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neuro-science Did they give up?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Oct 2 22:17:33 EST 1998

>Also Cijadrachon does not understand most of what Dr. LeFever says."
Not all within the areas I do not know, for about a dozen, yes.

>Real men 
Was it The Guide or some other something else talking about the time
where real men were  still real men and  real furry  little  aliens
still real furry little aiens ...?   ;-)

>of science have studied their 
I guess I should have  said "a  dozen  of  my  subjects"? Though that
would not fit.

>in a serious way, 
I  have  notice  the lack of humour.

But some of the other branches  fanaticilly  into stuff  to do with
the  mind to quite an extent  have that, too.
Maybe not as much as the mammal torturer, but still pretty bad.

>and didn't suck their knowledge out of their thumbs 
No, other unconsenting people's  brains.

>like some around in this NG are
>continuously sucking out of their toes pure NONSENS,
Have you ever tried to access your toes?
Then  you might have noticed that there are  different accessing ways
and that their readings tend to be quite  correct.
But  maybe with your not.

>and this  sickening noise is different from the music that academic science
Let me guess, that of mammals in cages?
Or the sound when cutting around  in the brain of another who never
had  consented?

Or  the noise when within telepathy, maybe on sense-enhancers, you
want to  hear, too, and  tune up to the according ranges to get
blastered by the T.V. and other ranges into cancer red alert, some
starting to retch like in puking if they did the mistake to tune
there  in  the  powerful sense-enhancers while trancended?

For all I know neurology is such sense-censored Catholic sheep that
they are now  proclaiming data of  the druids for new, lol!

While Indian  shamans of America mind-communicate via distances of
hundreds of kilometers, neuro has  managed to establish there are
different waves  and different energies in the brain; my, I am

Science,  the "scire" from 7000 years ago proclaimed as new...

>Of course, Dr. Frank LeFever perfectly realizes, as many of us do, that not
>all humans are able to appreciate music.

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