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Serotonin and Depression

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 10 02:17:14 EST 1998

>John Hasenkam <johnhkm at logicworld.com.au> wrote:
> ..., I'm doubtful that serotonin levels alone can explain
> depression. 
How about you define depression first.

Else stuff like just having not managed  some personal goal and having
quite impressively blundered something, grey weather for a  while if
you are  sensitive to that, one  of  your parents having died, you not
having enough friends and no nice partner or not never  havin gthought
about  what you need in life and feeling discontent and lots of other
stuff might all fall under that term as well.

>Does anyone know of  studies indicating how relative levels of
> serotonin, Dopamine, and norepinephrine that might explain why depression
> can occur; 
Maybe I translate depression wrong by picking the word Depression in
German, but here that is some vague term.

Specify the question.

Else you simply sound like some idiots who does not get the thousands
of programs in the two main emotion generators nor many  of their
connections, and  yet intend to mess around in the intricate  balances
of someone's brain like a fool.

>particularly since severe depressives can often suffer various
> visceral disorders, indicating a more global neural dysfunction.

Hmmm. A lot of folks I met do it the other way around.
They abuse central steering powers into the body, to disturb stuff
there to blend over problems  they do not feel like facing or do not
know how to face.


>- SSRIs often relieve depression

Let me guess  what that means: Sticking some  happy pill in to mess up
chemical balances and drown over signals?

Though I guess taking a drug just once is O.K.;  should not see to
receptor morlecule changes or other changes to the point of messing up
systems too much with most.

In many cases that however is not likely to help  if  the person is
not changing attitudes.

That more sounds like having a splinter in your finger and kicking in
a pain-killer, so that you got the damages of both, but don't feel
the pain anymore.

>- SSRIs combined with serotonin autoreceptor block shortens the delay to clinical result

What is clinical result?

Guess I translate wrong, to me it more sounds like drugging over
natural emotions without seeing to the causes, messing up stuff in the
body; the way psyjunkytry does.

Certainly does not sound like professional old traditional or new
modern healing to me.

But I guess I just translate  wrong.

Since this very much sounds like drugging around,
a question:
Has anyone  ever bothered  to find out what formula the Netherlandish
(for example Amsterdam) paper called chicken (the sort without LSD)

In case  any of  you folks  has nothing to do, to find out that one
might not  be a bad  idea.

I judge that one to be a  healer's drug.

Not exactly healthy, but maybe one could alter a  bit around on the

That stuff might be a neat kickstarter out of some forms of depression
if you do the session right with the according person.

>I think there is very much work to do before we dare give an
>answer to whether depression is expressed mainly as a result of a 
>disturbance in serotonergic function or not.

Same as above: Define depression.

If you use it like folks here it certainly is not.
Though there are a few exceptions.

Guess if someone told me he had migraine, too, I'd maybe start to
wonder about that.

All in all  there is a simple trick:
Look if the person has an interesting life or is always having the
same routine, 
if they sleep enough and get up with the sun 
or often after too little sleep with an alarm clock,
if they are at least  several hours a day  within nature or not,
if they have a nice partner or not,
especially for males if the sex-life and for females if the cuddling
amount is O.K. or not,
if they have several reliable friends or not,
if they take drugs or not (and  if so which ones),
and if they do sports and get enough sunlight.
And figure out if they had bad stuff  happening in  the past that they
never really managed  to handle.

Then you stick your head out the window or simply scan within you and
tell  if the sky outside has  been grey the way it might effect
energies for longer than two days in a row.

If you have the impression it is not to do with such obvious stuff,
then the question might arise if there is something physically wrong. 

>- in vivo animal monitoring of serotonergic function parameters,

Pervert, take  your hands of others not consenting.
Mess around in yourself  you coward.

You can monitor in yourself till you hit the grave, but leave your
hands off others.

Let me guess, first you take someone who did not grow up naturally,
then you stick him into some prison, and after altering emotions in
him that way next you momitor arount in him with the pathetic excuse
that you need  to satisfy your  curiosity, because little  obvious
things like the number of "depressed" in the places where  time goes
over  people and many live singly and  people  have artificial
frequencies bombarded through them,
and many places where people have no watches and live with their
families  and with comparatively few  of  the artificial waves
unsettling systems, 
has not  occurred to you.

