To Dag Stenberg

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Sat Oct 10 02:16:54 EST 1998

Oh, Cijadrachon ... It is apparent that you have knowledge, but the
delusional part seems to dominate.

With my reply of OH SENSE CENSORED ONE I got some second thoughts and
went digging for some 20 year old map-bookie (German:Weltatlas) to
find out where Helsinki is in the first place, and it told me that it
is no 300 klicks from a place called Lappeenranta, north of which the
names sound rather Eskimoish to me.  As I don't have a clue where them
folks currently are  concernig magic, nor if the Vatican even bothered
to send his inquisition folks at all   likely to turn saint being
eaten alive by moscitoes in the attempt to find anyone at all further
up north there,  or freezing the own fingers off trying to get the
fire started to burn users of the magic senses, ... 
I have started to wonder if I might not have been an itsibitsy fast to
call you as I did.

I'd assume that Russians flattened some stuff quite thoroughly, and
don't really know what folks were and are up to there, but I came to
the conclusion I don't know, and so maybe you are right and I am
delusional about some things. Though you to me seem, too; I guess we
could open a delusion-club given most people here and  whom I met  on
Earth. ;-)

I guess if I were in a land of northern lights with maybe old
knowledge around and I were interested in the mind I'd nag some
people(s) about it; Estland, Russia, Sweden & Norway not  being that
far either.  

Did you, and if so what were the more interesting results?

(This being  autumn here it reminds me:  Do you folks have magic
mushrooms or other magic sense enhancers up there? Data?
...And do the healers of old traditions link brain energies when they
meet or/and dream-visit each other?   Ranges?)

I am so used to sense-censored Westie sheep ...
too dumb and too system sheepish to understand the effects of
sense-enhancers in some MBD folks, and so blind  that I could swap
sector data linked with someone on sense-enhancers in front of their
nose, aiming part of the magical connection fields straight through
their halo and them monitor-energies-blaster-storm - used ones  maybe
not even noticing, ...
...that at that moment I had overlooked the Helsinki part.

That might make things a bit different
(than some sense-censored headblind US slicer of people of the other
races, telling me what I am supposed to be like and (not) to perceive,
and talking about "nuts" like he just turned world record champion in
understanding emotion generator program differences in MBD and other
people, likely not even understanding the bio-programs of his in his
head nor knowing how to get at them within his own brain,
demonstrating more about being nuts and delusions than he might be
aware of...).

If you were serious, then tell me what you know 100% to be wrong of
what I said, and how it is instead (also called constructive

I am seriously interested  in that.

If you are just making accusations against others without backing them
that is more telling about you.

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