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To Dag Stenberg

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Oct 11 23:35:49 EST 1998

(Just babbling.)

>> find out where Helsinki is in the first place, and it told me ...
>Correct localization.
Finnland I knew, capitals of Europe we learned  in school, just not
where there (south, middle, north), and if the region historically
sounds more like "Lappish".
>> I'd assume that Russians flattened some stuff quite thoroughly, ...
>This I do not understand. The Russians tried to take over some 60 years
>ago, but our army resisted them, and they had to give up.
My frontal cortex does not tell me where I read that, but there are
fragments about some story about a tribe of folks who had part of the
animals they had taken away by Russians and some of their people
killled. And part of their culture destroyed.
Maybe it was invented.
In that story it sounded like quite some knowledge gone.
And for some reason I thought that there was a bit about special drums
nearly all gone, sounding like according knowledge about nearly as
gone, and culture suppression.

Was that wrong?

>The guy who introduced me to modern neuroscience was fascinated by shamanism, but I myself have
>found the Western-type neuroscience more titillating.

I guess being an LSD teacher I find  them both interesting, though
neuro is too pervert and for a lot within shamanism I feel too

Can he magically brain-link with people in front of him?

If so might he be interested in brain-trading me magic data from
Lapland for autist data (or letting me transcopy a bit for free as far
as I get it) somewhen in the future?

If it should be important (privacy) I can focus on not tuning to his
areas; the occipital region of magicians and parietal and cingulate
tend to be of main fascination for me anyway to sector-link with for
transcopying brain magical data, grin...

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