MSA & CBGD - Desperately seeking answers.

Stephen B. Kimble xbow at
Sat Oct 3 21:07:01 EST 1998

Multiple Systems Atrophy and Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration

My sister has been diagnosed with these.
She has been to Mayo and John Hopkins.

Does anyone on this newsgroup know
of any treatment which might be effective
at stopping or reversing MSA & CBGD?

My sister and her husband have lived, and
traveled all over the world including
East and West Europe, Asia, and Central
and South America.
I have wondered while traveling in England
if she ate contaminated beef or while in
Hong Kong and India are there diseases
or viruses unique to those areas which
could cause this degeneration?

Are there any leads anyone could give me
to point me in the right direction?  I have
very basic knowledge of biology and a 2-year
degree in Chemical Technology.

My sister Jean is in Arkansas and I am

Jane Kimble
in West Virginia
xbow at

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