Serotonin and Depression

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> If depression is related to malfunction of serotonin at a synaptic level
> (a hypothesis I still like), this could of course be due to any of:

Dear Dag,

I think pointing to a unique neuromodulator,in depression,or in mood,is too
"manichéen". Everything is complex in the central nervous system and complex
behaviours,such as depression(which is a deficit of pleasure),cannot be
reduced to even a few neuromodulators.

By the way I have noticed that US scientists enjoy linking mood disturbances
to genetic factors while this attitude is not seen in Europe.

I feel this reduction of reality is very much linked to the extreme form of
protestantism the USA has adopted since the Puritans.

A general trait of US psychology is an absolute conviction that what their
society think is the essence of rectitude.

All deviances are,thus,pathologised,preferably with a genetic
explanation,because what is different can only be wrong.



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