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Budding neurologist

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 1 17:47:44 EST 1998

>> Cheng, what are peripheral receptor potentials, how do they come to be
> and why are they called peripheral?
>>These would come the already accepted neurophysiology:  peripheral pain,=
> pressure, vision, sound. . . receptors,etc.   
Can they perceive photons?

>> >receptor potentials (electrons generated at
>> >  the site of peripheral stimulation are directly transported)
>> >  along the nerve pathways all the way up into the central
>> >  sensorineurons,
>> How do they react  inside?
>A good question.  However, it is certain that the incoming nerve
>impulses do interact and activate the central cortical sensorineurons
>for perception to  occur.  
>Only because this interaction occurs has
>sensing occurred. 
> It has to be considered a subatomic event 
Yes and then also  no.
>giving rise to a sensation of the incoming electromagnetic particles.  =
Explain the electro and  the magnetic bit.
>> >thus preserving
>> How?
>> >the electromagnetic information
>> >  in a stimulus-specific fashion for sensation and memory
>> >  formation.
>Electromagnetic particles can be easily stored subatomically. =
And how long?

>> Cheng, I somewhere mentioned some candle-flame game telepathically
>> linked. Maybe try it. Then think about it physically.
>>Telepthy is only one of the phenomena but relying on it to prove memory =
>and the mind would be fatal: none would believe it! =
You are an idiot.
(Semi -offer  elseplace concerning perceiving withdrawn.)
You did not even  understand  what  I mean, and  then babble about
proving as if I were a sense-censored neuro  and would  have  to care.
Well, maybe some year  or decade  you will understand the meaning.
>> >  Insofar as memory goes, it is not something as simple as stating
>> >  "since light exists in quanta form, memory is also quanta."
>> What are the differences and  what is quanta?
>> >Not only must it be proven that such photons directly enter into the
>> >  brain to be so sensed,
>> Why must it be proven?
>Unless it's conclusively proven, it is not yet a scientific fact, memory
>would not have been found yet: not there, not reused, not proving and
>accounting for functions, therefore no memories. =
Yeah,  and  next I prove that there actually is a way I remember this
language a bit stoned.
That  is the difference between you and me: I do not have to prove
anything,  neither where my left little toe is  not the front
computer, nor  eg.3, nor have to tell the Frankensteins anything on
any of  the taboo areas, nor about the dear memory they might be
So maybe  mine can sit in my brain, and if I drop dead, they would not
now how to get it, and then it is gone. Und tschuess!  Nix 2084.

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