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>> >instead of lurking, then bailing with the intent of checking back in 6 months to see if things
>> >have magically gotten better.
>> Given this room I'd say literally mistaken chances that things
>> magically will get better are looking dim.
>I am curious - if you wished, would you be able to correct that comment
>of yours into the language of us less-creative beings? 

Yes; the interest  however might be low...

Unfortunately I do not put it beyond you less-creative beings to for
"emotion generator number soandso"  
come up with 
"basolateral  part of  the amydala of the limbic system" 
(Lol... this name is one of my biggest jokes on neuro.)

I am not intending to spend years trying to figure out how you "less
creative beings" are calling all the fields and sizzling and wave-like
energies and so on within a brain.
Nor how you'd term  the process of extending energies into other
energies and  alter stuff there (=magic).

>Could you show us? 
There's no "us".
Every brain I have been docking with was different.
If the question is if with a student genetically close enough to me
wanting to learn magic perception and akasha-surfing who is following
my instructions seriously I could run a magical brain-transforming
(especially of the occiptal cortex) so that he is getting several or
many thousand of the basic ranges and understand a lot of basic stuff
about what others into magic are doing - yes.
If  the question  is if I could  teach how to go down the spine and
"net out" chakra points and go for telekinetic stuff and could teach
leaving the body directly - no.
And with body stuff I do not even seriously try, as for the body for
me old partial autist the other CPU is responsible, not I,  and to
link there is very odd for me and taking hell of a lot of capacities
even for tasks that  tend to be comparitively  simple  for
non-handicapped people. I  believe I'd  be an old fossil before even
having gotten some of  the things that some fast people there might
learn within months. 

If the question is if I do a magical occipital reformatting for
someone cutting around in rats, not even discerning between different
and believing his own race ever so much more worthy than others 
- no.

Nor for one who then is likely  to abuse the energy data I transferred
to brain-teach those.

>Just as an exercise?


If  you found someone unheeding the old magic balance laws enough to
teach you enough for "neuro-magic", how about you are finding someone
with black skin from Central Africa, train him far enough that if I
were to test his sector perception power he could  change between
several in a decent form, and then add into contemplation teaching a
non-MBD human male brain with one with far less cells and very much
less parallel processing capacities and quite differing energies.
And  then you repeat the "just".


And somehow I suspect if you were to pop up in some Asians magicians
place, maybe the type who expects his students to spend the first
years seriously working on inner psychological  and physical balances,
before coming to  the point of transferring the first more interesting
bits of magical data, and  then keeping pace  with the developments of
your inner balances,
so that you are not to mess around with the powers he transfers you
eventually  when believing your are far enough or following some old
...that  with that attitude you might not get far.
However starting out a little into grey magic studying  magic for
magic's sake, and so far not into the ritual stuff,
I find that attitude cool. Just for exercise.

Here we are, after thousands of years of people learning magic for
healing or for killing folks hundreds of klicks away or for "extending
into the space-nets" or for spooking around still long after death and
the likes,
a  lot of base training taking decades,
and someone goes "just for exercise".


I imagine someone learning magic for serious for decades, and then
just stopping it as it was just for exercise, and then learning
stitching just for exercise and after finishing that and stopping it
math and hopping with a rope...

There is something I find pretty funny and cool concerning that.

More seriously, thinking  about operating without slicing in brains
fascinates me as oaccasionally a bit  as when I extend magically into
brains subatomically there is a lot of space, and I understand enough
about what I do there that I perceive no reason why such could not be
done with machines as well, but the thoughts scare me what abuse could
all me done, and reading about the eye-nerves of people of the other
races being cut and delighting in it, or reading about slicing around
in the hippocampus of a person of the other races is so sickening,
that with people from branches like yours or some other Westie ones, I
do not  really wish to braindiscuss that.

With the weird drug I once had here, it would have taken me two
sessions to explain to him some of the basics, given average
capacities and serious interest; one to reformat his occipital and
other areas enough so that he can follow my magic explanations,
and  the second to magically show some regions in the brain and then
explain magically and with words why I believe that a lot within
operating could be done without cutting the person open, and some base
understanding how to target areas without bothering others, and
getting the other central to understand  how much space  there is, and
basic workings of the brain,  and theories about how one might
operate, though with exact technical details I do not have a clue, 
(...that HHI "photon cube" fascinates me...)
more sort of how it works when I do it, and I read about shaman
healings of cancer, and for me it simply seems obvious that such
theoretically is possible also technically without cutting the head

But you are the wrong branch for such.

I discuss such with friends and some from other branches, also
different stuff, not to do with your branch but with mental healing,
and I am in no hurry that your branch  is getting there.
As when I old MBDie reformat me non-damaged occipital banks in other
brains so I can have more parallel  tracks and less damaged energy
regulations for magic perception  using theirs along, I have an idea
or two what all can be done in another brain with energy even if I am
not out for healing or damaging but just want their tuning and track
powers to use along.

I had some going nearly deadly scared when I linked in the way my
instincts tell me a black magicians might dock to kill, and I know
that the militaries of Earth could do all sorts of crap with such if
they ever understood what I perceive there.

Maybe I want to become an old granny and maybe even see my real or
mental grandchildren play, without you and your systems and your
systems police and military getting it?

Ignorance can be bliss...


And you'll find out fast enough.

Some of  what I wrote is like a pathway.
If  you were seriously interested "all"  ("just as an exercise", of
course ;-)  you have to do is follow the bits to do with students and
yourney(wo)men into the temple of the mind.

Then reread the texts I wrote, especially the first Re under budding
neuro and some Re there to Cheng to do with a question about myelin
(and ponder it) and also an advice with candles.
If you want an advice, do that one, too, and think about Cheng's
there-mentioned memory-ideas (even given his errors) and also read
Mentifex' question about the neocortex and  think about it from the
mentifexing  perspective, ...and do me a favour and shut up about the
result unless to friends who are  into gardening or such and could not
care less about such stuff.  I am not out for some place in Ramboland
with the number 5 in it to get it,  nor  the likes, nor the
Frankensteins.  There rae enough dying here, as it is.

Add some knowledge you should basically fall across when following the
acid brainsurfing instructions, that I systematically and on intention
leave data out about, but at that point you should also know what and

And  then you might get where your questions seem to aim without  me
teaching your or neuro, and to other stuff.

And, looking at the results and thinking about abuse, will maybe
understand why I did not wish to be specific about a lot of that.

Just for the unlikely case  that in your life you arrive there, "just
for exercise" figure that one on some years and add data from other
magical branches and technology...  fascinating, ain't it?

The Art  Of Unspecificness...



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