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Budding neurologist

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 3 03:39:30 EST 1998

wej3715 at scully.tamu.edu (Walter Eric Johnson) wrote:

>Cijadrachon (cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de) wrote:
>: Dear  Budding Neurologist,  this might be part of your aspired future:
>: >wej3715 at fox.tamu.edu (Walter Eric Johnson) wrote:
>: >K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
>: >: Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
>: >: > K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
>: >: > Eric Johnson
>: >: If that is your definition of a "kook,"  I am not one either. However,
>: >: don't you think you call me a "kook" in that restricted sense too
>: >: early?  How do you know I do not wish to contribute  to knowledge? I
>: >: just said that I have a 10.5 hour video coming out to make it
>: >: comprehensible to even high school students.    Why you want to jump to
>: >: conclusions when you don't know enough to esteem me, much less paying me
>: >: the right esteem you give to Einstein?
>: 1 point for unrealism, 1 for eg.3 imbalances and a bunch for
>: megalomania. 
>I assume you are deducting said points.  Or are those "kookiness" points?

I do not think that word would be in my pretty old and not very  good
dictionary.  ?

The points you get  by taking  phi  times "aiming over your  thumb"
and smothing the results via the goof tables.

>I find it hard to take anyone seriously who takes Carlos Castaneda

He did not understand a lot  of his source(s) and from there some was
quite wrong, too, but he managed to repeat a lot,  though he  did not
understand it.
Take The Art Of Dreaming.

As far as I recall  I did not  read all of it but in the parts I read
most of the time he did not  understand the intructions and did other
stuff that I  found interesting  in itself, but still repeated a  low
of the instructions the correct way.

And that I find remarkable about him.

Sometimes when reading his stuff and his source mentions  something
that I am after and  then he does not track it bit  goes on for
eternities about starter stuff that if you are into sense-enhancers
like LSD is rather obvious, as mesc and other stuff  might be
different, but there are alikenesses concerning sense-enhancing
powers, then I could  sometime shout "you imbecile Westie fail-product
of sense-censored deeducation"  or something like that at him, but all
in all he is not doing that bad, and taking magic per pages factor
the ones I got of him are interesting, though I just have three, as
the starting ones did not sound that interesting to me.
Tales of Power for example are that.

I heard from Tensegrety that he  got complaint  from across the planet
from different magic branches for hammering  out secret data about
magic to people where he  did not even know  if they were really far
enough for that.

On the other hand I  guess he was  bright enough to explain a lot the
way that if you do not do what he says  or know already  enough about
it, that a lot you will simply not  get.

And I know that he was not that far in some things, though much
further than I in some others.
Take the bit about the last secret in Tales of Power:

Not just the own clusters.
Theoretically also in another head.
>If you have any references to thousand year old papers on 
>the synapses, please post them whenever and wherever relevant.

Given how high the chances are that someone actually has some odd
transmitter defect, that makes that one is not produced  removed  or
whatevered at all or not the correct way,
I do not htink that ever was of interest.
And the magical stuff is transferred magically, straight from brain to
brain telepathically. People like  the druids and shamans and from
what one hears some  in Australia and other places I guess never had
the idea to write that down.
It would not make sense.
That is like trying to make something 3-D  2-D or 2-D trying to
explain a pyramid's insides.

Also why would you write down secret  data?
So any idiot can get it or  what?

If you have it anyway, then you have it.
The people you chose to teach  magic you insturct personally for
decades. Or  at least  in many of the old systems  that was or still
is so.

I do not think anyone ever had the idea to be that interested in
transmitter, more  in what happens if you stick drugs in and what you
can reach with that.

Maybe if yo have nothing to do such idea, rather  irrelevant thingies
for healing are of importance, but  most magicians I guess are more
into how to get hundreds of kilomters far  or how to heal, and for
that the little sizzling stuff is important.

A synapse  would  be the zone between the two.
In the brain you can sort of get vaguely cell clusters in, sort of
like vague points-sectors, I heard of one who got a bit bunch of axons
in at onces like distant light-lines if I recall right, but I do not
know how you would get a synapse in. 

Nor really what that would be good for.
Already targetting a cell cluster in what you call cingulate I would
risk damaging mine, they do not seem to appreciate to be docked to
with my central force.
Even if I could target a single cell I am not sure if I would.
I might be afraid  to grill it.
It is not meant so.

It is meant to give instructions  via many  axons  and using the magic
fields to the other  areas.

It is not meant to  with the power  of the central grill into one
single axon or cell of a sector.

