might nag them big time
to let us sector-link and let me access and attempt trans-copying a
Though not much to do with psyche stuff, for me that's eg.1 and 3 I
mentioned, and that is something different, and more like a
segregation,  and if  you ever were to go for that for real you hae to
kick out most of the rest and run a sort of limbic inside link between
the two main areas and then go from  the mammal one (eg.1) via another
one into  the rankfighting & aggression sector (eg.3),
and  what is going from the basolateral amygdala over eg.2 to there is
trackable, then a bit, but when you alter a little in the settings
there, there are effects towards eg.1 altering something there,
which I even in my best brainsurfer times never could perceive,
and I wondered if that is  because maybe eg.3  is sort of older than I
am in my way now, or had different reasons.

Don't know if you understood any of what I meant, 
likely not,
but what is going between  eg.1 and eg.3 and  5 down in the body has
hell of a lot to do with the psyche, and "electromagneting" around
with machines does not  sound to me like you will get far in
understanding it.

Back then without words I knew a bit about thousands of programs in
eg.1 and  3. and with some special sense-enhancer mix that I had here
for a while I could transform myself a cooperating brain not too
stupid for that within some hours and within two trips get them to
where it got interesting for me  again.
My record student disappeared with her energy through the walls where
I can't follow within 2 hours, and that was with her sober, though I
had quite a bit running.
And her adult daughter was watching from the sides,
which I  had taught her also within some hours.

Patience is not my strong sides, and that's why I am among the second
fastest magical brain-reformaters of Europe, and I can judge that
understanding the psyche you will not get far with machines within the
next decades, and after that, even when you could, given some of the
people on this planet, most is data that they should not have.

I value the privacy of my psychesectors.

And I know quit well how much your can transfer telepathically if yo
have a brain you taught far enough to sort of switch optics to some
of those ranges.

Anything you can transfer telepathically between two skilled powerful
telepaths could in theory made with machines.
And it is not good  to do so.
Recommmend you to read "1984".

The less is known about some stuff the better.
The knowing few of Earth I guess have always knows how to spot out the
interesting colleagues of other branches or the own, and had their
little mind chat, and  if you ever bothered to wonder  why energy
telepahy is not big time, then they day you have the first of what we
call geist here popping up in your sleeping room and maybe also
straight into your head, you might come to understand why maybe it is
quite fine that most don't  know.

And I'd say that's a world-wide shared attitude, wether you go to
Inida, or some of the shaman branches or some of the magic branches
here in Germany.

And it  bothers me enough if one of the others pops up in my room with
his energies and I don't get him identified, 
and about the last thing I need is someone  via satellite tuning in on
my brainranges in the future, to get data about me or get rid of his

Voting campeign of the future: Not just signs like we just had in the
German election at the side  of the street.
So that driving 50-80 km/h you look to the sides away from traffic as
you were taught to read sings and read "Security instead of Risk.
(Vote) CDU."
To then look back  at the traffic and see what all you flattened while
you read the sign.
And with me old rest-of-concussion MBD partial autist, with my
fractions of  human optical  capacities, until I just know what is up,
that can be looooong....
And the reading of course takes a while, too...

And then in the future they are maybe babbling of frequencies straight
into areas of my brain. Great. Just what I'd need to go completely off
the rocker. The T.V. and other crap beeping shit is driving me short
enough off insane already often and that quite literally referring to
the sane bit, as that stuff seems hell's cancerish if you tune to far
The  same as many of the sense-censored sheep have little inhibitions
to nail all them artificial ranges straight into and through your
systems, if you think the day they find out how to get "buy my
product" in some form into your brain, you might find yourself
mistaken, while the advertising sharks haggle about who might send on
what brains-sector ranges when.

How about you folks consider possible abuse of your data by dictators
and  others before you even try to get it.

>digital image processing, and programming. Candidates need not have all
>of these skills but should be interested in acquiring them.

>Scholarships are available beginning March 1, 1999.

Rather teach the ones who come about the  emotion generators of the
brain than about electrical stuff.
Eg.1,3 and 5 and effects of  cotisol in the brain  as central subects,
many hormones as second most important one, cultural changes as third,

and, if you understood enough about magic till then, how to help
people  hallucinating to tune to other energy ranges,
and other such stuff.

>The University of Auckland  is located in Auckland, New Zealand. 
>Auckland is a cosmopolitan city, with an equable climate, and 
>ready access to a multitude of outdoors activities.

Is it possible to just apply for the bit with the multitude of outdoor
activities?  (Grin ;-)

Though I guess if I ever were in New Zealand in case yoy folks don't
have people into magic in range for me, I'd try to get off to
Australia and try to find tribes or whatever they call themselves who
are into  brainsurfing together, heard rumours that some of them link
in a circle, and (though I am too handicapped to run more than 2 or 3
humans vaguely parallel, and that is already with using someone's
brain as backup for parallel tracking power for  my damaged one)
that'd be one of THE shows for me.
Though looking at head-pictures I saw here my instincts tell me that
tuning might take me longer than even with some people with black skin
from Afica.
One (though that was  a while ago) said they used group-linking for
sort of a hunting radar, and when they had a target, one of the circle
would get up without words being spoken and return with the killed

Schoolarships in Cognitive Electrophysiology 
compared to what I keep hearing from  Australia and India and various
places in America, is not really coming up to that...

An advice: Get your folks to learn what C.Castaneda calls "seeing" and
send them out to brain-interface with shamans and  people  from
Australia and maybe folks  in  India and  other  places, and  to
learn, and to then return, and brainlinked tell each other about what
they learned.

And  then maybe go  for the machine bit, but that for me is not
psychology,  and having "2084" printed over the entrance might not  be

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