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long term potentiation

Hemidactylus at my-dejanews.com Hemidactylus at my-dejanews.com
Fri Oct 9 18:36:46 EST 1998

I am doing a research project on LTP and have been brainstorming for ideas on
what direction(s) to take. I've been learning a lot about synaptic efficiency
(proposed by  Donald Hebb in his 1949 book _Organization of Behavior_), LTP
proper (Bliss and Lomo (1973).Journal of Physiology. 232:331-356) , NMDA
receptors and the voltage mediated magnesium block, calmodulin kinase, nitric
oxide and arachidonic acid as putative retrograde messengers, associative

This is an interesting subject. How does it relate to health and medicine,
though? Is there a commonality in the entorhinal cortex projection to the CA1
region of the hippocampus known as the perforant pathway? Are there other
health related issues? I'd like to participate in a discussion on LTP and
synaptic plasticity and contribute as I learn more.

I've come across an interesting reference I haven't checked out yet (Wilson
MA and Tonegawa S. 1997. Synaptic plasticity, place cells and spatial memory:
study with second generation knockout. Trends in Neurosciences 20:102-6). Has
anyone read this study. I know that Tonegawa has done research on
alpha-calcium-calmodulin dependant kinase II with knockout techniques (from
my text Delcomyn F. Foundations of Neurobiology (1997)).

There's a lot of information (and controverial issues) out there about LTP.
I'm wondering what the state of the art is and the hottest ideas floating
around in the literature.

Scott Chase (note followups at anthym at webtv.net)

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