That might be why no one did.

And  just one question:
How do you get into the gap?

Try to get  the magical capacities for that, and when  you have them I
sure would be intersted  in  a linking and transfer  of  the according
But we start on your side, and you aim into your gaps, not into mine.

Might take me some  hours to get the sector even  vaguely sharp enough
and a bunch of days or weeks to transfer, though...

As I guess it might take you some decades,  as from all you say you
have not even understood  yet, what Castaneda means with "seeing",
I guess I'd have to wait a while....

But while you advance you will find out why the interest for that was
comparitively small.

And just for the unlikely caes you take it  serious: I recommend front
half cingulate areas for practicing. 
They are sort of  in front - above  of the own door and I call that
region "my playground".
There you can powerfully restructure to your needs a lot, though you
should take some regards to not taking systems too  much  and not
going too far away  from human, or  you might join the autist club...

I am nor sure how to do  it.

My first guess would be to take a real big area, so that  you don't
overload it centrally sort of parking there, and  then you just
practice going smaller and smaller a lot.
Then you axon out there, and they might poewr up to meet your needs.

Once you  have built yourself the right highways to comfortably park
there and play there, it narrow down, but watch that you don't hurt
themm as then it might be like where they talk in this room about
epilepsy, that they get more sensitive once hurt for a looooong time.

If yo umake such an  area, make it more to the middle and start out
maybe on both sides.

My playground used to hate it when I targeted one side and ignored the
Maybe not as bad as making them run different, but maybe not wise.
Guess if you were to sort of do as if you look at two fingers apart
evenly, and  then more to one but not ingoring the other completely,
then that might be easier for cingulate.

Then you can try to find out if it works and how long it takes you to
get there,
and once you found out how long it takes,

you'll get an idea  why the non-torturing ones likely never had the
idea to go for something as irrelevant for  that.

Many were the physical and mental healer and religious leader of
their people,
they had a lot to do and to know,
and not  such idle stuff to be out for.
And the chances that someone really has something wrong there and you
can't just cure it by logging into the sector parallel and evening out
whatever your according sector deems wise,
do not sound as high to me,  that someoe would bother.

I believe they  were more  after having the powers and  skills for the
tuning.     :-)

>As far as Cheng's honesty?  He claims to have all these great
>things he has discovered (460 volumes worth!) but everything
>he posts is pure, unadulterated crap.  
He is further than most in this room in some stuff.

>Would you call such claims "truthful"?

Maybe  I am not good enough in English, as to  me what you said about
snake  stuff sounded as if  you accuse him  to cheat other on
intention,  and he believes into what he does, and in that he is
truthfull, and what the whole truth is, few know. 

He said that he can prove some of  what  he wrote about, and at  least
with some that would be possible.

Only that what he writes about is ot even as far  as starter levels
of energy-telepathy concerning energies.

>: Thou  shouldst work on they widom more (like me, too;-)
>I'd hardly call taking LSD "working on wisdom". 
It is. It is one of  the most  powerful ways to work on it.
If you are not wise, you'll likely crash, the less wise the more.
LSD  is the type of drug weeding out the unwise quite drastically.
Some might hop  out the next window, others might psycho-crash...

> Anything but that, actually.

What it is not good for is what you  call the frontal cortex whatever,
the part of it that I call front  computer.
That one suffers  a lot  from it.

Minus a big big bunch on intelligence I might say to a

Though I do not know if that is to do with the stuff they are mixed
with here in Berlin, it is also medium bad for the kidneys.

There are a  lot  of changes in the basolateral part of  the amygdala,
but I am not sure  with me  if  they are good or bad, I have not
decided that yet, and I am too unhuman concerning stuff to do with
that, so there I guess I am too different to  really say in general.

I take it that you do  not know LSD  well.

All hwo have taken  LSD long  thta I know have a wisdom that is above
You simply don't  take  higher amounts  of LSD often, without having
or getting it, or you very fast  crash and  then maybe stop taking it.

>In other words, intent is lacking?  In reality, he is not honest
>with himself 
Are you?
Who is?

>...and if he is not honest with himself, how can he be
>honest with the rest of the world?

See above.

And some people might know where they are not  honest  with
themselves, but still know that they  are not there and might simply
eveade there when with others, without being dishonest to good

>: To the opposite if someone were to ask me how many hours of work he
>: has put into the thing, I do not exclude  that the price is low if you
>: were just seeing the working hours.
>But effort is no measure of value. 
On another level it is, that you do not  understand.

