Right visual field to left hemisphere. Why?

Harm-Jan Wieringa wieringa at compuserve.com
Sun Oct 4 16:53:08 EST 1998

Unfortunately, the father of Noah could no longer see the pretty woman to
create offspring because his right eye was smashed, and the signals of his
left eye went into limbo because the right half of his brain was gone.

Cijadrachon wrote in message <3613295c.57470883 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>...
>Once upon a time there were two men who had a tree fall onto them.
>Number one had not crossed whatevers, so as it hit him on the right
>side and smashed stuff there he could not use his right arm to fend it
>off.   (Nor another man, an animal attacking him, causing the same
>He did not get off-spring anymore.
>Number two had them cross, so when it hit the right head side he could
>still use the right arm to move it away
>His son was called Noah and Arched around with one whose ancestors had
>also passed the tree test, and there you go.
>Serious as always, of course.   ;-)

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