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Acid Pope II, addressing interested students concerning THE TEMPLE OF THE MIND

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 6 09:08:57 EST 1998

Acid Pope II

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Don't know if I mentioned it:

Vulturing around until  you find someone  into  meditation able to do
what some of  them call  "inner light" might be worth a try.

For me what one of them did (with eyes closed) looked like
first going to the fog-black resembling nearly being off-line on low
energy, then powering  up in an odd, specific way and seeming to
struggle a few times to get it right, to then having him radiating
off and  the entire room bathed in dark blue light (might transform
differently in brains)
and me  getting what I call  an endorphine flash.

Neat to contamplate.

Generally some meditation artists are like great tuning forks.
Weirrrrd ranges, going there with admirable profession and  then
anchoring there and stay with a remarkable precision.

However thou mightst not  want to  tell them the  bitsy  with seeking
a tuning fork maybe needed for improved magic perception,
as it might offend some's possible ideas about seeking spiritual
enlightenment for higher purposes than being a tuning fork for someone
into  magic.


Maybe just tell  them that you are interested  in their art and ask if
you may "watch".


That I mentioned the black, "Jesus" and white ranges for telepathic
docking does not meant  that there are  not  more  than those. 

It means more that within 3/4 of a year I did not get much further.

Blue ranges for some reason in general fascinate me, though I cannot
say why.  Especially the dark blue ones.
They feel very magical,  but I am not sure about that.

I  have noticed that in a lot of colour transitions FOR ME there is no
green and just the colours seem to pop up as "sun-colours" in the
universe, though I might be mistaken in that.
Maybe green is a rather late one to do with nature.

The colour transition in brains generally is very different.

(On  the other ranges I am usually  not using  the "rainbow colours",
unless a person I am linked with is liking to steer there.
So I am sort of what one  might call a fog-grey [+black and white]

In case  you are able to transit to lilac-coloured, I'd be interested
about the ranges and results.


When people started to send through walls, seeming turning magical
dimensional, I observed different ways to get the walls so.

It was my impression that there are a lot of different ways for that.

But as I can't do it alone, though I have a bit of transferdata on
that,  you better ask someone else about that. 


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