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Postdoctoral Fellowships (mind science)

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 6 09:09:21 EST 1998

Re:  PostDOCTORAL...

>The University of Sydney is offering up to 15 new U2000 Postdoctoral
>Fellowships ...
>...scientific research into the mind.  Its goals are to foster a culture of
>ideas and inquiry into the exciting and unexpected areas that lie
>between and across the traditional disciplines 
Does scientific and traditional not sound rather contradictive
concerning most of the likely  thousands of branches of  Earth to do
with the human mind?

Especially concerning the ones with traditions likely reaching back
thousands of years?

What you write about sounds  more for being for  Westie branches with
not even a tradition of 2 centuries, maybe far less.

>and to bring the rigour
>of academia to bear on what it is to be human.

>... the Centre is currently exploring... the astonishing abilities of autistic savants,
>... in the broadest sense.

I guess to be what in the West is called autist is more about what it
is not to be human in a lot, when brain damages are the main cause.

And I guess you are not  going to find any postdoctorals of those...

Actually with some folks I seriously doubt they are able to use
Broca's the way some some  normal-borns do.

I believe the only ones  who can understand a differing brain at least
to some extent are those close enough with their brain themselves.

Among who are called  autsists there are very differing people.

With some I was able to track some stuff within me nearly
effortlessly, and other stuff, like hooking off optik banks and
off-lining optics in that time, while running mathematics on them, 
was totally beyond me to even imagine, I would not even know where/how
to aim in here for that, though given the other methods explained I
could see why some would get nearly as fast as others with an
artificial device used for calculating some mathematical stuff.  

So even if you were to  get  one who understands a bit about  several
others close enough to him, you'd still not understand all, I guess.

Only tricky thing might be the day you go beyond your postdoctoral
stuff and have someone you call autist to figure out stuff for you
concerning autism:   Everything might have to be in the same place, so
the sequencer can find it without oneself having to bother to dock
accordingly and get overrun by too much data. Don't anyone dare to
move anything even just 15 cm away from where it is! So in case you
ever  get one who can maybe understand inside a lot, you better think
well how you want to have your place there for those years ahead,
lol...     ;-)

More seriously:
If you have stuff about what you call autism  or find out, if it does
not bother you, could you e-mail it to me?
That would interest me out of a rather personal base.

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