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The World is in the Eye

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 1 10:17:21 EST 1998

"Carsten Agger" <agger at faklen.dk> wrote:

>What is the relation between the physiology of vision and the
>world we see?
Other stuff swings on a different rate.
> Is what wee see a one-to-one representation of
>the world as it "really is", 
No. You just perceive fractions.
>"or is it rather true that our visual world
>is "created" by the ohysiological processes, 
>so that "The World
>is in the Eye":

>A quote: "Dualism, where there is an 'outer world' represented in an 'inner
>world', observed by some type of 'soul', 
I have no soul.

Mainly the sequencer observes and sometimes I.
Guess I could have  eg.1 sort of perceive, but I rarely do that.
Once  did with a friend and he first thought I was scanning him
magically, but checking magically he raeliozed that I was not, and
went real puzzled, and asked  me disquieted what I did, because he
knew  that I was scanning with high intesity, just did not know  what
I was scanning of him.
I had known him a while, and  he had never  seen me do  that 
So it is really rare I do that.

But I guess non-autists do that more and maybe a lot,  but maybe

>operates with observer-independent objects, which the visual system depicts.
Hmmmm....   (ponder...)
Might depend if you look magically or  not and on what ranges.
> As discussed here, vision does not
>depict anything in any traditional sense; 
I guess it is a traditional sense.
Fish already have eyes.

>it constructs a visual world from
>a monstrously tangled puzzle of nerve impulses."
I take it that you are  not into magic perception.

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