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pathology of epilepsy

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 1 10:17:06 EST 1998

>flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) wrote:

>  Some people at Medical
>College of Virginia have been working quietly away at stuff I consider
>very important.  With sagittal rather than medial fluid percussion they
>can get, depending on degree of impact, selective slight hippocampal
>damage OR no histologically observable damage but with longterm
>behavioral/cognitive effects.  
Yes,  that fits, that you'd find something that comletely warped and
psychologiclly sick as damaging I-areas of others, very important.
That really fits you Frank.

You are one of the most pervert persons I encountered in my entire

Though unlikely I hope that someone will catch you, tie you down, and
do so to your I-areas, and I'd like to watch it, to see how "important
work" you find it.
That would be my personal pleasure.

I think for that one I'd even pop a trip to watch you YOU are damaged
inside, and ask whoever does it to wait until I have you within
telepathic focus and can enjoy the show.

There are very few mammals of Earth where I'd like something like
that, and you are one.
with longterm

and if someone could stick you into a cage, and could have some camera
attached to watch the 
> longterm behavioral/cognitive 
damages from here,
that'd be even worth switching on a T.V. monitor, believe I have not
done so in moths, but you I could watch for hours in such fashion.

Would  give me a deep satisfiction while reading your old posts about
delighting into other people being imprisoned and mutilated.

>I believe they have looked at GABA
>changes, but much of their work has focused on cholinergic changes.
>...not much difference between "mild" and "moderate" in
>this regard, but big difference between them and "severe".  Possibly
>just an artifact of classification rules, but maybe---??  Any ideas?
How about I apply according neuro-methods to you and you tell  me,
 in case you still can you tell me?

If you can't anymore, I'll could stick some acid into you and me and
come "looking" a bit, so don't you worry, even if you were squished
for good, it'd not  be lost completely.

If  you really want to  know go for it.
If you don't dare to yourself, leave other people alone.

I regret  that people like you people-torturer exist.

This could  be  a nice  world without you and neuros and others like
And here in the moonlands many of the non-ruler-branches value the
shamans a lot, so that I assume that if you were all gone then I could
learn here as I should following my inner call, and have questions
like these seriously discussed and directly, the way serious mental
healers have done for  thousands of years.

And not some sickos damaging other peoples brain, but people who if
they were to kill another at all, than one who spent his life in
freedom, and they would apologize and not enjoy it and maybe do it for
food, but not for sicko games in other peoples' brains.

It  is no wonder that NONE of them seems ever to have wanted  to
transfer magical data into your brain.

The mroe I learn about you, the more I understand why for decades the
others prefer to let you unknowing.

I wish people would stick all in a cage who did so to others, and all
who did anything in another's brain would that have done to them.

That should neatly terminate all the real sickies out and leave the
one who are not too pervert, to finally work seriously on healing and
balancing, and not sicko games abusing other people.

You are serious surpassing black magicians I heard of.
They might take one and a few people, but usually withing some hours
their victim is dead, and  they drink the blood or whatever, and then
are finished for a while, meaning many days, weeks, months or more.

You enjoy in watching your victims  days, weeks, months or more.

>>... it is intriguing that trauma can have such specific effects... 

If it would be my absurd day I'd find it intriguing 
that someone can find 
causing other people trauma 
and mutilating them 

>> elicit LTP ... with primed-burst protocols,
What does that mean?

>>  It's not surprising that there might be differences
>>between LTP evoked by the traditional "sledgehammer" tetanic protocols
>>and the that evoked by primed bursts.
>>Now I'm just waiting for the inevitable posts deriding me for hitting
>>animals with sledgehammers. 

I do not see what is Cheers about that. You are an animal.

You hippocampus is a place where you are, like all of us mammals.

You are worse and for me less worth than most people of  the other

If I had the choice between  the life of one of the people of the
other mammal races and your life, with the exception of some mice with
nearly all it would be yours, as I'd consider them more worthy people
than you.

>...during development of chronic epilepsy, and after
>prolonged exposure to GABAR agonists. Here we report the development of
>rapid functional plasticity of GABARs occurring 

>over 45 min of continuous seizures (status epilepticus) in rats. 

>Seizures induced in rats by administration of lithium 

>followed by pilocarpine were readily terminated by the benzodiazepine diazepam when administered early during the seizures
>(after 10 min of seizures). 
>However, during status epilepticus, there was
>a substantial reduction of diazepam potency for termination of the
>seizures. To determine whether the loss of sensitivity of the animals 
Like you are an animal, though less far  than all rats I met so far.
>to diazepam  was caused by an alteration of GABAR functional properties, we 


>whole-cell GABAR currents from hippocampal dentate granule cells 

>isolated acutely from control rats 
>and from rats undergoing status epilepticus.

> We conclude that the prolonged seizures 

>of status epilepticus

> rapidly altered the functional properties of hippocampal dentate granule cell GABARs. 

WE certainly don't conclude that.
I conclude that several other people where tortured up to 45 minutes
And with concluding stopped and how exactly you "obtained".

Apart from conclusions still running, requesting the systems to tell
me what it is like to have someone do something as sick as that to me
45 minutes.

I do not think I will go for the full time nor too far in
simulating-commands to other areas, as one seems to indicate that that
would be pretty bad there.

You did not take women for  that, did you?

>and here's the abstract for a Soltesz paper 

>Instantaneous perturbation of dentate interneuronal networks by a 

What  is a wave-transient, how does it function?

>delivered to the neocortex.

>Toth Z, Hollrigel GS, Gorcs T, Soltesz I
>Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine,
>California 92697, USA. 

>Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings and immunocytochemical experiments were


>to determine the short- and long-term effects 
>of lateral fluid percussion head injury 
>on the perisomatic inhibitory control of dentate granule cells in the adult rat, 

In which adult rat?
Who do you mean?
I never met to persons from their people who had the same personality,
and also there seemed to be difference to male and female ones, and
wether they had had children or  not and so on.

Some of their people I did not like at all, and others I liked quite a
bit, and some were sort of neutral for me.

That sounds like saying "THE adult human" as if the age and the person
made zero differences.

Someone I know held several of of their people prisoner, and I also
met some where a human (often punkies also using  sense-enhancers) and
a rat person were friends, and I never met two of their people alike.
Vastly differing personalities.

I do not understand how one can generalize different people that much.

>with special reference to the 


>of trauma-induced hyperexcitability. 

Dark lol.

>One week after the delivery of a single, moderate (2.0-2.2 atm) mechanical pressure wave to the neocortex,

>the feed-forward inhibitory control of dentate granule cell discharges was
>compromised, and the frequency of miniature IPSCs was decreased.
>Consistent with the electrophysiological data, the number of hilar parvalbumin (PV)-
>and cholecystokinin (CCK)-positive dentate interneurons supplying the
>inhibitory innervation of the perisomatic region of granule cells was

>weeks and months after head injury. 

>... indicating that the pressure wave-transient causes 
>injurious physical stretching and bending of most cells that are large and not
>tightly packed in a cell layer. These results reveal for the first time that
>moderate pressure wave-transients, triggered by traumatic head injury
>episodes, impact the dentate neuronal network in a unique temporal and spatial pattern,

Oh, how uniquely imapctingly  impressive.

>resulting in a net decrease 
>in the perisomatic control of granule cell discharges. 


I am sure the people it was done to 

were real cheered

in the weeks and  months 
after part of the was crippled.

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