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Budding neurologist

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 6 16:02:30 EST 1998

>: How about you enlighten us with yours?
>: >The first point marks you, in my mind, 
And where would that be?
>as just another person who doesn't understand the subject 
>and rather than attempting to learn
>: >the subject, 
In the way you mean I guess that has never seriously occurred to me.
Though in other ways maybe too much at times.
>makes it up in his mind.
Taking that  you do not really mean literaly the mind-areas, as in a
few of  them that would  be  impossible, 
that also so far did not  seriously occur to me, though admittedly
nearly all concerning memory systems and limbic non-subjects might
suffer a few alterations of putting things that might not be a direct
lie, but if  you were to follow some of that you might end with some
on wrong tracks.

>: ...said one sense-censored, not using some of the senses the Vatican
>: forbade for brain energy perception,  to the other...
>: Maybe Cheng is 
>: - really busy with his projects
>: - and not that much  into giving you his theories because you are not
>: giving constructive criticism  or at least your  theories concerning
>: what he sais but are basically just taking your moods out?
>: At least he has  the courage to give his and you not.
>What Cheng doesn't know, he makes up.  
That is called making theories here;  Theorien aufstellen.
>Since he doesn't know much,
>he makes up a whole lot.  
>Then he can stand around and pose as one
>who has knowleldge but doesn't seem to realize that it only makes
>people laugh at the pathetic sight.

Me not, unless he cares overly much who thinks what about him like he
were an teeny nor sure of his path or  start comparing himself with
Einstein, who, if am not (possibly) mistaken, said something along the
"There are two things that are infinite: 

The stupidity of humans 
and the universe.

With the latter I am not completely sure."

Apart fom reading here about oscillating cell walls and some other
stuff, some of  Cheng's  has given me some of the longest times of
contemplating stuff  here, though a lot to do with telepathy.
Maybe THE longest time I ever thought about what I read here.

Because matching stuff I perceive when I use other brains (of
assenting owners able to transcend) along for more tracking power and
as energy  tuners for magic perception,  what Cheng said about photons
I found interesting to think about for many, many minutes.

While most other texts here are more like  yes/no/don't know/aha.

>Your approach to neuroscience seems to be to perceive it through
>the use of drugs.  Your approach is equally pathetic.

Your assuming is pathetic.

I do not perceive neuroscience through drugs  if I am seriously out
for perceiving it.
(Not meaning stuff like here, here I might be well stoned.)
Just to wind my way through neuro-terms I need the "front computer"
online with me, and working well,
or it will take ages to figure out the not exactly common English, a
lot of which does not pop up in my old English-German dictionary, that
as my English improved I soon found pretty bad in the first place.

The first time I got  seriously interested a bit in neurology was in
my brainsurfing times back then after someone who was a native English
speaker made fun of me that I had named areas my way, and after I took
a look at the ways the neuros aim them, not getting  what is one
bigger system and what is to be seperated, 
and doing sick things tp people of the other races, I decided I like
my namings better.
And more to the topic, if I use mine, my students tend to understand
fast what I mean.
If I say "emotion generator"  or "language structurer"  that leaves
little doubt what what I mean is good for.

If I say "my CPU" and "sequencer CPU" all who know me and valued their
lives when they sat in a car with me and I said "I need to join CPUs"
usually shut up straight, and let me link up with the sequencer and
get an idea what was going on outside and where it got stuck;
only fools would go on blocking me from joining and letting the
sequencer drive on alone when I say that I get signals that I need to
join immediately.

Your terms are simply not adequate to desribe the brain, 
but if I talk to other brain-surfers I usually have not that many
probelms understanding the  words they made up for the areas and use
them along, because they tend to be far more appropriate,
having maybe function or area descriptions in the words.

If I hear "auto-pilot" I know that the sequencer is meant.

If I hear "soandso parts of the thalamus...,...,...,..., blablabla of
the striata, upper frontal cortex, ventral posterior lateral
babbledubbledabble of the irxtlwrx, then even if I might have some
vague wild guesses what might be meant, repeating them to someone else
is  likely ways less effective than saying "the (movement) sequencer
CPU" or straight "the sequencer".

Maybe if the words neurology used were appropriate and they'd be into
akasha-surfing around in human brains and into healing that way,
instead of doing gross stuff to people of the other races, 
and it would be structured evenly as all  being even and no
censorship, I would be very interested in what is going on.

My last name is not Mengele.

>I'm trying to learn the subject by studying it.  
Let me  guess, anyplace than within you,  studying  your own brain
outisde, heehee. Likely keeping to full Catholic sense-censoring,
reducing from hundreds of  senses to five.
>Although progress
>is slower through this method,
Yes, with five  senses of hundreds that is simply a bit slower I
Like a blind man trying to feel a mountain-chain with his hands.
>the results will be a far greater
>knowledge than is possible by either of your approaches.

Sure, headblind sense-censored Westie,
knowing my approaches before the concussion I had and the remains of
the data that is in my head about what I did there that well, though
about a lot I never told anyone...
I am sure the MBD brainsurfers and akashasurfers and shamans of Earth
shall be shaken by the mere sound of thy oh so impressive name and the
force of thy  theories to come...
How sad that when they are discussing them linking brains a bit you
likely won't  be able to follow. 


And  the blind said: "I studied an entire mountain with my hands! 
That was hard studying. 
And my results are far greater knowledge than by your approaches."

And the seeing,  returning from climbing bunches of  them, enjoying
the sights far over the land from the higher ones, and having looked
at maps and postcards and films of other places around the planet,
and seen pictures of other planets and the galaxy, said: "Impressive!"

But then they saw the mountain and saw that the blind man had trampled
the grass so much that a lot was dead, picked many beautiful flowers
into flowers into shreds, had ripped the legs of the insects he had
found and  the  heads off, feeling with his  hands how  long it took
until the twitching ceased,
the desecrated mountain becoming a sign  for many of the blind to do
such marvellous deeds, too, and further them,

and for the seeing a site of horrors of the blind,
whom  most of them  shunned from that day  on,

not telling  them where the really beautiful  and intersting mountains
were, nor what they knew about them.

And the blind, seeing no one anymore but themselves, thought  they
were the first of all, and laid bare mountain after mountain in their
area, leaving them covered with dead ripped flowers and insect heads
real proud of what they did, thinking it unique work.

And it was.

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