Why is this thread still here? (meta)

Drox drox at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 3 00:51:08 EST 1998

Alan L.M. Buxey wrote:

> i just want to know what the **** this has to do with the Amiga
> computing system......or looking at the cross-post line,
> neuroscience, artificial intelligence etc

Nothing, really.  But the thread was begun by Mentifex, and he/she/it
seems to post to this cluster of groups a lot.  This particular thread
has spread like wildfire (or like a really successful meme, as I try
desperately to make this thread relevant to at least ONE of the
participating groups), probably due to an early introduction of
ccontroversy, in this case centering on whether male European-derived
humans are more influential, over millenial time scales, than other
types of humans.  Dogmatic sorts (guilty!) can't bear to let their
opposition get the last word in, so the thread grows and expands
unchecked.  Amiga advocates (and other readers) can ordinarily let it
slide, but when it swells huge and glaringly off-topic some are
compelled to ask why it's encroaching on their turf.  Their requests
that the thread not be posted to their group may be one of the few
things that eventually limits the expansion of the MUTANT MESSAGE THREAD
OF DOOM.  Either that or the zealots run out of arguments and/or find
new battles to engage in.  Oh well.  This too shall pass.


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