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Acid Pope II to Yourney(wo)men into The Temple Of The Mind

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Oct 11 12:35:56 EST 1998

>>>ACID Pope II
>>>(Remember, no hitting the RE button to this or any of my res to this
>>>one, it is meant to be a sequence.
>>>Pick other titles for REs in case you want to make one.)
>>>(Didn't watch spelling much.)


The black telepathic ranges are so low-range, that it might be a bit
tricky to get another brain, maybe of a person standing, there easily.
Unless maybe pretty good in meditating or something like that.
After some game  with white ranges I once was not far from hitting the
floor, and especially concussion damaged areas used to hate them and
are still not delighted if me or someone  else forces them there.
The yellow-shining  "Jesus  ranges" might not be as hard for injured
brains or ill  people  and not as short-wavy and fast  in transfer as
mentioned  white ones, but so much data can be transfered  on them
that I basically went short of autistic overload getting so many
sector reports in and having so many of  the streaming into  me that
it were far too many for me to parallel-process. They seemed  to be
connected with me being a lot targetting within my head, which might
also make sense  if you were to try repairing other structures of
someone else using own as models for healthier structures.

With the most powerful magic perceiver I know (who has also been
telling me things about differences in my brain that I had not told
him, but that seemed accurate to me as I had observed  the same
inside) I had a discussion about how Jesus might have "healed the
blind". He had not really thought about it before and first wondered
if he might have directly gone to the damaged areas and altered
something there.
While said that I have difficulty  to imagine to target areas  in such
detail. As I am already tending to  have more sector-perception than
most humans but though being able to discern between different areas
within friend's heads when we are linked still "can't  get  them sharp
in sub-detail"  - though I never really tried seriously to practice
that, either, I must admit, and though I know that my instincts tell
me I can get at any point there...(...And my logic tells me that doing
so with machines is the future of healing in cases where magical
healings of cancer like done among shamans and other healing branches
might not work that well. Though there might still be cases  where
cutting is necessary?)
I suggested that maybe he just went through different ranges and then
kept steering up into the non-magical deflecting optical ones of
common human use, leaving telepathic pictures about outer

The only time in my life I recall someone doing something that felt
like taking over axon control stuff in my brain was someone into
shaman stuff whom I told to dock into my occipital cortex, "turn
around" and try to look out of my eyes  - and he got them to move a
bit. (Which I found rather spooky to contemplate...)
If  you were to do that with someone and had steered  his brain up
into the according ranges, and were sort of "helping it along", 
maybe it would be possible to "pver-bridge" the nonfunctioning areas
with your input.
On LSD new axon pathways seem to be possible to constructe  hll's
Maybe if someone was hoping for his wonder and centrally helping  it
along and trusting the other one completely and top-power supporting
the process, it would be possible to fix the sector(s)  in between if
all the rest in energy went near to where it belonged?

It was my impression that the magic fields of the sectors are like
orders to them, they tell them stuff for themselves  and concerning
linking with others (which sectors to link with, which not).

Imagine you had bunches of wave-fields together with certain
Each sector a  different one, and made so that they do not disturb
each other in frequencies,
but together being like parts of a pussle, making zomething bigger.

If all the other puzzle parts went to where they belong
(brain-energy-settings), and  the healer is targetting the damaged
one(s) with healthier inputs from his,
even not in direct aware detail,
I'd not bet my arse the person would not be healed.

Not just meaning some folks maybe blind from birth onwards.


Someone mentioned Jesus trips.

Given the sense-enhancing powers of LSD (though for myself I find  the
energies too erratic to consider it a physical healer's drug) 
and some of the odd mixes of it with other stuff, 
I have been wondering  to what extent  that was  just some name and to
what extent  it was a direct reference to learning or at least
understanding stuff Jesus did with it better.

Has anyone (maybe of the psychedelic rooms?) any data on that? 

(Please post the RE under another title that this.)


Especially with LSD  in I usually feel uneasy "cross-targetting",
meaning aiming with sectors of one cell group into others with
different ones,
and feel that it is better to link in a parallel fashion.

A friend volunteered, and I wondered if he really is aware what he is
volunteering for, and gingerly tried cross-targetting a little. Did
not get far, stopping soon, feeling uneasy to the extreme about it
though it did not seem to bother him.

Advise high care to others playing on LSD  in each other  concerning

I believe that parallel docking is usually not that dangerous,
parallel docking and then with other areas messing a little around
there, too, so that at least the own counter area(s) is still vibing
along with the other's, should still not be that dangerous (unless
being a more powerful magician and  the own areas being used to weird
energies dangerous to someone not used to them),
and cross-targetting without the own equivalent area being docked
parallel to be dangerous.


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