If  it were  for me  if  Cheng was to ever die  in an  age without
thieves, I'd say stick a glass house nearby with all his works in
there and some couch to read and stuff to watch his stuff...

Acually with quite some graves such a room with them  would be
interesting for me.

> If it was, the downfall of Hitler's Third Reich would be considered a great travesty because
>of all the effort he and others put into creating it. 
If  people had not  been such idiots  they would have learned from it.
Instead they are heading there again.
Germany is wasting a lot of money to try to be first in the EEC, the
modern KZ is called Landeskrankenhaus, geschlossene Psychiatrie,
and most people do like sheep what they are told, and don't nother as
long as they are not bothered.

The CDU, sticking  you men into a cage when they refuse to be their
slaves for a year, and maybe work in their army and be the ruling's
force, had some advertising thingie with a young soldier, distracating
your attention from driving away from the humans on the street, to
read "Freedom"... or another one "Safety intead of Risk" .. while you
drive 50km/h and read their shit at the sides posted where you were
taught to look out for signs important for traffic.
There are people here sio grrdy to  rule  others that they stick their
image-heads to places where looking at them could cost other real
heads  their life while you drive.

And the sheep just watch.
5-sensed, of course.

A modern Hitler could take over here faster than you might think.
Same soon going for the USA. 

Most have not learned.

They have learned to be master race was bad, 
to be first world  is good. 

I believe the only thing that would  bother some for real is if you
were to make a law forbidding the ownership of video-machines and

Anything short of that would not be important.


> Instead, we must measure value by other means which may be much harder to
Laotse.... who  wants to measure  needs to understand  the scales...
...Hot and cold are of a bigger...
Ever looked magically at the "scales"?
..The more you know the more  you know how little you know...

> By other measures of value, Cheng's life work may very
>well be worth less than if he had spent his life cleaning out
>pig pens.
No,  it is more worth that way, as a pig does not  belong into a pen
nor ne forces to remain in the own shit.

And Cheng's life is worth the same whatever he does from the point of
You are  judging a person not for being a person.
And seem to believe that you can judge  the value of another life.

It might be the value that it has for you.

But if  you are eating people like pigs and are for people being in
prisons, then for me already in comparison to pigs my value is set.

For a lot of people their life is worth what their life is worth for

A lot into the mind or outside but busy with it, there is a reason why
they are that fanatically after  it.

>: >If you really had something of value, you could publish it in
>: >the peer-reviewed journals.
>: Who apart from some Westies would do that?
>: I know a few who sit on an enticing mound of data that I have been
>: laying siege to for a while, but alas, they seem about as willing as a
>: stubborn dragon weighing a ton that you  try to drag by his tail from
>: the pile to depart with it or at least share the treasure.
>I'd seriously question whether that "enticing mound of data" was 
>anything other than "rotten eggs" if all they do is sit on it.  I
>can see that for commercial reasons, someone might not share their
>results outside of their company.  

You are thinking too Westie.

Do you think a powerful magician or some brainsurfer  with sector data
that just he has and has no  interest in you folks having, is  going
to simply  hop around going "I have  it, I have it!"?

And let's say if I find  a mound of data enticing, then I do have my

And with rotten eggs  there is a trick  to let eggs swim on water  and
watch if they sink or  float...

Concerning data, as long as you are not a sickie, would  you tell the
sickies where to go gutting around in the brains of people of  the
other races?
It is enough to tell them that we are in the cholinergic limbic
systems and that they are wrong to cut in people of the other mammal
races there.

If they go on anything past that shows that it is not to help people
but to maim and make little ALs or something like that.

They do not  een use telepathy, and no one I know of the telepaths
would want to share brains long enough with a sicko cutting around in
other people non-consenting. 

That  would be like asking a magic healer to dock with an evil one to
give him  data.

I do  not know about your  place but here in Germany it there are very
few people who are into magic, and I only met very few, and they rae
not  the kind to  tromp around proclaiming  it.
There has been and to an extent still is  persecution of magic here.

The ones I met communicate magically.

If you can understand magic, then they might dock with you.

Same as  you might not discuss art with someone blind and proud of
being blind and with his blind's stick pocking around in rats' eyes,
to examine them with his fingers,
to learn more about seeing  that way.

>: Two  I know are studying stuff not to do with neuro, are jobbing at
>: the same time to finance their flat in Berlin (prices are not that
>: cheap here) and food, insurance and so on, might go shopping in
>: between, do the laundry, their mail, bring back stuff to the library,
>: learn alone or with a friend for a test, work around on some
>: computerstuff, and maybe play a computer game or see friends when they
>: finally  have a bit of  time, to  relax at least a bit.
>It doesn't sound like they're doing any serious research.

