Right visual field to left hemisphere. Why?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 12 02:08:55 EST 1998

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

>  The tree shrew
> is wired up in the fairly-primitive way that's been
>discussed. In most mammals, the neural-fiber crossings ("decussations")
>occur for a reason that's a tad more-complex. The most-basic, and
>relatively-licalized, problem is to avoid "stimulation" that causes tissue
>damage, and decussation handles that mightily. At higher-levels (cognitive)
>the problem is transformed into a global-integration problem. Not only the
>visual system, but =all= systems are topologically (geometry with twists and
>turns and area stretchings or shrinkings) alligned so that
>neural-impulse-bourne information is always mapped so that it coincides
>exquisitely with the lower-level prerequisite of avoiding "stimulation" that
>damages body tissue. Consciousness is enabled in this way... every part of
>the nervous system "comprehends" what's going on in every other part of the
>nervous system because of this exquisite topological "hand-shaking". All of
>this can be taken all the way down to the molecular level, and it all stands
>proven (and has for more than a decade). ken

I am stoned at the moment, and do not get all the words, but merrily
guessing, you what you just said is wrong, and your branch can hop up
and down in front of me till Doomsday and beyond  trying  to convince
me, as once the sequencer got used to the according sights and other
inputs I do not think I'd be catapulted out of what you might term
autistic whatever (off-lining), so I myself would not even see you.

Apart  from such minor details,
as the sequencer is not understanding verbal conversations, and as as
long as I am  off-line I myself do not hear, and the translation
whatevers'd be off-lines,

I wish you fun continuing with your proven decades of trying to
convince me while "autisting", that
>every part of the nervous system "comprehends" what's going on in every other part of the
>nervous system...


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