neural networks data classification

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Sun Oct 11 11:37:13 EST 1998

Hello fellow workers

My question is short but i think not simple. The problem is that i have to do
a literature study on neural networks. So far it is not so hard, but.. the
problem is that the study has to go about ways to classify data for neural
networks. The question of the study is how in literatur people write about
ways to clssify non-cardinal data. For people who don't know what i mean by
that, it is data that you can not put easy on a scale. Numbers like 1 till 10
are cardinal, but colors are not cardinal. should brown come for red etc? So
you see it's a difficult task, and i'm honest, its hard to find literatur
about it. So my question is: Can someone give me more informaton about this
problem, some links to literature or sites on internet? Hereby i'm lokkonig
for ways to deal with non-cardinal data

PS. for example: for colours the trick is to make the data into RGB-values

Rint Ozinga
the Netherlands

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