They work on what they study, but that is not neuro.

The one into bio  said something that I do not recall right, sounded
like the (???)phylogenese  being  sorted wrong or something like that,
I have forgotten, 
I just  know  that it meant that the groups of the living beings
according to her opionion should  be put together in different groups
in many cases, and that she thought a new system should be made with
more correct groupings of  them, and that that back then was one of
her dreams of doing in her life.
And she had her a  lot of her place crammed with books about animals,
bacteria, biostuff, and often  was on the computer with a stack of bio
books next to her,
so  I guess whatever  it was, it can't just  have been idle doing

>And which branch is that?  Most people think I'm interested in too
>many areas.
(Definitely  something Westie.)
Which ones?

>: >: I can refund you academics
>: >: if you're not satisfied that it's proven beyond the slightest scientific
>: >: doubt.  
>: Minus one snake oil bag for Johnson
>Cheng seems to be under the impression that we should spend a huge 
>amount of effort going through everything he has written and that
>anything short of that is very unfair to him.  He seems to think
>that his 460 volumes are so great that everyone should drop what
>they are doing and read them -- that it is our duty to hear him
>out.  In reality, it is his duty, if he wishes to be heard, to
>convince us that what he says is worth our time and effort.  So
>far, all his arguements have had exactly the opposite effect. 

I don't  think  he  has to convince you.
I guess if someone has something interesting enough people will know.

In my eyes concerning what Cheng studies you and neuro  are further
back than he is, so that is why he is so upset it, telepathically
regarded  he did not even get the basics yet.
And I am still  at the  basics  there and must say that where he is,
within telepathy you could  be ways further within a  week if  you
are  good.

And also I sit on my little mound of rotting eggs as well, and they
have  been rotting nearly two years and too many were squished back
but if  I look at what  is left there is still enough that I can judge
a bit about other mounds. 
That's like  having played  chess and after a concussion not being
able to do much anymore, but still  able to follow games a bit.
Though maybe stuttering when asked to explain your thoughts about  it
or your hand not coordinated right from the brain if trying to lifting
a piece and it drops.

In other words just that I said that I'd like to watch Frank guessing
about memory does not mean I know zero, though I do not  think that
until know it ever has interested me overly much, apart from the
candle  game.

And  the candle game I want another player for for other reasons.

>I suspect that Cheng's pet cat understands the brain better than
>he does.  
Well, has to, to get at food.

The human can openers and carressing machines that you graciously
allow to  live in your  territory occasionally need  to be thought
into to be reminded of  their proper functions.

>: <stupid magic stuff snipped>

(I know that I am a starter and too handicapped for most areas of
magic to EVER learn much there.)

>: >Experience rapidly teaches one that someone who is not highly
>: >knowledgeable about a scientific discipline is extremely unlikely
>: >to be correct when asserting that the current theories are wrong.
>: B.s.
>: The ones who know nothing about them I often like best.
>Does whether you like them have any bearing on the matter?

I have never  thought much about that I guess.

Hmmm. I guess if I would hate them, I might  hate to slime to them too
much to get at their data,  and if they'd surfed  each sector singly.
(Overdone, never heard of that,  most  just can do  a few.) 

I guess a lot of bearing if I meet one on the net has spelling.
The worse, the better.
Basically when I get the  impression  their  language structurer seems
like a cell-crippled ruin linked to with the far fewer axons of a
less-celled central,
but given the damaged front computer, what is said  still sounds like
a very logical and self-critical person,
and then they tel me  they go brainsurfing on LSD,
these are  what you might term  the golden eggs for me.

If they stick a blockerp-drug into that, and then go sector-surfing
and analyzing, yesssss....

>: They are not rotten by  dumb theories, but simply point at their head,
>: and tell me how deep in from there and what that does there.
>In other words, nothing matters but halucination?  
Maybe you are,  I did not say that.

But sometimes I do not know, because I could never perceive there,
and was too lazy to check beuro stuff.

Since we are at that:

How do the neuros call the area from the top of left ear just
minimally more forwards more forwards, from there about 4 cm up, to
where there is sort of the skull bulging out a bit, there 1 cm inside.

Also: Where from  that point is  the next data canal channeling in
data from the other side of the brain  +  name?
Where from there is the nearest connection (+ name) towards centers
to do with hearing of the left side?

