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A general comment and a farewell

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 7 21:59:51 EST 1998

stephan at nospam.ucla.edu (Stephanator) wrote:

>In article <6vhpau$9jf$1 at oravannahka.Helsinki.FI>,
>dstenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi wrote:
>>moderate the newsgroup a while ago; clearly this what has to be done. 
>(Oh, Cijadrachon, you do not have to comment, if you can stop that automatism. 
Tricky. I was told I babbled off pretty much straight after I was
born late, and basically since then have never stopped babbling nor
coming late.
>>It is apparent that you have knowledge, but the delusional
>> part seems to dominate).
>> Dag Stenberg

How about you PROVE the delusional parts.

If you can't,  then maybe you and  your "have to"s are, oh,
Sense-censored one. 


If you can, it would very much interest me for which areas my
perception cheated me.

If  you can't,  maybe you are delusioned  in the according points.

>This place would be better called bionet.nuthouse,
With a load of cutters around in other unconsenting persons of other
races and a second load praising it, maybe going on about hippocampal
slicing; seeming  to delight in I-center-killing and mutilating;
with one exception all of them not seeming to use the senses the
Catholics forbade, and occasionally coming with data declared as new
that magically is sort of  the baby-fart stuff you learn within the
first hours or  when slow, days, when aiming for branches where
serious members might learn decades to cover base knowledge,
and humour here being ways below stuff that more seems like
rank-fighting to me, in some cases reminding me of male chimp drives
verbally expressed, I'd agree.
But then again nearly all parts of the world where humans are is.

Having travelled a little, I'd say humans are remarkable in developing
different nuts society,
and one remarked that the difference of  the Catholic Church and a
luninbin is that the biggest nutters run the bin. And hundreds of
millions follow gladly.

Wether it is surviving after death or being Gods chosen master race
over other races,
as long as it fancies the own comfort or own wishes for stuff to be,
some rather defend their being nuts to the point of cutting the
eyenerves of people of the other races than going away from their nuts
believes in being ever so special  and chosen by  God or or someone or
something else to do their  nuts pervert stuff to others.

I tend to not care  that much what people do to themselves,
but see the real  nuts  ones as those injuring others.

This room holds top level  of all rooms I was to. 

I read stuff here that if I were more sensitive I'd barf ll over the
computer if I were just to imagine that, and doing such myself to
someone I think I'd  tell myself to be off to some therapy.

This is one of the rooms where I enjoy that I rarely think in pictures
and that it costs me a lot of power to generate even simple ones, say
a vague, not very precise image of a square brick. A cat or an ape,
fortunately for my emotional welfare reading some of the nuts stuff
here, are tricky if not impossible in detail.

I have regretted often  that I can not generate pictures inside the
way many humans seem to be able to,  but with this nuts room I am glad
I can't.

For me this room is the nuthouse.

And though unlikely I hope that within my life time all mammal people
races with a limbic system will be declared not to be possessions of
human mammals.

And  though very unlikely I hope that some day  extremists will start
to abduct some of  the neuro-mammals abusing people of the other
mammal races, and do to them part or all of what they did to others,

maybe coming to the conclusion that that is the only likely way to
frighten others from abusing others.
And maybe even think more about what they do to others is like for
them, and what if they were in the other's place.

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