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A general comment and a farewell

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 6 09:09:18 EST 1998

Nicola Bridle <nbridle at papyrus.mhri.edu.au> wrote:

>I have enjoyed  lurking in this group for the past few years. Up until recently,
>I had always found a large enough signal to noise ratio to justify wading
>through the nonsense. Now, I'm sorry to say that I will be farewelling, and
>unsubsribing from this newsgroup. I have read as much crap as one neuroscientist
>can take. It has become too much effort for too little return. I am disappointed
>that the likes of Cijadrachon have made it such that there is now no worthwhile
>neuroscientific newsgroup on the internet. 

Prove me wrong.

(And when you do pay attention to where I use might / possible that...
and IS.)

If you cannot prove me wrong my opinion is as valid as any other about
a topic  - or as crappy.

Concerning crap:
Nice word for describing  what I might think of people calling stuff
so without proving it to be  nor  even an own theory about what they
think is correct.

And  if  you do not like my stuff there is the little, maybe a bit
complicated trick to  not download the message.


The next thousand years to come might show what is right and what is
wrong, and with the areas where I knew them before ever seeing a
neuro-map of them I have little doubts who will be right and who will
be wrong, my dear.
And your persons'-mutilating branch can be more brutal than most black
magic groups in average, and invent all  the nice long complicated
words strings they want 
(and that is good so, at least then your branches' breaches of  the
magical laws will take longer to have  effects, though it can't take
forever until some military or someone else with enough money and
technical knowledge is adding  1+1), and invent words like
"basolateral part of the amygdala in the limbic system" or whatever
crap-terms you might have there, and yet never truely understand much
apart from what  you get when torturing others or some such stuff, but
inside you will never even a few hundreds of that sector's programs
alone, not to talk about thousands of others.

Nor will  you understand  how they change in the humans  when the
"hormone-clocks" see to  different programs ingnited and others
stopped, apart from some outer chemical babbling.
You can babble complicated terms forever and a day, and  you never
will understand for real inside. 


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