A general comment and a farewell

Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at scully.tamu.edu
Mon Oct 5 00:50:49 EST 1998

Nicola Bridle (nbridle at papyrus.mhri.edu.au) wrote:
: I have enjoyed  lurking in this group for the past few years. Up until recently,
: I had always found a large enough signal to noise ratio to justify wading
: through the nonsense. Now, I'm sorry to say that I will be farewelling, and
: unsubsribing from this newsgroup. I have read as much crap as one neuroscientist
: can take. It has become too much effort for too little return. I am disappointed
: that the likes of Cijadrachon have made it such that there is now no worthwhile
: neuroscientific newsgroup on the internet. If there any suggestions of other
: worthwhile ( ie., kook free) neuroscience newsgroups/chat rooms/web pages that I
: should visit, I'm all ears.

Hmmm.  I just did a quick check for neuroscience mailing lists
and found several listed on a web page at
<http://www.neuroguide.com./neurolist.html>.  There are a whole
bunch of support-type mailing lists and a few more professional
such as:

   To subscribe send e-mail to listserv at listserv.umu.se 
   Subscription Message: subscribe clin_neurophysiol 
   The address of the mailing list is clin_neurophysiol at listserv.umu.se 
   Maintainer is Erik Nordh (erik.nordh at neuro.umu.se) 
  A discussion forum for all professionals working within 
  neurophysiology in general
  and clinical neurophysiology in particular 

COGNEURO (Cognitive Neuroscience Mailing List) 
   For information send e-mail to cogneuro-request at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov with
   "cogneuro: send info" in the subject line 
   Moderator is Kimball Collins (kpc at ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov) 

HISTNEUR-L - The History of Neuroscience Forum 
   To subscribe send e-mail to LISTPROC at library.ucla.edu 
   Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE HISTNEUR-L [yourfirstname yourlastname,
   The address of the mailing list is HISTNEUR-L at library.ucla.edu 
   Owner is Russell A. Johnson (rjohnson at library.ucla.edu) 

Neuro: Neurologist Discussion List 
   To subscribe, send e-mail to Michael H. Rivner, M.D. at
   neuro-owner at neurolist.mcg.edu 
   The address of the mailing list is neuro at neurolist.mcg.edu 
   Neuro: Neurologist Discussion List Home Page 
   Neurolist Supplemental Information 
   Neurolist Poster - presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual
   Meeting, April 28, 1998 

NEURO1-L (Neuroscience Information Exchange Forum) 
   To subscribe send e-mail to listserv at uicvm.uic.edu 
   The address of the mailing list is neuro1-l at uicvm.uic.edu 
   Owner is E.J. Neafsey (#m01ejn at luccpua.bitnet) 

   To subscribe send e-mail to neuron-request at psych.upenn.edu 
   The address of the mailing list is neuron-requent at psych.upenn.edu 

Neuron Emulation List 
   Content and Subscription Information 

NEURON Mailing List 
   NEURON Mailing List Page 

   neuron-uk Home Page 

Neuroscience-Physiology Mailing List 
   Neuroscience-Physiology Mailing List 

NeuroSciences Mailing List 
   NeuroSciences Mailing List Home Page (Discussion of Neuroscience, from
   Molecular Neurobiology to Clinical Neuroscience.) 

Synaptic Mailing List (focuses on synaptic transmission) 
   To subscribe send e-mail to majordomo at jaejin.com 
   Subscription message: SUBSCRIBE SYNAPTIC 

(and many more)

Some of these look pretty interesting.  The big question is
how much activity they get.  I've been on some mailing lists
which average a message every six months.

Some newsgroups are also replicated on mailing lists and posts
to the mailing lists are also placed on the newsgroups.  It
might be possible to set up a mailing list that is replicated
that way, but with a moderator to filter out the kooks (and
the pointless debates with the kooks.)

If anyone knows much about the activity on the above mailing
lists or other related mailing lists, I'd appreciate the information.

Eric Johnson

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