>: While many shamans and others have been linking via  hundreds and
>: sometimes far more kilometers for ages, neurology has discovered
>: recently that there are  different fields in the  brain and is
>: puzzling about their  meanings.
>Citations, please.

Stay longer  in this room and you will get will get them.
I am not going  through all old posts  to find out who babbled about
different forms of  energies in sectors last and wondered about that.

Idries Shah in some  book even talked about a bloke magically  reading
headlinesof the Times, from India in England in a time with no phone
nor satellite  nor the like, and that when the Times came (by ship, if
I recall right)  it was correct. I do not know if  that one is true,
but if so that's a  stunner.
Heard from and  met enough people having met distance telepaths with
planet-wide sending powers to  their partner or friends  oir
colleagues, but reding the times across  the  planet is sort of one
where I really wonder.
The point of getting from India to  England I can still understand a
little, as I have "seen" (the way C Castaneda means, though not
dream-ranges, but more brain ones) enough people "leaving their body",
but how the hell you get a paper  sharp and the read  black on white
not even in your own language  likely, that one is a riddle to me.
I guess theoretically it is possible, as I see  no reason why  not,
but practically to practice till being able to get to  tune in that
far away with such detail, ...wuaoh.
So that's where I do not know. 

Also I do not know India, I never linked brain-energies with someone
from India. With some people with black skin I needed 3-4 times
longer to tune to them and there were far  more signals that I did not
get than usually, and a Roma (reknown for magic here) who had grown up
here in Germany, the secong time I showed her magic perception  stuff,
wen through the ceiling with her energies, and  when she came back and
I asked where she had been, she told be that she had been in space.
I have never seen enything like her energy ranges  before, they  were
distinctly different  from the usually  rather crippled German  ones
I had linked with and also  distincly different from those of people
with black skin.
She claimed that some of her ancestors likely had to do  with India as
well, and I do not know enough about the Roma to know if that might be
so or not.
And I do not know how  much differences there are between the peoples
of  Earth within  magic perception.

Therefore even if you read  about someone doing something or a whole
bunch of  people from one related genetic group doing something, that
does not mean that oneself can do it.

And I have wondered long if the magic skills of  the peoples had to do
with genetical  aspects as  well.
I have seen some  people places in Africa with black skin with a skull
so huge where the parietal cortex was, and even  the occipital area
seeming a bit bigger, that I would not bet a gummy bear on that there
are no differences to magic capacities to do with such stuff.

Basically the sources here in neuro or in India or America or
whereever interest me considerably less than brainsurfing with seven
each of a people, and also having magicians  from their people give
tasks out to all participants and then watch the differences.

So maybe you have a Roma give the task to extend into space the way
she does and an Mexican Shaman to stay awake in dreaming and then
"leave: and link with the mind of  another magic dreamer, and one from
Peru to "see"  bones and organs, and an Indian Yogi telling to "float"
up from the ground, and a  magic perceiver from here  tell  to  alter
stuff  on a certain monitor, 
and so on, and  then I'd like to  watch how they are doing at it.
Maybe having (of  each people) seven  not magically  trained ones and
seven who are might be nice.

That'd be a show  I could "watch"  for a looong time.
Only  I guess the dear Yogis might resist  such Earthly base desires
as of  the spiritually low developed as me,  heehee   ;-)

Sorry, feel like joking:
Well, from what I understood  there is some bloke in alt.consciousness
offering faster being released from such a awful fate as having to be
reborn again and again, to  be found under something vaguely
resembling "What  Guru-Bhacteria shabd all over my floor".
Maybe given the right spiritual incentive they  might be dragged,
maybe still in lotus position to the meeting place, lol...

Sorry, lack seriousness, if I could draw, I might draw a Yogi aloft
floating above the floor, face the other direction towards a temple
door, and me with a lasso dragging him behind me, saying over my
shoulder:"Don't feel perturbed by this..." 
And in front of me two signs, one with kilometer amount from India to
Germany, and the other to the airport.

>: >To do the work you claim to have done would require a great
>: >deal of organizational skill just to keep things straight.
>: >You haven't shown signs of such skill.
>: Nearly half a thousand  books?
>: Some videos and so  on?
>: I guess  you simply never tried  to write that many,
>: and that is  why you say so.
>Like I said, effort is no measure of value.

Try making that many books and a film without any oranizational skill.

The organizational skill is not that important nor keeping things
The desire burning behind is and that you are not too handicapped to
still manage some basic things.

Ever  heard  of Stephen Hawkins or some name like that?

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