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A general comment and a farewell

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Oct 11 23:35:56 EST 1998

dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi wrote:

>Cijadrachon <cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
>> Someone else:
>> >instead of lurking, then bailing with the intent of checking back in 6 months to see if things
>> >have magically gotten better.
>> Given this room I'd say literally mistaken chances that things
>> magically will get better are looking dim.
>I am curious - if you wished, would you be able to correct that comment
>of yours into the language of us less-creative beings? Could you show
>us? Just as an exercise?

I am not sure I understood.

Magic like extending "fields" into other stuff and changing  stuff
there is old, and I am  too much handicapped to have even bothered  to
go for it for serious, because alone trying to aim down the spine and
at the chacra points and "cabelling  out" and extending different
energy fields of the body would be making it necessary for me to use a
lot of parallel processing powers  for steerin gat and readinbg  body
functions. Which I am also not used to, as within me the before
mentioned CPUs most of  the  time run segregated as with many who you
call autists (and of course all has to be in the same place ;-)    

If the question is could I transfer the data into the brain of any
seriously interested student not too MBD or weird,
given some old dragons about one and a half years old stored rather
air-tight in that time, so that the hallucinating and many frontal
restricting effects and emotional effects are  down, but the
sense-enhancing effects are still quite there, so that one can take
hell of a load of  the stuff so the kidneys permit and still be
logically able to steer and process quite well and keep hallucinating
in average  with a seriously working along student of average powers
2-5 times if he is white of skin and similar enough to me genetically,
and I'll reformat his brain subatomically for magic perception
estimated among the second-fastest  of Western Europe in such stuff.
Some people with black skin I do not know.
Tried playing around a little on THC  and with some needed 4 times the
time I normally need to just establish outer connection, it was pretty
tricky for me to catch the vibes and  tune THERE, and then I had one
of the lowest reading rates of all.
Like with emotional ones maybe I still knew that that energy was of
the emotional ranges, but zero translation for meaning.
To an extent that is normal  for me  within my head, as I am
handicapped, so there is a certain amount with all, then a specific
amount that are male emotions that get transferred in my brain, but
there there was hell of a load more that did not get trransferred.

I have never tried with someone with black skin or old Australian or
in other forms very far apart from me genetically & in energies to
reformat for serious, so I do not know if I could.

One I had whose ancestors were Roma already took me quite a while
longr, and second session (just on THC as sense-enhancer) she
disappeard with her energies upwards where  I could  not follow, going
to ranges  that I had never seen before, and where I had the distinct
impression that maybe she should get a teacher from her genetic family
for that, and  "coming back" when I asked where  she had been she told
me "in space".

And she was highly sensitive compared  to average  people from here,
where in world-comparison with many one can feel that genetic
censoring  of the highly magically gifted out of  the  gene-pool has
taken place for  many centuries.

Difficult to express, but sort of anything "genetic magic-specific"
not much to do with my genetic structures or requiring body centers I
believe  I am the wrong address,
and also out of body stuff, though it does not entirely escape me
waht some of the others are doing there.
Sort of like watching someone lift 200kg and maybe not being able to
do it myself but with some stuff being able to tell others a bit about

People cutting around in other people not consenting or imprisoning
them against their will?

It is against the magic laws common here and in many other places to
train black magicians

Seek your own teacher.

And I can foretell you that if he is of evil call a lot will refuse to
teach him and exchange with him, and that his knowledge likely will be

There is a reason neuro and many Western branches are shunned by many
other branches.

>Just as an exercise?
Magic is not "just an exercise".

It is usually costing me life power to link with and transfer to a
male brain and magically reformat occiptial and other regions for
magic perception alone.

Also from attitude magic is not just "just an exercise".

It is among the arts most difficult to learn, and you should be
balanced  enough within and with the surroundings, or in the interest
of all not dabble with it.

If you are ever  seriously out  for magic, start with understanding
the different personalities of different rats, and preferably get
interested in maintaining harmonies within and between structures and
and then seek yourself a teacher. And I can  pretell  you that with
some, especially the powerful branches, they might insist that for
years you are working on your inner balances and advancings, before
they are starting to transfer you powerful magical data.
The day you understand the ranges you can reach with magic or have
someone extend  energies into your sleeping room and into your brain
you might understand why most branches have zero interest to train
potential black magicians.

And brainlinking the other one eventually will get key data about your
structures, and once advanced be able  to target you from any place
around Earth.

Unlikely, but if you are ever deeper getting involved with magic you
might also come to understand why maybe you don't want just anyone
within your brain.

I recall  Westies in history too sense-censored to understand  why
some Indians where where nearly mortally in fear of  someone making
pictures of them, because the Vatican sense-censored Westies  were too
dumb to get that a powerful shaman or other magician with such a
picture can find you and kill you within days within hundreds  if not
more kilometers range.

About the last thing I need is you people finding out for the military
how to  do such and other stuff with machines,  maybe using special
Not knowing is bliss in some cases...


But if you ever got the hang of brain-energy-linking far enough, and
have enough magic data in your systems that I do not know about yet, I
guess me old vulture might forget my  resistance against neuro far
enough to link with your main magical brain systems and scan that a
little.  <};-)

Also one of the main things of magic might be axoning different
anyway, and that no one can do for you, that you train over years
Though others can transfer  you knowledge about it.

And if you are ever out for hard-core-magic, semi-colleague: 
Try India.

> Could you show us? 

So practically spoken:
I don't want to show any neuro, nor someone thinking his own race
ever so much better  than people of other races.


Telekineses, no.
Akasha perception: Many thousands of ranges.
Aakasha  brain perception: MANY hundreds of ranges, maybe even
thousands. Never really counted them. Also depends on the other's
tuning skills.
Sectort straight-links: Some yes, some I never tried, some I don't do
out of  principle.
Telepathy: Energy-(brain)sector linking yes,
pictures, no, too handicapped, don't usually think in pictures.
Healing to do with what you call schizophrenia:  To an extent.
(Very dangerous though, not me to teach,  but to work there.)
Transcending, some forms of enlightenment concerning the head: Yes,
but there are many ranges where there is too much artificial crap
making my systems go to cancer-red-alert on many ranges, so with some
I can teach but I usually don't; too unhealthy.
Explaining someone theories about how to operate with machines so that
the head or body does not have to be cut open in many cases:
The start there. 

And with some stuff some others do I might not get how they do it in
detail, but sort of perceive the path towards there.

Would I teach you?


(When  all mammals and birds and some others are non-possessions of
people and Earth seems far enough, I guess if I have  not forgotten
till then there'd be a thingie or two that I know about the sectors
back then from my brainsurfing times that you folks are blissfully
unaware of  to the luck of the mammals abused by you and to the luck
of that you won't go ALing,
but that as such I find rather fascinating in potential.

But I think if the Fevering and most of the rest of  you believe that
I was just merrily hallucinating about perceiving sectors before  the
concussion using LSD as a  blocker and amplifier for sectors  and am
just merrily hallucinating about magic and meanings of energies within
sectors, that is better for better.

Regard most of what I say as a joke.

Just not that we are like all mammals in the limbic system  and  that
you should leave the people of  the other races alone.
And that Earth's human ecucation system must be  altered  if you go on
hailing out data that any idiot a little into magic and technology
could abuse, or we are heading for trouble.
I have a good idea where some of the other magical branches are and
what would  happen if you folks were to understand that and cross it
with technology and then the one who like to rule and abuse others'd
get it. I am not out for that.
And you seem to foolish to even add shaman, your and physics data a
little, and too foolish to understand what that sector data is you are
digging out there for every dictator of Earth.)

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