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A general comment and a farewell

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Oct 10 02:17:08 EST 1998

>I'm sure folk wouldn't ind so much if you were a little less long
>winded.  I skip your posts for this very reason.  If you could get the
>information to guff ratio a little fore finely tuned, I'm s ure you
>wouldn't get such a negtive reception.


Let me guess, first I tell neuro where to cut/gut around in my mammal
cousins, then stuff to do with AL-data, then I find a way to retrieve
the memory systems data I have been working on not calling up and
reducing something short of framented crumbles compared to where it
was in my  pre-concussion brainsurfer times, to delight in the
Fevering seeking what I destroyed forever beyond retrieval; next I
give you a magic brain reformatting course for fee - of course without
any sense-enhancer, I guess  -, and  then I am  to teach your central
how to access centers around you or in other  brains or other
structures and what all (not) to do there, or something as realistic
as that?

Any other dreams?

Someone else:
>instead of lurking, then bailing with the intent of checking back in 6 months to see if things
>have magically gotten better.

Given this room I'd say literally mistaken chances that things
magically will get better are looking dim.

And the day Westie neuro finally gets the hang of telepathy I'd soon
after have to buy a new computer to get the data,
as probably the blokes'd trode themselves until they look like hopped
out of a SciFi - film, or canceringly scan their brains while at it,
hailing scans across the "Aether"; business vultures lurk-flapping in
greedy circles over them, worrysome  to look at, and overshadowed by
Big Brother...

Maybe long-wound babbling is simply fun,
or more than barf-topicing about unconsenting persons' eye-nerves
being cut.

And consider the advantage of not having to buy a new computer to tell
neuro folks intertransfacing telepathically with trodes on  their
heads and scans rattling canceringly along, while cutting around in
monkeys whose brains they might be linked to with trodes and technical
devices and telepathically, 
that what neuro does to people of  the other races is wrong.

...And with the babbling there's a trick:
Scroll down to  the end of the message, and get if there is any name
at all or a certain one, and for  the unlikely case you have paid
attention some styles go together with different names, so if I go
eg.3chimping with someone that'd not  be signed with Acid Pope, and if
it is signed with Acid Pope it is possible  that for some you might
have had to have passed  afore-mentioned student's into  the minds'
levels of self-sector perceiving a little  and telepathy 
and that way being able to chat quite a bit magically with other;
else with a lot you might not get anymore what I say there.
That'd be like a blind one trying to follow a conversation between
painters about art.
Under LSD yourney(wo)man there might be several references that would
make no sense to you if you are keeping  to Vatican sense-censoring
your hundreds of senses down to five or something like that and follow
their command not to use the ones that  lead to magic & understanding
a little what Jesus did.

Most of my replies to "budding neuro"  you can skip, too, lots of
stuff there did not seem to be to  the budding neuro, so I thought
babbling there'd  be O.K.; though the first reply I made there was

All in all how about you simply skip all my stuff?

Saves you long-wound babbling.

Just don't download it.

Skip on.  ;-)

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