I give you a little hint:

One of  the best evaluations of cultures (and also the quality of the
healers) is the suicide number.

Rather take a look at that.

And compare the according cultures and  healing systems.

That might tell you a lot about "depressions".

>possibly in conjunction with known "models of depression" (which I
>recognize as being far from perfect).

Do  you.

I have not thought that much yet about how to get depressed, as the
thousands of eg.s programs (if not more, just the ones I perceived
back then, and I never  bothered to count  them) of the main two areas
alone  are far too intricate, 
and there is other stuff to do with such stuff, too, 
not to forget hormones.
But I guess if someone wanted to know how to get depressed, my first
ideas would be: 

If you are sensitive out for a fast, soft  try, 
drop 50-100 mg DHEA  or more, and then monitor well two hours later
when the stuff  is receding, might be some phase for 5-10 minutes or
more of  minor instabilities.
Can also try it when you feel depressed.

And if you are out for hardcore, take out your moods on everybody
around you until they all go, then sit in your room the whole day,
preferably doing nothing, avoid all sports and all sunlight, 
eat stuff like noodles and bread and other squishy, preferably rather
unnatural stuff, and see to your sleep-rhythm going very absurd, 
I recommend to sleep very long, and when you wake up, stay in bed
doing nothing for at least three hours while already awake.
To see to getting curtains first, so that you lose track dawn and dusk
might help as well.

Keep doing so for five months.

If you are out for medium, keep smoking brown hash pure ever day about
7-9 times times, and keep doing so for several months.

>- perhaps human imaging studies 
>in relation to focussed experiments
>after we have some idea about where in the brain to look and what to
>look for.


I tell  you another trick:

Take LSD, half more than that the pupils reach full size one and a
half hours later,  and you might find out where to look,  heehee...

If  you do not, though you seek,
then it might be physical.

Sort of MBD-quick-test.

If it is pychological, it will go BOOMMM!
If  it is physical, you can ask all you want, and the  eg.s stay

(That was a joke, never give LSD to someone depressed unless you are
skilled enough as a healer for that, and that means you must
understand ways more about the g.s than you do, and not messing around
pervertly in others, but knowing within yourself to  have the base to
understand others better. And knowing about telepathic eg.-linking
might be helpful.)

>Dear John,
>Serotonin is a molecule which controls the amount of information transmitted
>"from" memory to consciousness.
(Cyber-cough ...)

How does  that work?

And could you shortly define "consciousness" and which sectors you are
talking about, and then which of the memory systems you are referring

And, just by the way, as far as I know, I myself have

>It anaestesises emotions in this way,at least partially.

So whenever I request memory data from areas then serotonin is
controlling the amount (sounding like I don't  have that much to do
with it), and all the emotion generators get partially anaestesised in
the process, so  they'd  basically be most of the time ... 
or what are you trying to say?!

>SSRIs are "thymoanaesthetics" which means that they "cure" depression by
>suppressing or decreasing general emotions.

That is not a cure, that is drugging.

Drugging that sounds very much like messing up.

And if you "decrease"  too much you won't  be able  to run the nice
ones either.

You do not cure, you mess up systems.

A cure is to see to natural well balances. 

And those you tend to get among other things by providing the eg.s
with what they need  and "listening" to them, and not  by messing them

Minus 1 million points on healing.

About the only idiot-nerd-group on the planet I heard of to mess up
the eg.s with drugs for serious is Westie psychiatry.
Join their club.

If  you want to join their club for real, then best you also don't  go
on the drug with the person or at  least make the first healing
session using a drug O.K., and instead blunder it straight when they
come in and then just keep drugging them.

>... people 
>treated chronically with Prozac ...

In Mexico  you could buy the stuff so I tried one.

That stuff messes up the eg.s big  time, especially eg.1

If you want to kill someone, might be just the right drug to take,
should you still be hindered by eg.1 blocking programs.

Messing up many positive emotions, too.

And poison warnings from my taste buds.
Doubt that that one is healthy for the systems.

Tasted like invented by Grieneisen (coffin selling place).
Not like straight hitting the coffin, but like 10-20  years down at
least from life expectancy if taking that too long.
Just the way it  tasted, though, don't know if it is really so?

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