What are the limits to the size of biological brains?

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Sun Oct 4 08:40:47 EST 1998

I think one important thing to study,in order to make sound scientific
research concerning exobiology,is to work on the physical limits of
biological brains.

To me,as a biologist,I think that no basic biological law forbids higher forms
of intelligences,adept at neuromorphogenetics,to create brains with a size
situated between 1 and 10 metres...provided that these brains are created and
maintained in nearly zero gravity or on asteroids.

Asteroids seem to me an ideal place to establish such gigantic brains!

Certainly such "big brains" should already exist in some places of the Cosmos.

What they would be able to think and process would just be impossible for us
to guess,as the level of consciousness between such a big brain of,let say 10
metres in diametre,and our brain,would be something on the order of magnitude
of ants versus homo sapiens!

Concerning the flying discs we,sometimes,observe on our planet one problem

Are the apparent ETIs(Extra-Terrestrials)we observe real ETIs
or,perhaps,neuromodified homo sapiens?

The basic resemblances between the "little men" and homo sapiens are striking.

As we still know nothing about exobiology and the evolution of life within
other stellar systems,we do not know if the homo sapiens "morpha" is
something which arises,inevitably,due to evolutionnary convergences,or is
something due to chance.

So we are left with 2 alternatives:that the observed ETIs are real ,authentic
ETIs or "secondary" "ETIs" let say created by those "big brains" I imagine.

If big brains can only survive in zero gravity
environments,smaller,secondary,ETIs might be used for them in order to move
from one place to another one.

Well:you could also imagine some big brains directly linked to flying discs!!!

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