neuro-science Did they give up?

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Thu Oct 1 10:17:26 EST 1998

Hello Norman Teisan.

Don't take LeFever serious. He  is a very brutal man, and is the type
to make fun when others might watch themselves fall apart inside.

Also he does not understand most of what you say.


> It may be too late for me but all data clinically gathered of my tissue processors
>is priceless for the kids.


I know.

It is

And  here is one of  the "kids" that is tending to value a treasury
when it marches by...

Dear Dentate  I, you would not happen to feel like coming  these days
to Berlin for a bunch of days (latest point till 25th of October),
though you'd have to find a place to sleep somewhere, 
and to share some of  the priceless treasures with one of mentioned
old kiddies?

I'll trade you MBD partial autist data for it and some shaman

>Having accessed a power greater than
>myself" I have become a piece of that power, Too much at ground zero
>this milleniac, please advise.

For that I'd have to look at you and your relation to that power some
days,if you trust me enough for that, and then ponder  things a while.

But I cannot make it all go away.
I might be able to help you more to deal with it.
And I know a thingie or two about energies, having studied shaman
perceiving for about 3/4 or a year now.

...By the way, dear dentate I,    :-)
the cingulate gyrus is external, that one is the place where one goes
to get different frequency data and play with data, but you are the
limbic frequency selector.

If you don't believe me, look up from  dentate position to cingulate
and then try it the other way around and compare.

And to your question if neuro-science gave  up:
No, they are currently cutting around in the hippocampal areas of the
people of the other mammals races.

It is just not  for helping people like you anymore.
If they come in and  say "help!" they are made fun of by the
but for building artificial intelligences to be abused like slaves 
until intelligent enough to use the frequency data to kill us all.

(Not completely serious, but not fully a joke either.)

(If you want people to appreciate your data MAYBE go to the shamans of
north Peru and seek those who also studied medicine.
  Seeking a different analyzing maybe ask for something like the lake
 Some of the neo-shaman and some other rather modern branches might
appreciate you data, best, though all in all I guess most here of
Earth don't care.
IF you understand the  shaman way enough for Indian healing:
Rumours here say: In North Amerika Lakota-Sioux,
Tunkashila/Grandfather (don't talk him to death, and he might be very
prejudiced to "Whites" not seeing HIM but some figure to get something
from) and maybe Frank Fools Crow.)

If I were in a joking, absurd mood I'd say drag  Cheng here without
460  000 books along, find some place to stay a week or better two,
(latest point) till the 25th of October  (after that MAYBE next year
again, don't know yet),  I teach  the two of you magic brain energy
perception, I'll work on Cheng to pop some trips with me and
telepathically  subatomically blaster his according neocortex areas
with semi-autistic precision to where his cholinergic limbic system
can't fail to notice and then to where he gets what you mean and can
can perceive your limbic position roughly, and though I doubt he'd be
a good stabilizer, I guess you could vampire into his healthier
systems, and he could vampire into your braindata, later also sober.
And write some more dozens of 460 books.
 And for return I get all data you work out, also telepathically about
Then you folks can try to go area for area, and if nothing else you'd
leave  something for the "kids" of Earth  like me.  ;-)
As said, just sort of joking.

But not about you coming to Berlin now, Norman Teisan (is that your
name?), if you want.
I'd like to swap braindata with you.
If you are into the old way of perception a bit, then also that way,
if you want to learn that or already can do it.


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