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pathology of epilepsy

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 1 10:17:15 EST 1998

>One study suggested that seisures occurred when EEG reading between
>both lobe were perfectly equal.   Since this violates Correlational Opponent
>Processing I do not understand this.

I do not know what correlational opponent processing is.

The other stuff I guess is like a doublestring one a 12-sting guitar,
or maybe like when you lock with another brain and have the
"double-effects", though there with more delays, 
and when the two magic fields are linking, maybe for some reason this
was too much for som cluster(s), and they went pulse-cramping.

>F. Frank LeFever reported a relationship between brain damage and epilepsy.
I guess what comes is not distributed to so many clusters so they ight
overload faster.
And when it is one which makes many baby ones to make up for it after
the corpses of the old dead cells are removed and maybe some times
then the babies can't do like the big ones yet, and it is not natural
for the areas to have so many babies, I believe normally they do not
get "born" in these amounts.
But that with the cell-babies is just my belief,
and that they need months to net in with the old ramained cells well
and learn from them, and dendrite and axon up and chemicaly get used
inside to power along with their older sisters..

When I had the feeling to have the baby ones coming, in those  months
I was very careful, because I did not want to injure them, but after
several months they seemed to have done "growing up / in".

And a bit more than a year after damages the glia seemed to be far
enough for axoning.

What do you think the front  half of the cingulate gyrus is to do with
Or with emotions?

>In Correlational Opponent Processing the goal is to create balance with
>in coming stimulation by forming anti-wavelet memory to that stimulation.
I do not know about anti-wavelet memory, but maybe it would know to
help the sector, might be one I do not know.
Where? Or  is that about artificial stuff and not about the brain?

And where is the Correlational Oppononent Processing done?

>When the brain is perfectly balanced with EEG reading 
Is that possible?
Before the conussion left front.cing had 3-4 times the power of the
right ones, and right worked different from left, but  then again the
magician transforming my brain for magic made quite a bunch of
comments about my brain being rather weirdm especially about the right
half, so I would not know, might just be mine, which in average feels
1/3 not human anyway.
But I'd  say having been linked with about 100 human brain that is not
the same in all brains anyway.
Some are real weird concerning inner balances.
I do not know if  for their brainhalves it does not matter so much to
run that different, but mine do not like it if they strongly do it too
But that seemed rare.

>it would suggest that it has accomplished this goal.
What's goal?

I am at a loss.
What we call "Balken"?

>   LeFever's post suggest to me another possibility.  
If he uses "memory" I'd  be careful, unless he is 100%  not

>What is observerable does not necessarily reveal the underlining dynamics.   
What are dynamics?

>When we stare at the color green, the brain  is in balance after a few minutes 
Tone coming to mind is:"Uuhshh."
And: "Ahhm - no".
Try it with artificial light bright green or a traffic light.
I am too tired at the moment to  think that one though.
I know that in some woods you'd  be right, but it depends on lot.
Not to  do just with the colour.
But that is very complex.
Also I met one who made some magical ranges into green and another
one, that for me were translated as  blue.
I do not exclude that green might be among the newer ones, and not the
same in all brains.

That might be because in space it is seems not green, and that green
is galactically young?
I do not know.

>and has habituated to the stimulus.
>However, when the stimulus is removed a strong rebound or opponent
>reaction occurs resulting in perceiving red.   Now lets apply this
>to epilepsy.  

My brain refuses to.
You can do so,  but my brain finds no matching data.
So therefore I will not apply it.

Unless I see someome looking at a green leaf and getting an epileptic
fit after closing his eyes after a while, and when back telling me
that it had to do with that.

> Brain damage would have created problems
>in the neuological wiring.   
Well, that one in some areas to me seems rather flexible.
The tricky bit seemed more: How do you cast out axons with the glia
gone?  Basically that they are there the way they are supposed  to
to me seems more relevant.
And that the wholes between  the  cells are not too big.
No "scarland". That is bad.

That is for me the big damage Frank talked about, if I'd transform it
to what it means to  me, not in his way.

>When the EEG readings are perfect it suggest
>the brain has learned to handle that problem.   

"It has the perfect green!"
"Aha,"said the chameleon.
And  shifted colour.
"Odd,  now it is different. Ah, it has two!"
"Fool", thought the Chameleon and shifted back to annoy the watcher,
so he'd think he was right.
Convinced  that his  theory was right, he wallked away, proud of his
And came to a traffic light. It went from gree to  the other colour.
"Oh, they are  the same! I figured it out!"

Meanwhile, as all were gone, and there was no reason to adapt, the
chameleon, out of all's sight, had gone to it's colours.

>A strong rebound effect 
What is that?

>or opponent reaction as a new (red) stimulus comes in, could be enough to
>cause a seisure.
I do not say that it is impossible, but where did you hear that
natural green and maybe red can cause this?
Of how many cases have your heard?

>Ron Blue

When the beeping rhythm of artificial devices or also blinking lights 
is too slow or  too fast, that seemed whatever into the  epileptic
pre-stage;  they needed to be within a certain rhythm range.

One hard overload though can cause damages that are related.

Don't recall right, too long ago, but guess after one the according
area'd  be faster to overload to artificial pulse rhythms.

Also if it recently did to those.


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