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Time Magazine: WOMAN of the Millennium

Joe Cosby joecosby at hojwuf.seatac.net
Fri Oct 2 04:43:34 EST 1998

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On Thu, 01 Oct 1998 20:50:35 -0700, Jack Andrews wrote about Re: Time Magazine: WOMAN of the Millennium:
> See Below:
> Maynard Handley wrote:
> > In article <36134B8A.8D4FFBA4 at primenet.com>, Jack Andrews
> > <amiga at primenet.com> wrote:
> >
> > > Long thread by a majority of self serving pompous males who declare themselves
> > > the "greatest" What a load of bullshit. One even claimed he "loves"
> > intelligent
> > > women, I guarantee they don't love him with that egocentric male domination
> > > crap. No "intelligent" woman goes for asshole males that sit around and circle
> > > jerk about how "superior" they are. You idiots are living in a dream world of
> > > the turn of the LAST century. I ought to get my wife in here, she'd "rip you
> > > all a new asshole" (an American phrase for "giving you hell") She is a
> > > musician, (with several cds out) an artist, welder, teacher, sculptor, she can
> > > drive our 3/4 ton pickup as good as any male, wield a shotgun, out hike many a
> > > male, garden, was a gourmet chef, a mathematical genius, speak 4 languages
> > > fluently, do carpentry, has worked on a newspaper as editor, cartoonist,
> > > humorist, writes celtic music reviews for a well known New York
> > magazine, is an
> > > expert in world history, Celtic history and literature, a silversmith...and on
> > > and on....and she is not an isolated case of female genius...either.
> >
> > She clearly has you whipped, doesn't she?
> We are eye to eye. No power struggle here. Apparently you must have one going on in
> your mind about women and men, too bad, you miss out on half of life that way.

That reminds me of a great story:

A Taoist priest gets on a boat, and asks the boatman, "Do you KNOW about the TAO?"
The boatman says, "No."  The Taoist says, "AH!  then you have missed out on half
a life!"

There is a storm, the boat is sinking.  The boatman says, "Do you know how to swim?"
The priest says, "No."  The boatman says, "AH.  then you have missed out on ALL of
a life"

What's the point?  there isn't one.

Joe Cosby

Devout member of the Church of Amiga since 1990

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it" - Goethe

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