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Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Steve Hagelman meetme at theabandoned.warehouse
Thu Oct 1 17:32:28 EST 1998

> I think they already did make the most profound contribution to human
> culture. It is widely supposed that women invented agriculture, and
> turned a lazy 20-hour-hunting week into an overworked 80-hour-farming
> week.

More work yes, but women didn't "invent" agriculture it is thought that
they just did the work.     Agriculture came around after drastic
environmental changes 'caused' by the glaciers melting after the ice age,
the lush big game heavy lands were replaced by woodlands.  Abu Herrera
(sic?) is supposed to be the first to use agriculture.  Shortly after, they
started herding animals.  Women farmed, men herded.  So, to say agriculture
was invented by women is like saying I invented computers because I am
using one (I did invent computers, but that's another story)   It was an
almost inevitable response to changing times,  but it did take some
knowledge of plants to domesticate them, not to belittle them.   If one
person invented it or if it was shared knowledge just put to use due to
necessity is not known.  Regardless, in a sense it was the birth of
science, the first time humans controlled nature rather than just being its

> Our planet won't look as it looks today (i.e. it would look much better)
> if this wasn't ever invented.

We would be uglier though.

> "Late answers are wrong answers!"

sorrysorry catching up.

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