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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 7 22:00:02 EST 1998

>Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
>> I don't believe anyone is capable of making 50,000 pages worth of
>> discoveries.

Theoretically yes.

There are several thousand emotional  programs in eg.1 & 3 (see first
reply to budding neuro) at least, and stuff changes if hormones or
drugs hit the sectors, so I guess if someone was  theoretically
off-line enough to use LSD or another  blocker to go targetting for
them but on-line enough to sober still link with the language
structurer and get it to cooperate well enough to list emotional
program after emotional program, inventing  names or preferable a
code-letter and number system for them, listing possible chain
reactions through other areas and from there to other places again as
far as he could trace them, that'd be a hammer you could fill 50000
pages with maybe, and if I had the  money for that I'd  even buy it. 
Don't know if anyone can do them singly but some can get to quite some
detail with them, and it is possible to track some from eg.1 via 2 to
3, and there is stuff going off from there, taht I never paid
attention to, but I guess given a weird enough brain maybe one could.

Another one where you'd get to 50 000 is magic.
Just take "seeing" and go level by level of the other ranges;
and you could get past 50  000 and  still  be far from being finished.

Only I doubt anyone is ever mad enough to try either.

The first is freaking dangerous and  the second can be transferred
between magicians with such ease, that it might seem rather dumb to
write about it.

So maybe the reply is not correct as they'd  not have made the
discoveries, but is was  just to point out that there is stuff  where
I could imagine 50 000 pages written about it and me actually starting
to read the stuff, and maybe  those 50 000 even just referring to some
stuff (like eg. programs or magic levels) that is still not the whole
load but just a fraction of what is there.


And since having mentioned  it:
In the unlikely case someone should fall over this and coming to the
conclusion that 50 000 pages about the emotion generators is just the
thingie that he has been lacking to do in his life:

How about chaining them, 
starting with f/m for (fe)male, then maybe (eg.)1 for what I call the
first emotion generator (basolateral  part of  the amygdala in neuro),
then maybe a slash  and  then the main sub-group, like child-parent
(ChPa) binding program, pregnancy program (prgn), herd-binding
program (HrdBn), partner binding program, and so on,
then after  the main program group doing another slash and going for
the sub-program(s),
and  when going to eg.2  or other places from there in chain reactions
( oooo  - 1 ), maybe numbering them with a chain sign.
And maybe  s. for substance. 

f.  eg.1/HrdBn/.../.... 

oooo 1 - centr.Amyg./.../...

oooo 2 - eg.2/ ....  oooo 1 eg.3/ Rank..... oooo ... s.CRH oooo PitG
s.ACTH eg.5/... 

oooo 3 - ...

(That was pretty  much a nonsense-example.)

# could be used for deactivated  or currently  not activated programs.
Like #(deact.)ChPa    or #(not act.)prgn

Might sound a bit weird in the start, and could be another system, but
at least once getting the hang of it, it might allow easier surfing
along of the bits one gets  for others,  than some odd  names  that
tell nothing about what is meant.

Don't go Brocaing and Wernecking or something like that and doing that
thousands of times. 

50 000 pages might take a while to read, and I guess after several
thousand one  should  get the hang of reading it like other people
read notes (music).

...And since being at SciFi-ing off spiced with fantasy,
joinging in 50 000 according pages about akasha stuff to  do with the
brain,  and then getting some futuristic on-developments of HHI's
photon cubies made for measuring on the right ranges, futuristic
computers linked with them; one'd  just need to measure the whole load
and stick that data in to the first load to open dictators,
cybermagicians psyjunkytry gates for stuff fascinating to contemplate
for grey cyber-magicians...

(...And the neat thingie about those commenting for this site to be
nuts is that they are too nuts to even judge with most of what I just
said what of it was invented nonsense and what was serious, heehee,
because  they do not even understand the base for being nuts in the
eg.s and the relation to the own areas, different hormones and other
connections, nor enough about magic to judge the rest for serious...)

>K C Cheng <kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com> wrote:
>> Eric Johnson
>You are again letting your skepticism get the best of you!!!   I don't
>have 50,000, but 47,000 now, and how about 3,000 more pages in a few
>years?  Easy.
>Well, maybe one day you might wish to see them for yourself or have a
>chance to see them in print yet.   
Hmm, why is it that I somehow doubt Eric Johnson would wish to?
Unless fishing in Canada, wanting to grill the catch and wondering how
to get his fire started?

(Sorry, Cheng, some of your's is neat; but I just could not resist.)

>There are lots to talk about,not just metaphysics, but science,
>psychology, other branches of philosophy, law, etc.

Maybe drop the last, and do drop most of  psychology,  
add some thousands of non-Westie branches
and add that it is a mistake for the Westie branches to split too

Maybe starting with this one not even wondering more about what
destines what concerning what parts of  the genestring are read when
producing stuff in cells in the brain and elseplace,  
and maybe what that data-channel in the double-helix might have to  do
with it,
though maybe that was nonsense.

Just have the suspicion if  they were to look more into that and more
into magic, and combining magic and technology, stuff to do with
cancer might be ways ahead.

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